NMCGA Presidents Letter, 11/10

“Secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our Posterity” Howdy Folks, When one becomes President of Cattle Growers’, and has to write these letters, a few things happen. First you know you are addressing the members giving them an update on your actions. Second, you get to ruminate on politics or other events affecting the country, and third, you remember why you didn’t like English in high school.

You write a letter, turn around three times and Caren reminds you of your next deadline. We had a good Northeast regional meeting in Roy in conjunction with the Northeastern New Mexico Livestock Association on May 2. Close to 80 people attended, and got an update on different challenges affecting us. We also heard from different Republican candidates that were invited by the Harding County Republican Party. Later in the week, the Bell Ranch was one of the stops on the Gate to Plate Tour. The New Mexico Beef Council should get a big “Thank You” from the livestock industry for having this. They show a lot of folks that don’t have a clue about our industry the real story of how beef gets in the store. Our country has really become divided in the thoughts on border security since my last letter. I commend the Arizona Legislature and their Governor Jan Brewer for signing a bill that actually wants the U.S. government to enforce a law that has already passed on the national level. There are a lot of happenings along the border — on the U.S. side — that are not being reported. It would be such a shock to the common citizen in Ohio, if they heard what is really happening. I have heard some disturbing things and I think our blessings of liberty are being infringed upon in one way when a woman in south Texas has to wear a pistol on her hip while cleaning house, but thank God she still has the liberty to have that pistol. Illegals have broken into her home three times at different times of day. This family has put up an electrified chain link fence around their home with signs of warning, both in English and Spanish. These incidents are increasing in an alarming rate. There are more OTM’s (Other than Mexican) crossing our border than ever before. It is hard for me to believe that Asian, Middle Easterners, Indonesians, etc. are crossing the Mexican border illegally for a piece of the American dream. If any American is stopped by a law officer for some type of infraction, we have to produce some sort of identification. Is this racial profiling towards us? I wish the news agencies would take the gloves off and really report what is truly happening. I think it is time for the country to know the truth and take action. We owe it to our forefathers and to our posterity. This has been the best spring we’ve had in a long time. I can’t remember the last time it was getting green in March. Wildflowers are in bloom, grass is green, and there’s not too much dust in the branding pens. Life is good. Hope to see you in Ruidoso in June. Caren and Michelle are working hard to put on another great meeting.May God bless you, Bert Ancell, President– Ecclessiastes 10:10, Using a dull ax requires great strength, so sharpen the blade. That’s the value of wisdom; it helps you succeed.