View From the Backside

by Barry Denton

View From the Backside

Global Climate Warming Change

by Barry Denton

have always been curious as to what the suicide rate is among scientists because they are wrong so often. After all, dentists have a higher suicide rate because no one likes them.

Take my friend Joe for instance, he is about eighty now and has been a rocket scientist for over 50 years. He says that being wrong became a way of life for him and he was able to get used to it. I truly admire how well he handles it.

Joe says that he had to come to grips with himself early on especially after he got married. His wife, God bless her, made sure that he knew he was wrong most of the time at home. Finally to get some inspiration each week he attended church on Sunday with a hell fire and brimstone preacher. In a 20 minute sermon this preacher convinced Joe that he was going to Hell each week.

Joe the scientist was just an average American that worked hard, provided for his family, and made his community better through his work. However, as you can see he was wrong most of the time. Joe was truly a brilliant scientist and climbed the ladder easily in his company even though he was wrong. Being wrong was Joe’s life. Once in awhile Joe would have a success.

Normally it was a large success that would catapult him to stardom and national acclaim. The company he worked for always blew the successes out of proportion to gain contracts from governments. A few years later he would find out that his large success was actually wrong again.

I always admired Joe the scientist, because he would never quit trying and he never committed suicide. Along the way he would occasionally discover minor things that were right and this was enough for Joe. He stayed the course and enjoyed the quest.

If you read enough history people are always trying to convince you that the world is going to end and you should panic. It is remarkable that they have a world of theories that never quite come to fruition. When you question them about this, they claim that some dynamic beyond their control has postponed the end of the earth for awhile.

There is the other set of doomsayers that studies an extinct race such as the Mayans. For some reason they are convinced the Mayan calendar accurately predicted the end of the Earth. Why would you think an extinct race would have the answers to the universe?

I was perplexed the other day when Pope Francis embraced climate change. I am not sure why anyone that believes in God would believe in climate change. It is quite apparent that man does not control or affect the weather. It looks like running the world’s weather is still up to God in my estimation. According to the Bible if the world ends you have nothing to fear if you believe in God.

Does the Pope know something we do not? If you study the weather a little you will find that it pretty much runs in 25 year cycles since humans have been recording it. Common sense tells us that when one part of the world is suffering disasters another part of the world is having their best year ever. There is always a balance.

We also know that man might be able to mess up the earth once in awhile, such as an oil spill. However, nature takes over and those areas come back to life. I am alarmed that man is so arrogant that he thinks he has the power to destroy the earth.

Do you remember the cover of Time Magazine in the early 1970s? It was predicting the impending ‘Ice Age’ within 30 years. Scientists were predicting that the ice would once again take over the earth and humans would be destroyed.

Now we have Al Gore and his cohort scientists telling us about global warming. We are all going to be saved because we eliminated the incandescent light bulb from our lives. Anyone see a pattern here? Mr. Gore is involved with a company that makes the proper items to save you from global warming. Do you see a political agenda here? Create a crisis and then profit from it. I consider that pretty low. If you waste time worrying about dying when will you live?  Besides, in my estimation God will not destroy the earth any time soon as he does not know what he would do with all those mules arriving in heaven at the same time.