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A Salute to the New Mexico Cowbells. 

The New Mexico State Fair is almost over for another year and most of the local fairs as well. You all did a bang up job again this year delivering the word about the great tasting beef that American ranchers and farmers raise for us to eat.


We live in a country with many opportunities and many challenges and this was the lead-in for the talk given to the Cattle Industries Summer Conference in Kissimmee, Florida this August by Herman Cain. The conference was opened with an introduction which was begun by Wesley Grau of New Mexico, Cattleman’s Beef Board chairman, and the National Cattleman’s Beef Association President, Bill Donald of Montana. It is nice to see New Mexico agriculture people at a national level and we have many who have and do represent us all at the national level at many different meetings. Thank you for the many hours of hard work.

Herman Cain began his talk by telling us of his life growing up in Georgia and sharing some of his family philosophies and several of his ideas about this wonderful country. He is a man who believes in the pursuit of happiness, but states that we are not guaranteed this happiness. We have to have the courage and innovation to follow our dreams and this happens with hard work. He also spoke to this group of cattlemen on opposing the overregulation of government’s intrusion into the private marketplace. Cain is the former president and CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, former chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank in Kansas City and now is running for President. He is a spokesman for private industry and opposes rules and regulations which allow the government to control private businesses. Cain was the CEO of the National Restaurants’ Association, and told us he believes we should rein-in the government agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the use “common sense” policies in business. As you can imagine, he was inspiring to listen to and gave us hope in the coming elections with his words . . . may others also get on board about using the “common sense” approach.

If you have thought about being a spokesman for the beef industry; consider being a Master’s of Beef Advocacy graduate. Go to the NCBA web site, www.beef.org, click on the MBA box and check it out. There is an application form to fill out and directions, along with much information to help with any questions you might have about the program. This program is funded by Beef Checkoff, but you don’t have to be a cattle producer to be a MBA graduate. You only have to want to support the industry and help educate others to understand what a great product beef is and CowBelles and CattleWomen do this all the time. Remember, the more voices we have on our side, the better chance we have to be heard.

Oct. 15 is the deadline to nominate members who we think need to be honored as the CowBelle of the Year at our annual meeting Dec. 1-3, 2011. Freda Havens is our current honoree. The nomination form for this is in the Red Book, in Section 4, as well as online at our New Mexico CowBelle web-site. This is a good time to start thinking about your end of the year reports (50 copies with 3-hole punched paper) which need to be to Beverly Butler by Nov. 15.

District I had a Red Book workshop, at the home of Carolyn Chance’s, last month and District II, III and IV will have workshops soon. If you can’t be at your meeting, please have someone there in your place. This is a good way for the person to make sure they have a complete book and for some it is a great introduction to the workings of what this “Red Book” is all about and to learn what a tool it is to have as a resource. This is for anyone with a NMCB Red Book and I look forward to meeting with you. At the first workshop, it took a little over three hours to go through the book, find missing things and print out new pages, and this was with seven people.

We will be having an Executive Board meeting at 4 p.m. and Budget Meeting to our supper that evening (Oct. 4) before the Five State Round-up in Clayton Oct. 5. If you have something you would like to submit, please let me know before then, email or put into a letter so I have a hard copy to present please.

May all of New Mexico be blessed with rain and green grass for this year — after all — it is the Land of Enchantment.

– Linda Lee, NMCB President

The meeting of the Grant County Copper CowBelles was called to order by President, Pat Hunt at the Red Barn. The guest speaker was Maki Irwin, County Executive Director from the Farm Service Agency out of Deming covering Luna and Grant counties. A fact sheet about the County Community Elections was handed out. Anybody in the community can be nominated, but women farmers and ranchers are encouraged to nominate or be nominated. The group acknowledges county happenings, and shares information about programs that are available for specific needs. They meet once every 2-3 months in Deming. Maki spoke about a program helping farmers and ranchers affected by the drought. Many have already benefited, including some members present. Members are encouraged to inform others to call Maki’s office to get help. The Emergency Conservation program is available to farmers and ranchers affected by a fire. They offer emergency loans with low interest rates (2-3 percent). Maki asked if anyone knows anybody who had to move cattle off of forestry land because of a fire, to please let her know. She can pass this information on to show what kind of devastation is actually happening. It was decided to approve the minutes as published in the May newsletter. Pat bought a bucket with plans to fill it with leftovers from previous buckets. The group will have a table for the state fair and sell tickets. Gail Moore arrived with the June issue of the Glenwood Gazette which has Neline Dominguez’s story in it. Lori Nell Reed, the beef month chair, has been getting information out about beef month. Lori Nell reported that they did a photo shoot at the volunteer center where a check was presented for the kid’s backpack program. Pat also acknowledged Gail Moore for going the extra mile in her advertising efforts for beef month. Gale gave an update on the Wallow fire. Bobbie Neil‐ Little announced that she received an award for her efforts in organizing the Cowboy Days parade. Bobbie thanked all who helped in making the parade a success. Cookbook: Some recipes were received. Again, people are encouraged to personalize their recipes by including the story behind the recipe. The shufly print: Robin Gierhart says that she will donate the print for drawing and it will be framed by B J framing. Honorary Members: Joan Woodward reports that the committee wants to honor past Copper Cowbelles’ presidents from 1976 to 2002; about 10. The idea of having a luncheon for them was discussed as well as a photo opportunity to include what’s happening with Cowbelles. The committee will pick a date for the honorary lunch. An expenditure to pay for lunch to honor the past presidents was approved. Mark your calendar for the Five State Cowbelle Roundup scheduled for October 5. More details to come. Meeting adjourned at 12:50. Submitted by Wanda MacInnis, Secretary

The Powderhorn CowBelles met August 9, 2011 in Ft. Sumner with President Sandra McKenna presiding and 13 members and two guests present. Guests Tyler and Austin Harcrow, grandsons of Mary McClain, were introduced. A sign-in sheet was passed among those present to fill in the volunteer hours they had given to NM Beef. Dorothy Vaughan, treasurer, reported that profits from the Old Fort Days Barbeque will once again fund the scholarships. Carolyn Bedford, Secretary, read correspondence from the New Mexico Boys & Girls Ranches asking for support in their programs, and two thank you notes from Ft. Sumner students for the donation to their “After Prom” party. Dorothy Vaughan read a thank you note from Hannah Cowden thanking the CowBelles for her scholarship. BBQ – Dorie Tucker reported that the BBQ worked smoothly and that everyone pitched in and helped on both the prep day and the BBQ day. ANCW Mid-year – Karen Kelling reported she attended the mid-year ANCW meetings in Orlando, FL. She said new attendees were given a mentor which was a good idea. Karen asked other Region VI members to give positive reports since it is so dry in New Mexico she wanted to give a positive report at ANCW but none responded. Karen reported that the “Best Calves Contest” was a hit at the Mid-year meeting. The National Cattle Growers’ President submitted his “calf” picture with high-top turquoise boots and red long johns. The ANCW made $300 on the contest. New Mexico CowBelles is planning to do this contest again. Karen reported National Beef Ambassador is on U-Tube. Club discussed the Boys & Girls Ranches donation for the year. It was noted that the Ranches had recently spent $40,000 on a new water system and could use donations now instead of at Christmas. The club voted to give the ranches $500 now. President McKenna noted that the group plans to give “beef sticks” to the Santa Rosa 3rd grade Agriculture Days program that County Agent Leigh Ann Marez will do in September. Nominating Committee for the coming year is Carolyn Bedford, Nancy Schade and Sarabel Key. These members will have a slate of officers at the November meeting. It was announced that Katie Schade, a Powderhorn CowBelle, is one of the recipients of the Pat Nowlin scholarship. Congratulations Katie. Club discussed donations to the 4-H. It was decided to give both DeBaca and Guadalupe Counties $150. Dorie Tucker reminded everyone of the Michael Martin Murphey concert, the chuck wagon dinner and the auction of western and Native American art and collectibles to be held on Saturday, September 3 to benefit the Bosque Redondo Memorial. Tickets are $50 for adults and $25 for children under 12 and all are encouraged to attend. Dorothy Vaughan reminded us that the next meeting will be at Ellen Vaughan’s home on September 13. Dr. Vick will give a program on Parkinson’s disease. All are encouraged to attend. Meeting recessed for lunch. After lunch Mary Gay McClain gave a fashion show on clothing from Morgan’s Menagerie, a clothing shop in Ft. Sumner. Mary Gay’s grandsons, Tyler and Austin Harcrow, were the models. Carolyn Bedford, Secretary

The July 16, 2011 meeting of the Berrendo CowBelles was held at the Cowboy Café #2 at Lake Van. There were nine members and two guests present. Juanita Whitaker a prospective member and Scholarship winner, Sterling Pierce were introduced. The President Betty Solt called the meeting to order at 12:15 noon. Sterling spoke about his plans for college and thanked us personally for his Scholarship. It was determined to be at the County Fair and Sale to give “add ons” to the 14 youth enrolled in the Beef Project, where $500 will be divided among the 14 which will give each youth $35. The Sale is August 4, 2011. President Betty Solt has received note cards and membership forms from Debi Rupe. They look wonderful and we are all well pleased. Betty reported on the Summer Meeting at Buffalo Thunder. She read the new Vision Statement and reported that the new Secretary of Ag, Jeff Witte spoke. She also reported that the State Fair Booth is no longer in the Manuel Lujan Building. Betty reported that we could have an informational booth in the Education Building at our Eastern New Mexico State Fair for free. We do not have to stay any regulated hours. Genora will contact the Beef Council for more hand out material and Marge Mckeen about “Operation Respect” material. It was decided to have the informational booth at the ENMSF. Meeting adjourned 12:45 p.m. Genora Moore, Secretary

The Chuckwagon CowBelles met at Mercedes Craven’s Ranch on August 9, 2011 with 15 members and one guest. Carolyn asked the members to be thinking about programs for next year. All ideas are appreciated. It was decided to approve last month’s minutes as mailed. Denise gave the Treasurer’s report and was approved to pay specified bills. It was decided to donate $100 to the Torrance County Fair 2011 for the Grand Champion Steer Buckle. Carolyn volunteered to find a nominating committee for our local officers. Lyn asked for volunteers to help at the Torrance County Fair August 12 -13. Much thanks to Lyn, Marilyn, Patsy, Sue, and Mercedes. Toni asked for volunteers to work the booth at the Sunflower Fiesta in Mountainair on August 27. Call Lyn or Joyce or just show up if you want to help. Ronda started a discussion on what the local chapter can do to educate the public about the wolf problem. We need letters to editors to rebuttal issues in the Albuquerque Journal. Ideas are welcome. Toni announced an Awards Reception needs representatives from CowBelles September 29 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the Farm Credit Bldg. in Albuquerque (5651 Balloon Fiesta Parkway NE). If you are interested RSVP by September 22 to Shacey at 505/875-6042. Toni announced that Babbi has put in an application to be a member of the State Fair Board. Ronda will host next month’s meeting on September 13 at her home. She will provide the main dish. Pot Luck for everyone else. Cookie is scheduled to do a program on oral hygiene. Toni adjourned the meeting at 12:30. Guest Speaker Michael Henningsen, director of State Fair Publicity and Media presented information about the NM Expo, he gave us the committee board members’ names, facilities, how it works on the fairgrounds and how they try on less money. Submitted by acting secretary, Nancy Brinkley


New Mexico CowBelles: Thank you to all who have submitted their news to “Jingle Jangle.” Please send minutes and/or newsletters to:
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