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Hola CowBelles — Have you reserved your rooms at the Albuquerque Marriott Pyramid North and registered for the Joint Stockmen’s Convention, December 2-5, 2010, including the New Mexico CowBelles’ Annual Meeting and Breakfast? If not, why not? If so, way to go!

This year we’ll be having a half-day joint NMCB Board of Directors and General Membership Meeting with elections on Friday, December 3. Saturday, December 4, will begin with our annual breakfast, awards presentations, memorial and new officer installation. We’ll be treated to addresses from our incoming NMCB President, Linda Lee, and American National CattleWomen President, Lana Slaten. New Mexico CowBelles are a vital part of the cattle industry and this consolidated schedule will allow us to stay informed by attending more New Mexico Cattle Growers’ committee meetings.
Locals, please bring door prizes with a Christmas theme. If you forget yours, the vendors around the silent auction will be glad to sell you something. But don’t spend all your money. Save some to buy Rootin’ Tootin’ Raffle tickets for chances to win goodies at the Cowboy Christmas Social. Then hang around and listen to the music of the Buckarettes — and be sure to invite them to join CowBelles!
CowBelles, please bring innovative ideas for us to discuss and implement. We tend to want to keep New Mexico CowBelles like it was in 1957 when it was organized. I agree that 1957 was a good year.  My family moved to New Mexico in 1957 in a green 1957 Ford Station Wagon. I thought it was the most amazing vehicle on the road. The back seat folded flat and I could stretch out with the dog and sleep through the whole trip — as long as the dog didn’t throw up on me. But when I got my drivers’ license a few years later, I wouldn’t have been caught dead in that old clunker. Times change.
Will New Mexico CowBelles change with the times and be relevant to the beef industry in twenty years? Or, will nostalgia keep us locked in the past? I read Road Signs for Success by Jim Whitt. He says, “The past is like a padlock and change is like a key. When used, it frees us. If not, the lock will rust shut . . . making us slaves to our past.” Nostalgia is not a verb. It doesn’t do anything. It just is. Actually it just was.  The New Mexico CowBelles organization needs to focus on what will be.  
All NMCB members received a questionnaire in their November Wrangler. It presents several issues and invites your input. Every single member’s opinion about the future direction of NMCB is important. Please fill out the questionnaire. Write in the margins. Write on the back. Then send them to Kimberly Stone to compile and report the results at our annual meeting. We are an organization of several generations of women with a mutual vision: “To sustain the integrity of the New Mexico Beef Industry through consumer awareness, education, and promotion while respecting the past, living in the present and looking toward the future.” Let’s work together to preserve the New Mexico CowBelles organization for the next generation of cattle women.
Carnivores Unite!
– Karen Kelling
President, New Mexico CowBelles
Nov. 15 — 2011 Local Officers due President-Elect
Annual Reports (50 copies) due President-Elect
Nov. 25 — Volunteer Time Sheets due President
Eat Prime Rib for Thanksgiving!
Dec. 2-5 — Joint Stockmen’s Convention, Albuquerque Marriott Pyramid North
Dec. 3 — NMCB Board of Directors and General Membership Meeting
Dec. 4 — NMCB Annual Breakfast

Mesilla Valley CowBelles have had a very busy September/October. On September 25, two members and the NM Beef Ambassador, Kyra Grant, traveled to Fort Bliss, TX to participate in the All American Beef Battalion. This was quite an honor to be able to volunteer our time for such a wonderful cause. Mr. Bill Broadie and his staff should be commended on all of their hard work and travels feeding steak dinners to our troops. We were also fortunate enough to meet other CowBelles from Arizona and Texas that traveled to volunteer for this cause. The All American Beef battalion will be back at Fort Bliss on October 23, and in February 2011. We are looking forward to both of these events! October brought us the Southern NM State Fair.  Several members helped to decorate and man the booth. Members helped with the bake sale, with all proceeds going to the general fund for the fair. Mesilla Valley CowBelles were once again sponsors of the Beef Show at SNMSF. Teachers from across the Mesilla Valley stopped by the booth to gather educational information to take back to their classrooms and as always many recipes were handed out. Submitted by Gretchem Lindsay
The Chuckwagon CowBelles met at the home of Toni Barrow on October 12, 2010 with 17 members, one adorable little, bitty member and one guest present.  Guest speaker Kyle Tator, from the Valencia County Extension office gave an informative program on weed identification.  He talked about various undesirable plants and how to identify and control them. Of particular interest were two volumes of books he had created that had actual samples of weed stems, root systems and seed heads. He answered our many questions, and we are thankful for the valuable service he and others in the Extension Service perform! Vera Gibson announced that the Valencia County 4-H Fall Festival will be held on October 23 from 11:00 until 3:00 at the Ag Science Center in Los Lunas.  She requested Chuckwagon members to join in the festivities by coming and handing out literature at an information table. The minutes were read and approved as amended. Denise Immerwahr gave the Treasurer’s report. It was decided to purchase a box of cookbooks from NMCB for $300. Lyn Greene gave the Five States meeting report. The Annual meeting will be December 3-4 in Albuquerque. Toni mentioned the proposed name change to “New Mexico Cattle Women”. She encouraged all to think about it. Karen encouraged all to attend the Executive Board meeting on Friday, December 3. Toni announced that dues for 2011 are due.  She also called for hours and miles to be turned in at the November meeting.  Karen Tanner moved to continue our ANCW Associate membership at a cost of $100. It was decided to have a booth at the Mountainair Christmas Fair on November 13 from 10:00 until 5:00. The space rent is $15. Toni brought up an article in the newspaper about the Mexican Gray Wolf.  The author of the article called citizens, “heartless criminals” and she said that the wolves are “entitled to roam free”. There was some discussion about the subject. Meeting adjourned at 2:20 p.m. Respectfully submitted by Babbi Baker
The Grant County Copper CowBelles meeting began at noon by President Kim Clark. Kim made an announcement that member, Marsha Carlson will be undergoing surgery and be in recovery for six weeks. A card will be sent by the “close-to-our-heart” committee. The board addressed two donation issues in the interim between meetings and agreed to give $50 to the SW Horseman Assn. to provide food during a pastoral outreach event; also $500 to Pat and Dusty Hunt who lost their barn and its contents in a fire recently. The Marketing Committee brought bumper stickers; they will be used as a marketing tool and not a fundraising tool they will be given out at CowBelle functions, along with a flyer by the NM Beef Council. Aunt Judy’s Attic has t-shirts available at the store. State Fair Booth was worked by Pat Hunt with Lyn Green. More volunteer effort would be appreciated. Booth at the Cliff Health Fair and Ft. Bayard Days was well-received. Some fundraising items were sold. Grant County Fair will be 9/30-10/2. The booth will be decked out; no samples will be passed out, but there will be a raffle for a roast. New Business: The Denim & Pearls fundraiser planning continues. Still seeking donations. Notice will be put in the Gazette and a press release has been given to Lori Nell for the Daily Press. In light of the work done by Pat & Steve Bearup on our ‘brands’ sign, to thank them with four tickets to the Denim & Pearls. Tickets are available at the various vendors. The donation of a 3-year-old mare by Beverly Medford for the D & P was discussed and it was decided to place the animal for silent auction with a minimum bid of $500. A video will accompany the auction page and a display ad will be placed in the Gazette. Food will include briskets that will be smoked by Johnny Poe. It was decided to give two tickets to the Poes for their generosity in smoking the meat. Yearly dues are to be given to Judy Billings by Oct. 1. They are $25: $15 to our chapter and $10 to the state chapter. A slate of nominees to office for next year will be placed in the next newsletter to be voted upon at the Oct. meeting. At this time the only offices filled were Pat Hunt/President, Lori Nell Reed/First Vice-President and Wanda McInnis/Newsletter. No volunteers for the other positions. Time sheets were distributed to be returned at the next meeting to record volunteer hours. Bobbie N-L opened discussion about designating interested inactive members as ‘honorary members’ who would still receive the newsletter and be informed of CowBelle functions. Discussion was tabled until October. Storage unit is paid through December. Submitted by Sally Raphael, Secretary
Lariat CowBelles hosted the 36th Annual 5 States Roundup, September 29, 2010, at the Clayton Air Park. There were 68 guests. The theme of the program was “Beef Industry’s Biggest Issues: Food Safety and Demand.” Dr. Ted McCollum III, PhD, PAS-ACAN Texas A & M University and Texas Agrilife Extension Service gave the first presentation “Antibiotics in Animal Agriculture: Issues We Need to be Concerned About.” He discussed antibiotic use in cattle, House Bill 1549, and the FDA role in this issue. The second morning program was “Is Today’s Beef Supply Safe?” by Ashley Haneklaus, Graduate Teaching/Research Assistant, Dept. of Animal Science, Texas A & M University. She discussed efforts to improve food safety and public perception; contamination of meat with E. Coli, Listeria, and Salmonella; and how the beef industry is working to research and improve food safety from the pasture to the store, restaurant, and home. The third program was “Supermarket to Supper!” by Shug Farrington, Union County Extension. She discussed safe consumer practices in buying, storage, and cooking of beef products. A booklet “Kitchen Companion Your Safe Food Handbook” by USDA was distributed.
A style show was put on by Espe’s/Three West. There was a silent auction and door prizes. Vendor booths were by Espe’s/Three West, Gladstone Mercantile, Mary Kay, Mary’s Flowers and Gifts, and New Mexico CowBelles. Luncheon was catered by Maria Gallegos.
New Mexico CowBelles: Thank you to all who have submitted their news to “Jingle Jangle.” Please send minutes and/or newsletters to: Jingle Jangle, Janet Witte, 1860 Foxboro Ct., Las Cruces, NM  88007 or email: janetwitte@msn.com