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Well Ladies … 

It is Fall and soon it will be the holiday season and things will really be getting into fast mode.

The New Mexico State Fair has come and gone everyone did a great job manning the Beef Booth in the Bolack Building (the “Country Store Building”).

People were looking for us in the Lujan Building but with our outside voices and directions, the public found us and was happy we were still at the fair. Let the New Mexico Beef Council and New Mexico Department of Agriculture know your thoughts about this change of venue so that they have our feed back when they plan for the 2012 State Fair booth.

I hope you enjoyed being in Clayton for the 5 States Round-Up. Lariat CowBelles has hosted this meeting for 37 years. The topics covered at this meeting were “Feeding to Please the Consumer”, “How strategic answers from the consumer will help us communicate”, and “Food Security in the Global Economy”.

The speakers included Dr. John Lundeen, Executive Director, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association from Denver, Colorado, Dr. Mike Hubbert, Director of the NMSU Research Center in Clayton, and Owida Franz who is the Union County Extension Agent from Clayton. It is always a fun and informative meeting. The topics are current and the style show with the upcoming year’s trends and styles is great. As always, the catered meal, with beef as the highlighted item, was delicious. A big thank you to the Lariat members and the Clayton sponsors who make this all possible!

Another event which has been going on is the Special Session of the New Mexico Legislature and Governor Susana Martinez has been in the news since she sold the past governor’s plane. Remember that the politicians are out and about seeking your vote for the next election. We all need to connect with them and help to educate them on agricultural issues, as well as offer to provide them with real facts about what we do for the beef industry in New Mexico and this great country. No matter who you support, take the time to help them understand this way of life and make that connection so you can get your voice heard. There are not that many elected officials who are connected to agriculture and each one of you can make a difference.

Many of you have asked about the All American Beef Battalion (AABB) Steak Feed that CowBelles and CattleWomen help with at Fort Bliss. There is an up coming event this month – October 22, they are planning to serve 1,200 steaks to our military men and women. This is a free event for these service people, and their families, and it is a great way to show your support for the sacrifices they make. Bring your personal identification, car registration and proof of insurance if you’re driving. When we hear the location, it will go out on a NMCB email. This is an outside event, so be prepared with jacket, hats, sunscreen etc. . . . the usual. Also, don’t forget your cameras.

Ladies, I hope you have sent in your New Mexico CowBelle form with your nomination for the 2011 CowBelle of the Year. These forms are due to the President by Oct.15 in order for the committee to have time to review the nominations. This is your chance to give a New Mexico CowBelle recognition, at the state level, and to let her know you’re proud of all she does for our industry.

The year is speeding along and everyone is staying very busy with their families and the up-coming Fall events and I hope all of you are doing well. Beverly will be looking for your red book reports which can be sent to her as soon as you type them up and make the 50 copies. If you buy the three-hole punched back paper you will have one thing already done before you get started. Wow . . . what people don’t think of for us to buy.

Thank you all for your continued help and support of the New Mexico CowBelles

– Linda Lee, NMCB President

Grant County Copper CowBelles’ August 19, 2011 meeting, held at the Red Barn was called to order by President Pat Hunt with 16 members in attendance. Hostesses Neline Dominguez, Joyce Biebelle and Shirley Sova led the Pledge, CowBelle Creed and Prayer. The minutes of the June 14, 2011 meeting as published in the August Newsletter were approved. Treasurer Bev Medford presented the June and July Treasurer’s reports. Pat noted that two beef donations were made during July, one to the Relay for Life drawing ($30 Beef Certificate) and the Tate Shelley Benefit Roping and BBQ ($100). Both donations were approved by a poll of Executive Directors as there was not a membership meeting scheduled in July. Pat announced that she has only received one response to her request for feedback about politically sensitive issues such as wolf reintroduction. Judy Billings has stepped down from the Food Policy Council and Pat was unable to find a rancher willing to be appointed. Carolyn Smith of the Food Coop was approved for one of the vacancies. The Chamber of Commerce has been notified that it must move and Pat picked up cookbooks that they were selling for group. They have sold five or six for and it is unfortunate to have lost this venue. Judy O’Loughlin is on the GRMC Foundation Board and it was decided to make a $50 beef certificate donation towards a golf tournament fund raiser. The money earned is used to provide scholarships for nursing students at WNMU. Linda Pecotte briefly discussed the statewide redistricting that has the potential to change Representatives. Joan Woodward confirmed that the plans for the “Past President’s Luncheon” are progressing. It will probably be held on a Saturday in November and the Women’s Club will be approached about catering it at their building. We need a plan for a program that day and we may need to coordinate transportation for some of the members. Lori Nell read the main points of the Executive Board meeting that was held to plan the Denim and Pearls. The major change is that the dinner will be catered and the CowBelle members will only have to bring desserts. Kathy Davis will coordinate and organize the desserts and coffee at the dance. The ticket prices have been increased to cover $5 out of the $6 dinner costs. The time frames have been moved up to accommodate the dinner line. Donations are still needed for the silent auction. Bev showed everyone the Shoofly print that Robin Gierhart donated and BJ Frames (Julie Gierhart) framed for the scholarship drawing at the dance. It will be displayed at the County Fair too. All members will be asked to sell tickets for this event as it is our primary fund raiser of the year. Kathy Davis is on schedule for organizing the County Fair booth the weekend of September 30. She needs volunteers to work the booth and will have a signup sheet at the September meeting. Pat discussed Old West Days/ Ft Bayard Days the weekend of September 17. She will have a table for sure at Ft Bayard on Saturday. There will be activities downtown that weekend and Kim will ask Georgia Bearup and Cissy McAndrew if Denim and Pearls tickets can be sold at their office that day. Submitted by Pat Hunt in the absence of Secretary, Wanda McInnis

The Chuckwagon CowBelles met on September 13, 2011 with 19 members and two guests present. Toni Barrow began the meeting at 10:45 a.m. The Invocation, Pledge of Allegiance and CowBelle Creed were recited. Toni shared some recipes from the Beef Booth. Toni also read Lariat CowBelles’ invitation to the 5 States meeting on October 5, 2011. The Nominating Committee nominations are as follows: President – Toni Barrow, Vice-president – Carolyn Chance, Secretary – Babbi Baker, Treasurer – Vera Gibson. After no nominations were received from the floor, it was decided to accept the nominations for the entire officer board as presented by the Nominating Committee by acclamation. Carolyn Chance gave a report on the next meeting which will be held on October 11 at the Hispanic Cultural Center. In order for the tour to begin on time, all should arrive by 9:45 in the parking lot. The group will then walk together to the Art Center which resembles a pyramid. The cost is $2 for seniors and $3 for all others. Lunch will be after the tour at the restaurant. There was discussion about programs for 2012. Lyn Greene presented a bill for 25 license plates to New Mexico CowBelles. She also presented a reimbursement bill for the cost of the Mid-Year meeting bags and for the price of the booth at the Torrance County fair. Joyce Shaw presented a reimbursement bill of $238.80. Bills presented will be paid. The next meeting will be at the Hispanic Cultural Center at 4th Street and Bridge in the south valley of Albuquerque at 9:45 a.m. on Tuesday, October 11. Meeting adjourned. Respectfully submitted by Babbi Baker

Powderhorn CowBelles met in Ft. Sumner on September 13, 2011 with Dorothy Vaughan, Sarabel Key and Sandy McKenna serving as hostesses. President Sandy McKenna called the meeting to order. There were 10 members and three guests present. Secretary Carolyn Bedford read correspondence reminding everyone of the Five States Roundup to be held in Clayton and a thank you note from the Boys & Girls Ranch for our recent contributions. The treasurer, Dorothy Vaughan, reported that she had paid the scholarship money out to Savannah Mobley of Ft. Sumner. President McKenna reported that she is purchasing beef sticks for all 3rd grade students in both Guadalupe and DeBaca Counties. These beef sticks will be given out at the annual “Ag Days” held at each school. Cards were sent to Vickie Evans, Neal Vaughan and Judy Byrd. After a great potluck luncheon, Dr. Jack Vick, M.D., of Ft. Sumner gave an informative talk on “Parkinsons Disease.” Carolyn Bedford, Secretary

Sixteen members attended the Sept.1, 2011 meeting of the Otero CowBelles at Margo’s Restaurant. Danielle Kusmak, who joined the group during the Otero County Fair was welcomed as a new member. The Otero CowBelles partnered this year with Lowe’s Grocery of Alamogordo on their annual raffle. Lowe’s donated the beef prizes and the funds raised make it possible for the CowBelles to present information at Health Fairs and other local events and to do beef preparation demonstrations in area Classrooms focusing on safe beef cooking practices and nutrition. The publicity generated by the BEEF raffle was great and several visitors to the Beef booth indicated an interest in having the CowBelles demonstrate the “Embrace Your Plate” concept to their group or to school students. More of our members are becoming interested in ways to make the public aware of how good red meat is for you. Every effort is being made to encourage the populace to eat healthier and to realize that IT IS OKAY to EAT BEEF! President Debi Rupe will be presenting her program to attendees at the Five States meeting in Clayton. Submitted by Barbara Wagner

Well, thanks to Patty, Dina and Lyn, the Booth at the New Mexico State Fair in the Ag building is ready! And it looks GREAT! Just look at those vigas! Does that scream “New Mexico Ranching Heritage” or what?! You know, the Ag building is so perfect for us. There are even ristras on every column! I am so excited. I think everyone is going to really enjoy working the fair this year. God bless you all. Thanks for all your help over the next two weeks! It’s going to be FANTASTIC!

New Mexico CowBelles: Thank you to all who have submitted their news to “Jingle Jangle.” Please send minutes and/or newsletters to:
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