VERY nicely done, you guys. I don´t know who is doing all your web work but it is gorgeous both from the perspective of the artist´s eye and the user´s mind.  You have developed such a nice, clean style in your layout and design, which I am sure made transitioning to the web so much smoother than it might have been.


Ten or fifteen years ago I thought this magazine, as well as the livestock business in general,
were pretty much on the way out the door, overtaken by time and technology and public opinion. But how cool to see it stepping back up, modernizing as it can and should, and retaking its place.

I don´t believe I´ve ever met either of you, but in working some with Joe Delk over the years I have been exposed to your more recent work (and indeed sent you an ad here and there)–and I thought it about time I stepped up and paid some long overdue compliments to you and the rest of your crew.

Beautifully done.


Vicki Ligon
Las Cruces, NM