NMCGA Presidents Letter

“If a republican government fails to secure public prosperity and happiness, it must be because the citizens neglect the divine commands, and elect bad men to make and administer the laws.” – Noah Webster

Howdy Folks, 

Here it is, closing in on Thanksgiving, and we may be as close to what the Pilgrims went through,

and what the drought of the 30s and the Great Depression brought. I have talked to members from different parts of the state and some cannot remember a tougher time. Hay trucks are staying busy hauling feed to Texas and New Mexico. The weather service does not paint a pretty picture for us again this winter, predicting another La Niña scenario, but I know, with the Lord’s help and the New Mexico rancher’s resolve, we will still be out there tending to our herds and ranches. Thanks to the Lord for what late rains He did bring to some.

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) is considering new regulations on child labor on farms and ranches again. It seems that the government wants to restrict what kids can do out in the country. The DOL has an attitude that the rural youth of America that are under sixteen lack the maturity and common sense to be able to handle livestock or even feed them. Does this mean that a kid can’t even feed his pet dog, cat, or do other chores that kids have done forever on farms and ranches? I think back to when I was a boy, going to brandings, working on fence, windmills, feeding cattle, slopping the hogs, milking the cow, gathering eggs, hunting, trapping, learning how to drive, and still having time to just be a kid. There are too many kids these days that have become couch potatoes playing video games and not learning how to work. There are still many country boys and girls that want to work, to save money to buy a vehicle, buy their own clothes, go to college, or just not be as big a burden on their folks. Will these proposed regulations get to the point that 4-H and FFA projects be eliminated, Jr. rodeos be banned, youth horse shows become extinct, or whatever else the DOL can think of to control our youth. Our government acts worried about the health of our youth, about their obesity, and their training to go into the work force, yet wants to impose more rules and regulations that hinder just that. The truth be known, I believe the government wants to take over the raising of our young, to brainwash them into a new way of thinking, to give handouts to the point that the youth of this nation will be totally dependent to our government for all their needs, and will have lost any independence or desire to improve their surroundings. I hope that the Western states, rural families, and even the kids will stand up and let the Department of Labor know that we free, independent Americans know better how to raise our youth than a governmental agency.

This may seem to be a little early to be thinking about elections, but we only have a year before we go to the polls to elect people to represent us both on the state and national level. The upcoming year may very well be one of the most pivotal we may face as Americans. The state of the union is about as fragile as I have ever seen. We have politicians that believe as long as we have a paper supply, we have all the money we need. Governmental employees seem to be protected by some strange force that let them break laws, lie to the populace, evade taxes, or whatever with no accounting for their actions by the courts. We, as Americans, must also somehow hold our courts accountable for their actions that go against the Constitution. I have been watching the demonstrations, sit-ins, and marches against Wall Street with concerned amusement. Some of these folks have no clue of what they are demonstrating for or against and could be led by a Pied Piper down a path that could bring a total collapse of the American Ideal that our forefathers fought and died for.

The annual convention is fast approaching, and I know our staff will pull together another interesting and informative meeting. Be sure to bring items for the silent auction to help raise money to be used for expenses for the legislative session. We need to be seen and heard in Santa Fe and the silent auction has sure helped to provide our exposure there. I know that it has been a tough year for all of us, but I have always been proud to be associated with a group that have always given, either through donations or work, to help keep this Association active in agricultural concerns in our state and nation. I hope to see you all in Albuquerque the 1st through the 4th of December.


May God Bless Us ,
Burt Ancell, President

MSo let’s not get tired of doing what is good.

At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessings if we don’t give up.

– Galatians 6:9 NLT




PS:  I knew I would leave a legislator out last month
and sure enough I did. I don’t know how any of us could
overlook President-Pro Tem Tim Jennings.  Sorry Senator!