Think back to 1974

Do you remember what you were doing that fall? It might be hard to remember considering it was 41 years ago, but the ladies of the Lariat CowBelles remember it well. That was the first year they hosted Five States in Clayton. They envisioned the meeting as a way to bring cattlewomen from Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas together in New Mexico to discuss important issues. They have continued this tradition and just wrapped up their 41st gathering.
And what a fun educational experience it was. There were booths featuring clothes and fashion accessories, a style show, and a cooking demonstration by Hayden and Hunter Garnett, sons of NMCB First Vice President Tana Garnett.
Dr. Marcy Ward, NMSU’s Extension Livestock Specialist was also on hand to give a talk about “Incorporating Technology to Improve Management at Reproduction.” At a time when ranchers are re-building their herds after years of devastating drought this was an important topic. She noted that increased production is happening through:

  • Improved knowledge in nutrition and health management
  • Development of breeding seasons
  • Improved culling practices/use of pregnancy diagnosis
  • Better genetics available
  • Use of EPD Selection
  • Use of technology

It was an interesting talk and reminded us about the important role NMSU’s Extension Service plays in getting the results of research out to ranchers and farmers in order to increase production.
Also on hand was Jo Stanko, a former Secretary for ANCW’s Executive Committee. She discussed the “Moms on the Farm” program initiated by ANCW to bring millennials in contact with agriculture. Joe was an educator for 30 years and she and her husband Jim run a cow-calf ranch outside of Steamboat Springs where they host many tours. “Personal contact changes attitudes,” she noted as she talked about how millennials were impressed with the priority ranchers give animal care.
Studies have proven this to be true and personal contact, the opportunity to tell our stories first hand, is one of the most powerful tools at our disposal to positively influence the mindset of our consumers. Perhaps your CowBelle group can organize a ranch tour for local commissioners, legislators, or city counselors. You have such wonderful experience doing ranch days and school tours, this would just be an older audience, and a more powerful one!
See, this is the power of Five States, the ability to motivate while entertaining and I want to thank the Lariat CowBelles for “Making a Difference!”
Dalene Hodnett, President, New Mexico CowBelles, 575-649-0917,
The September 3 meeting of the
Chamiza CowBelles was called to order by Secretary, Cathy Pierce with eight members and one guest present. In the absence of our treasurer, Cathy also presented the treasurer’s report. No meeting was held in August. In lieu of meeting, several CowBelles attended a presentation in Socorro given by their extension agent, Jessica Smith, regarding disaster relief for animals, both large and small. Socorro County has equipment to set up 200 cages for small animals and 10 panel pens for large animals. This equipment must be requested through the local county emergency manager. There is still a problem with receiving bank statements by email. It was decided to table until election of new officers in November. Requests were received from the Sierra County Fair Assn. asking for sponsorship of prize belt buckle at $125 and fee of $25 for fair booth; both were approved. Cathy will go by the fair office to pay both. Cathy related she had met State CowBelle President, Dalene Hodnett, in the Walmart parking lot to pick up a 3ft x 5ft sign to use at fair booth. This sign depicts the usage of cows other than for meat (by-products). Cathy also has an 8 1/2in x 11in size of this same sign which can be copied and used for handouts at the fair. Everyone agreed this would be a good idea. The county fair dates are October 9 through 11, booth needs to be constructed on the 8th. Cathy and Bob will set up and take down booth. Volunteers will be needed to work in the booth all three days, especially if Gloria has not yet returned from helping her injured daughter-in-law in North Dakota. Several people turned in beef tickets and others took more. All sold and unsold tickets MUST be turned in no later than October 10. Thank you to Robbie Montgomery for taking notes at this meeting. No meeting in October because of the county fair. Meeting adjourned at 11:35.
Chuckwagon Cowbelle’s met for September regular meeting at Lyn Green’s Ranch on September 8, 2015. The meeting was called to order at 10:30 by President Carolyn Chance. Guests were Sherrill Tabing and Ruth Ivy. Roll Call allowed connection with each other about daily lives. Minutes from August 11 were read and approved. Treasurers Report – No report as Vera is at the State Fair. There were no new bills to be paid but Cookie Mathews reminded the President she needed the $50 check for the Friends of the NRA Banquet. Old Business: Lyn reported on booth sales from the Valencia County Fair in Belen. A New Mexico CowBelle’s cookbook was given away to Pennie Huber from Belen. Carolyn reported good attendance for the 2015 Field Day educational booth. Correspondence: A Thank You card was received from Mark Marsalis, the Superintendent/Extension Forage Specialist from NMSU Ag Science Center at Los Lunas. New Business: Lyn asked for volunteers for the Nominating Committee and also for the upcoming year slate of Officers. Elaine Aschbacher volunteered to serve on the Nominating Committee. Lyn and Tommie Aber committed to serve. Tommie also offered to serve as Treasurer. Annual Dues will be left at $35. ANCW members can pay directly to ANCW (which is due in October). Lyn encouraged all to continue ANCW membership and reminded the group to use the street address when mailing in dues payment. CowBelle Volunteer hours need to be in by October meeting. USDA Manzano Wilderness wants to add the Cibola Forest to the wilderness designation. Public input is needed. $54 was collected for Horses for Heroes. A write up on Calab Gustin was passed around. A Get Well Soon card was passed for Phyllis Hawley. Carolyn reported that reservations have been made at Pete’s Restaurant in Belen on Tuesday December 8. Arrival time is 5:30 p.m. Please let Carolyn know before December 3 for the head count. Meeting was adjourned at 11:48. After lunch Venita and Kenny Shaw and Brian and Lyn Greene gave a report complete with a picture slide show on their trip to Peru. Welda McKinley Grider, Acting Secretary-
From August Chuckwagon meeting – Collected $80 for FFA making total to date $337, decision made to boost to $350; decision to donate $50 to NRA; Caren Cowan spoke on “What’s Hot . . . This Week” around the state; with $342 collected from the glass etching raffle, decision to purchase a banner for Galloping Grace Youth Ranch, with the balance going to the Pat Nowlin Scholarship Fund; Rebecca “Bec” Campbell, acting Secretary
The Powderhorn Cattlewomen met at the home of Frances Brown Speight on September 8, 2015. Discussion included the huge success of the Old Fort Days BBQ, the revision of the scholarship application, and an update on the possible beef billboard on the interstate. The meeting was adjourned for lunch and a program by Mary Hayes on “Cruising the Adriatic Sea and Seeing Croatia”.  Submitted by Kelsey McCollum

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