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No Kiddin’.

More and more newly married couples are delaying the start of a family, are having fewer children, or are having none at all. And I think I know why: they are getting a dog instead. People are adopting pit bulls from shelters rather than kids from Romania.

There are many advantages to choosing a Cocker Spaniel over a kid. They don’t get an allowance, eat the same food every day and they don’t grow out of their shoes every six months.… Read the rest


Is R-CALF Dead?
— by Lee Pitts

If you read some cattle publications you may be under the impression that R-Calf USA is deader than a can of corned beef. The obituaries for the 7-year-old cattlemen’s organization, largely responsible for keeping the Canadian border closed long enough for ranchers to enjoy their best years ever, have been quite flowery:

• “R-CALF is disintegrating, falling apart at the seams.”

• “This has been a hostile take over.”… Read the rest


Now That’s A Checkoff
— by Lee Pitts

Because it has become a litmus test for its diehard supporters, I am often asked to clarify my position on the beef checkoff. It seems you are either friend or foe; you are either in the fraternity or you are not. But I didn´t quit their club . . . they quit me.

Before the vote on the third attempt to pass a beef checkoff I wrote in this very newspaper that I was going to vote yes, albeit with some reservations.

Read the rest