NMCGA Presidents Letter


Dear Fellow Members, 
With this year being a short Session for the Legislature, by the time you read this it will nearly be over. While we have hit some home runs in committee meetings, there is still no way to tell how successful we will be in the first step of our mission to ensure that New Mexico State University has the financial ability to meet its’ obligations… to our state and our industry as a land grant institution. What I can tell you is that this is a long-term project and that the New Mexico Cattle Growers’ Association (NMCGA) will remain committed to get the job done.
This, like all the other jobs the Association takes on, requires everyone to be involved. Not everyone has the time or extra resources to be an “active” member in NMCGA. But even if you cannot travel to attend meetings, the mere fact that you care enough to belong to the Association that is taking up your cause every day, sends a strong message. We as individual members need to reach out to our friends, neighbors and fellow ranchers to let them know how important it is to have representation at the State Legislature and all the other places where NMCGA represents the range livestock industry, to let them know how much we need their help. That help starts with membership in the Association. There are always opportunities to attend meetings in your home area ranging from Game Commission gatherings to interim legislative committee meetings.
Membership in the NMCGA doesn’t require a lot of money or time. The job can be as large or small as you want to make it — the work is for you and your future generations. Doubling membership isn’t a huge challenge either. If every NMCGA member would get just one more person to join, we would double our numbers and help the bottom line in no time at all.
With the cooperation of the weather, our Santa Fe Board of Directors Meeting was well attended and the annual Ag Fest Legislative Reception was one of the best ever. The party has moved back to the Sweeny Convention Center so there was more room for booths as well as more people to attend. Plans are already in the works for even greater things next year.
Another great source of pride for all of agriculture is the cohesion and work of the “ag group.” That informal coalition is nearly its 20th year and it has never been more effective. I will have to say that having Jane Frost on hand to cook lunch at least three days a week does ensure that everyone shows up for meetings. And, it is a real pleasure to have Department of Agriculture Director/Secretary Jeff Witte on hand for most meetings.
As we move into the spring, it is time for regional meetings. We have had an offer that is too good to refuse. This year our meetings will expand with corporate partners and local county extension that will provide educational components to the events as well as more time for fellowship. We hope this will be another avenue to reach out to those who don’t yet belong to NMCGA.
We have been blessed with better weather than the forecasters predicted and we can pray that this continues into the summer. If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to contact me or the NMCGA office, and I look forward to seeing you down the road. Please mark your calendars now for the Mid Year which will be June 24 through 26 in conjunction with the New Mexico Wool Growers, Inc., the New Mexico CowBelles and, for the first time ever, the New Mexico Farm & Livestock Bureau.


Sincerely ,
                Rex Wilson, President





PS:  I knew I would leave a legislator out last month
and sure enough I did. I don’t know how any of us could
overlook President-Pro Tem Tim Jennings.  Sorry Senator!