NMCGA Presidents Letter

by Rex Wilson

New Mexico Cattle Grower’s Association President’s Message

Dear Fellow Cattlemen,

At long last the election is over . . . at least I hope they are not still counting votes by the time you read this. It has been a long and painful campaign season. Now is the time to put our best foot forward to address the multitude of issues facing our families, our businesses and our communities.

I want to thank everyone who donated time and money and even blood, sweat and tears over the past several months supporting the candidates of your choice. The relationships you have built are investments in all of our futures that will pay big benefits over time.

As we turn to the future I want to call attention to a part of our backbone that doesn’t get enough attention – the Cattlegrowers’ Foundation Inc. Established about 15 years ago by some forward thinking NMCGA members interested in protecting the future of ranching and private property rights, the Foundation plays a critical role for us.

Over time the Foundation has made it possible for many young people to participate in the Ag Leadership Program, for staffing the office to address issues including water and federal land use, for educational training, and even helped provide beef for folks building a park in Las Cruces. The most visIble project is Foundation support of the www.nmagriculture.org website supporting NMCGA and many other industry projects.

Where does the money come from for the Foundation to do this work? From you, the membership. Tom and Evelyn Linebery made a substantial contribution, but many others have made hefty annual contributions. You may have made a contribution as you have paid your NMCGA dues.

Right now we are in the midst of an opportunity to put the Foundation on sounder footing. In July the Foundation received a $10,000 challenge donation. Our charge is now to match that donation. We were able to raise over $2,400 dollars at the Mid Year Meeting and contributions continue to come. But we are still short of matching the $10,000.

As the year comes to an end and you are reviewing your finances, I urge you to consider a contribution to the Cattlegrowers’ Foundation Inc. Contributions are tax deductIble and are an investment in all of our futures.

I am proud to report that our membership numbers are growing, but we are still a long way from our goal of 2,000 by December 2013. If you haven’t joined NMCGA, you can do so today at www.nmagricutlure.org or by calling the office at 505/247-0584. If you haven’t invited your neighbors and business associates to join, please get them signed up!

The Joint Stockman’s Convention is just weeks away. I hope you have already made your reservations. If not, there is still a little time left. Register today!

Looking forward to seeing you in December!


Rex Wilson, President


PS:  I knew I would leave a legislator out last month
and sure enough I did. I don’t know how any of us could
overlook President-Pro Tem Tim Jennings.  Sorry Senator!