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Reviewed by Suzanne Menges

The Comanchero’s Grave

by Karen Kelling

ISBN 978-0-86534-861-5

“Stories live in your blood and bones, follow the seasons, and light candles on the darkest night — every storyteller knows she or he is also a teacher . . .” says Patti Davis, a modern inspirational speaker and storyteller. Many industry leaders have encouraged us in the agriculture business to tell our story — consumers are increasingly interested in where their food comes from and how it has been raised.… Read the rest



The Proud Bull—A Tale of Catching Wild Cattle … With a Twist

By Jim Olson
O Slash O, 2009
134 pages
Review by Don Bullis

This is a tale within a tale. Four young Texas cowboys, working on a ranch in central New Mexico — three hundred sections extending from the Rio Grande to “the mountains on the far east side up above the valley”—

test their cowboying mettle against a gnarly old bull in modern times. Along the way they learn a number of valuable lessons.… Read the rest



Storey’s Guide to Raising Beef Cattle.

 When words of advice or pearls of wisdom come from the mouth of a husband, it’s easy for the wife to ignore or discount those words. When those same pearls come from Heather Smith Thomas, they should be etched in granite …

and the wife should admit that the husband was right after all. Some lessons need not be learned the hard way. Every conceivable aspect of raising beef cattle is addressed in depth by Ms.

Read the rest