NMCGA Presidents Letter

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness…
– “A Tale of Two Cities” by Charles Dickens

Howdy Folks,

Idon’t know if Charles Dickens could foresee the future, but he sure put it on paper of how things are going today. We are experiencing the highest market for cattle ever, and at the same time seeing the highest grain markets, too.

Fuel costs are through the roof, causing all domestic production costs to climb, also. Investment firms will tell you what is hot and what is not, but they are scratching their heads about as much as we are.

Reading articles and watching the news tends to make one wonder what road we are traveling. If you listen to the politicians, each party is blaming the other for the debt we are facing. If they could throw their party affiliations out the window for a few months and work as concerned Americans (not Democrats or Republicans) and try to do what is best for their constituents instead of their political party, we Americans could probably work together and patch most of the leaks this old ship has and get her sailing again. We need to look at the myriad of acts and regulations that are affecting all Americans, get honest dollars amounts of what these are costing, and then see if we really can afford them as a nation. Each and all of us Americans have leaned on the government for some type of entitlement, whether straight forward or through the back door, and we need to curtail our appetite for their handouts. No matter what is offered, there is always something the government wants in return.

The USDA is riding that animal traceability horse again. It is too early to tell, but from what is rumored, hot brands will not be a form of identification. There will be a multitude of ideas and concerns heard again on this subject and we producers must have a say in what will come of it. The US Forest Service is working overtime to curtail grazing, road use, and other uses of the public’s lands. The BLM is getting into these actions also. I would say — talk to your US legislators — but most of them are all for the proposed Wildlands use of northern New Mexico’s forests. What do we do? Who are they listening to?

This ole country has sure been tested as of late. With wildfires ranging from Silver City, Ruidoso, Roswell, Tatum, Tucumcari, and Clayton, wind storms as strong and as long as one can stand, not much snow melt, or moisture in general makes one wonder why he’s in the business. It just takes a beautiful sunrise, a newborn calf, the hint of green grass, or a cup of coffee with a good friend to remind us why we are in this profession.

The regional meeting in conjunction with the Northeastern New Mexico Livestock Association held in Roy was well attended and informative. Congratulations to the scholarship winners. Other regional meetings are still in the planning stages and dates and places will be coming soon. Also keep in mind the summer meeting and plan to attend. Hope to see you there. Remember — think rain.



May God Bless Us ,
Burt Ancell, President

 “He will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream.
It does not fear when heat comes; its leaves are always green.
It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit.”
                                                             – Jeremiah 17:8




PS:  I knew I would leave a legislator out last month
and sure enough I did. I don’t know how any of us could
overlook President-Pro Tem Tim Jennings.  Sorry Senator!