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No Littering
– by Lee Pitts

You have to be a full-blown optimist to have detected any good news in the announcement of this country´s third mad cow in Alabama. But the good news was there, buried deep inside the New York Times instead of on the front page. In most metropolitan daily newspapers you had to really be looking hard to find the news blurb about the most recent bovine to join the mad cow fraternity. And those consumers that did read the story seemed to have taken little notice and went right back to eating their burgers and steaks.

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Is R-Calf Dead? – by Lee Pitts

Sit down in almost any rural coffee shop these days and it won’t take you long to discover that THE topic of conversation amongst farmers and feeders is corn. Everyone from ethanol entrepreneurs to poultry pluckers wants to know how many of the golden ears will be available to feed, trade, turn into plastic, gasify or eat.

If you can believe the USDA, farmers plan to plant from fence row to fence row, sowing 90.5 million acres of corn this year, 15% more than last year and the most in 63 years.… Read the rest


A Race To The Bottom
— by Lee Pitts

A publisher in a prominent western livestock newspaper suggests that we should not be celebrating R-CALF´s victory to keep the Canadian border closed because of the damage it will do to packers. He says we´re all in this together. In the same boat, so to speak. And when one end of the boat sinks the other will too. He says that the packers and large feeders have the same goals as ranchers, to which we say .

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