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Category: Cuts From the Edit Room Floor

In May 1997, a 3-year-old boy developed what at first seemed like the common cold. When his symptoms—sore throat, fever, and cough—persisted for six days, he was taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Hong Kong. There his cough worsened, and he began gasping for air. Despite intensive care, the boy died.

Puzzled by his rapid deterioration, doctors sent a sample of the boy’s sputum to China’s Department of Health. But the standard testing protocol couldn’t fully identify the virus that had caused the disease.… Read the rest


By Brian Seasholes
Executive Director, Southwestern Communities Coalition, Benson, Arizona

With the February 3, 2020 deadline approaching when several so-called environmental groups may follow through on their notice of intent sue the Departments of Defense and Interior to restrict Fort Huachuca’s water use, there is the possibility the fort could close for good. Make no mistake; this is these groups’ end game.

“Ultimately, the question is, can we shut down Fort Huachuca?”… Read the rest


RUIDOSO – Hay and forage fuels the livestock industry of New Mexico and the Southwest. It is critical for growers to produce a highly nutritional feed economically. Staying abreast of the latest advances in the hay industry is one way for growers to prosper

The annual Southwest Hay & Forage Conference provides vital information for growers. The 2020 conference will be Thursday and Friday, Jan. 30-31, at the Ruidoso Convention Center.… Read the rest



Historically wolves and humans have had a conflictive relationship which has driven the wolf to extinction in some areas across Northern America and Europe. The last decades have seen a rise of multiple government programs to protect wolf populations. Nevertheless, these programs have been controversial in rural areas, product of the predation of livestock by carnivores.

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