The Gun Battle

by Baxter Black

As radical Islamic terrorists continue their penetration of the Unites States and mentally deranged psychos attack unsuspecting pedestrians, our country seeks solutions. Conservative Constitutional fundamentalists stand by the law and support arming everyone! Whereas progressive liberals insist on disarming everyday citizens and depend on government to protect everyone! Yet compromise is hard to find.

Speaking for myself, I know many reasonable supporters of the 2nd Amendment and the NRA who would be amenable to some restrictions on sales of some automatic weapons or ground to air missiles, for instance. So why can’t we compromise with the Anti-2nd Amendment’s political promises? Simple…we do not trust our own government. We know there are those who would disarm us all.

The wisdom of our forefathers was prescient. They knew that men in power would immediately begin to take freedom away from the citizens they serve. The most precious of which is freedom of speech. We have reached a point in our history where plutocrats are trying to outlaw anything offensive they determine might hurt someone’s feelings. Like termites, these opponents of free speech gnaw away at our most powerful right…the right to speak our mind. An American citizen should not have to look over her shoulder before she expresses her opinion, be it religion, profanity, racist, unkind, profound, offensive, untrue or beautiful.  In a country founded on a Christian moral foundation, we encourage “Love thy neighbor as thyself” as a guide. But, by law, we permit the foulest of behaviors to be allowed. The government does not have the right to deny the First Amendment to any lawful citizen. Nor do states or cities. No court, mayor, governor or college president has the right to restrict legal citizens from voicing their opinion. But they do.

So how do these specious political weasels get around the law? The writers of our Constitution could see them coming. They knew that somewhere down the road government officials would try to eliminate the 1st Amendment, the Right of Free Speech. We are watching them in action today. It is the first step toward dictatorial control. Laws being enacted by unelected bureaucrats, uncontrolled looting and crime under the guise of legitimate protest, cartels smuggling people and drugs across our border, terrorists with no name, yet the throttled media mince around, clouding the truth in the name of political correctness and diminishing our right to vocally object.  Where does it end?

The writers of the Constitution built an impervious wall to protect our precious Right of Free Speech. It is called the 2nd Amendment, to wit…

“. . . necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”  How clear is that?

Though many power seekers down through the ages have tried every legal maneuver to taint, disclaim, and misinterpret the 2nd Amendment as vague, “out of context”, outdated, not applicable in a modern world and susceptible to “executive order”, they have failed.


As soon as the gun banners can disarm us, THE PEOPLE, democracy will be on its way out.  It’s very depressing to watch injustice, needless killing, and terrorist bombing in our own backyard, but most of all, it is a sad state of affairs when we cannot trust our elected and appointed leaders.

P.S. December 2015 Congressional survey: 9 percent approval.