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Category: Beef Checkoff

Check-up On The Check-off
— by Lee Pitts

In case you thought it was just we here at the Digest making a big deal about the merger and the subsequent confiscation of the beef checkoff by the NCBA, we share with you quotes from other interested parties. Admittedly, we present more negative comments than positive, figuring that the CBB and the NCBA have already spent four million of your dollars in the last ten months telling their side of the story.… Read the rest


Is Anybody Happy?
— by Lee Pitts

This can´t be what industry elders envisioned when they arranged the merger of the NCA and the Beef Board four years ago. When the NCBA gathers this month in the Phoenix desert for their annual convention they will do so under a big thundercloud of doubt that this marriage of new money and old tradition was maybe not such a good idea after all. With two states recently calling for the removal of NCBA´s head lobbyist in Washington and at least one former NCA President and Beef Board Chairman going public in the past year with their displeasure with the merger, the NCBA “shareholders” confab is more apt to resemble a dysfunctional family reunion.… Read the rest