View From the Backside

by Barry Denton

View From the Backside

Where Freedom Grows

by Barry Denton

If you will notice when cattle are in a corral and being shoved down a chute they are not very happy, they are scared, and over react to simple requests. The same is true with people. When you start crowding them into cities, start shoving them down a certain path, and they tend to make outlandish decisions.

A multitude of decisions are made in Washington, D.C. by these people that are caged there. These outlandish decisions often affect those of us living in the wide open spaces. In order to live and survive in wide open spaces you need an abundance of common sense. Natural elements are your biggest enemy not your neighbor.

This is perhaps the best argument for keeping your politics local and the importance of state sovereignty. If your local political leaders keep your state in good financial shape then that gives you the choice of keeping federal funding and regulation out. That means more freedom for your citizens. This is why hometown elections are vitally important. I always cringe when people tell me that they only vote in national elections.

Every year at roundup you brand calves as they are the the future of your herd. You also get rid of your old and ‘shelly’ cows to make room for the new ones. The strength of your herd relies on good stock. We all might keep an old cow an extra year because she is a sentimental favorite, but inevitably the day arrives when she too must go.

It only makes sense to me that we rotate our politicians as well. Term limits would be a healthy addition to our United States Constitution. The only ones that don’t seem to want it are the career politicians. If “career politician” isn’t probably the worst phrase in the English language I don’t know what is.

Do you remember your lessons about the American Revolution? Originally they wanted George Washington to be king. When he refused they wanted him to remain President for a third term. He refused that proposal as well and returned to private life. He did not feel it would be healthy for the country if he were to remain in office.

These career politicians should have a sense of honor and go home after serving a couple of terms. The country would only be healthier for it. Cull the herd in Washington, DC and the country would remain fresh. There are way too many ‘shelly’ cows and empty heads in the United States Congress, to say nothing about a lack of honor.

If you are a rancher or cowboy you probably get up in the morning, walk to the barn or corral, saddle up and head out to do your days work, usually not near a town, and in the wide open spaces. Life for you is a series of long days and hard work. If you have a band of coyotes after a newborn calf, you shoot them.

When your pensioner horse is getting too crippled to eat, you do the humane thing. You don’t shoot your neighbor that lives fifteen miles away because you may need him in a time of crisis and he may need you too. The laws of nature require you to execute certain tasks, many of which are unpleasant. However, you do them, as it is who you are.

Isn’t it funny that you can do the right thing without someone from the government telling you how? When a man or a woman is allowed their freedom, things run smoothly, when government erodes that freedom chaos develops.

Lastly, think of the taxes you are required to pay when you get no services. A few years ago there was a knife attack from a drug crazed ranch hand and a shooting on a neighboring ranch. The rancher handled the incident himself and did what he had to do to save his family. Law enforcement and the ambulance arrived an hour and forty five minutes after they were called.

Unfortunately the rancher got no tax refund because of lousy service. Keep in mind that taxes are nothing more than an erosion of your freedom. Just think what you could do with that extra ten thousand dollar property tax check at the end of the year. At least if you had less taxes to pay you wouldn’t mind the lousy service.

The pat answer when complaining about poor performance from a politician is to vote them out. A poor politician can wreak a lot of havoc before you ever get the opportunity to vote them out. These people are never held accountable when they make bad decisions with your money.

It looks to me like most bureaucrats and politicians belong to a close knit fraternity that is bad for America. This is election year and you might be listening to a political speech at some point. Do not vote for anyone that doesn’t mention what they are going to do for the expansion and continuation of your freedom. It’s time to improve our government that has gone amok.