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It is Fair Time in New Mexico and the NMCB are ready . . . 

Babbi Baker, NMCB First Vice-President, gave us all the news at the Mid-Summer meeting about the New Mexico CowBelles working this year to be held in the Bolack Building on the New Mexico State Fair grounds.

The New Mexico Beef Council Board was invited by the New Mexico Department of Ag to set up their booth as part of their “Country Store” and they accepted. The layout will be different but we will still have a chance to connect with people and be a face of agriculture. The Bolack Building is across the street from the Manuel Lujan Building that we have been located in for many years. We are still planning to have items for sale and hopefully a couple of new items, although the size of the booth is yet to be determined. The fair will be closed again on Monday and Tuesday — these are the times our state 4-H, livestock competitions and horse shows are held. We will have the opportunity to attend the different shows and not have to hurry to be back at the booth to work. This will allow for a more enjoyable time with other Ag families at the fair.

Kyra Grant, 2010-2011 Beef Ambassador, did a great job educating people at the NM State Fair last year with her demonstrations. She brought her own animal which gave the public an opportunity to get some real hands on experience. She gave many presentations around the state and helped out with different programs. Kyra has been a great beef representative for New Mexico. Thank you to Shelly and Kyra for all your hard work during the year. You made this year’s contest a great success.

Another face of Agriculture is our 2011-2012 New Mexico Beef Ambassador winners. Our contest in July, at the Buffalo Thunder Resort, was a good contest. We are happy to announce the junior winner, Sage Mijares from Jemez Pueblo, and a senior winner AnneMarie Holcomb from Magdalena. If you need a speaker at your meeting, or wish to help one of our two winners by giving them a chance to give a talk and spread the good word about agriculture being important to the world, contact Shelly Porter.

Governor Susana Martinez designated June 20, 2011 as “Beef for Father’s Day” and signed a New Mexico Proclamation recognizing the importance of agriculture in New Mexico’s history and economy.

Another nice thing that happened during the Mid-Summer meeting was the naming of our NMCB “Man of the Year” — Lesley Hauser. Les was nominated by the Lariat CowBelles in recognition of his support given to the annual Five States CowBelle Meeting, in Clayton, and for his assistance with many of their events and activities. Les is the husband of Kodie Hauser and the son in-law of Owaissa Heimann.

Much has happened around the state this summer and fires have been the topic on the news. Hopefully by the time this letter comes out, we all will have had some moisture with more in the forecast. Reports in the news of how “only a few homes have been destroyed” were the usual words delivered. If the news had reported the real story, about all of the animals and the people who cared for them, and the effects of these events, then the public would have a different picture of what is really happening.

Speaking of a different picture — The All American Beef Battalion has had another Beef Feed at Ft. Bliss, Texas and several of the New Mexico CowBelles and Texas CattleWomen had another opportunity to help in July. The soldiers, and their families, are so appreciative of being served a huge beef steak, and all the trimmings as a thank you for all they do for us here in the United States. We thank them for their service and they thank us for what we are doing for them. May they all come home safe! We hope that sometime, you will have a chance to come and be a part of this wonderful event. This last time, the people who come from Kansas, told us that there was three feeds that same day . . . Wow! This is all volunteer time and food.

By the time you receive this New Mexico Stockman in August, several members will have returned from the American National CattleWomen’s Summer Conference in Orlando, Florida. Karen Kelling, NMCB Past President, is the Region VI Representative on the Legislative & Issues committee, Fita Witte will bring back information about the winners of the Beef Recipes Contest, Beverly Butler will be gathering information to bring home to share and I will be going to the Beef Education (Region VI Representative) and Animal Well Being Committee. This is such a great time to connect with other cattlewomen and network with many in the industry.

I am blessed to have a chance to be a part of agriculture, connected to the land and to be the NMCW President. Thank you to all the NMCB State Officers and for your help and support.


Thank You ~

–  Linda Lee, NMBC President
    New Mexico CowBelle President 2011




August 1-4 – Cattle Industry Summer Conference, Orlando, Florida

August 1 – State Man-Power $ and Insurance due to State Treasurer

September 9-25 – New Mexico State Fair Booth

September 15 – Deadline for Membership Award

October 4 – Executive Board Meeting, Clayton

October 5 – Five State Round-Up, Clayton

October 15 – CowBelle of the Year nominations due to State President



Frisco Cowbelles’ May 16 meeting was called to order by President, Jane Klumker; there were eight members present. The Region 6/WALC conference in Albuquerque was a good conference, well attended, and several of the program subjects were devoted to encouraging farmers and ranchers to tell their positive stories about their animal care and caring for the land. Unfinished business; yearbook inserts were passed around. Ranch Days went well; there were suggestions to be addressed for next year and possibly having more kitchen help for serving. For the Barbecue it was decided to purchase six stainless pans for the meat. Members agreed to use the Mi Ranchito 6″ tortilla if they are guaranteed fresh. Jeanne has everything ready for the auction; Christen Sell will handle all that and setting up. The remainder of the flatwear will need to be wrapped. The summer beef picnic was discussed under new business. It will be Saturday, June 18, 1 p.m. at the McKeen Ranch. Bring your own beef and a side dish to share. Cowbelles will supply the drinks. Names were drawn for beef certificates; Georgia Klumker and Theresa Brinkman were selected for May. Jane will be hostess for June. We will finalize barbecue plans. Meeting was adjourned. Next meeting June 20 at 6:30 p.m. Submitted by Margie McKeen

The meeting of the Chamiza CowBelles was called to order on July 7 by President, Gloria Petersen. There were eleven members and two guests present. In the absence of the secretary, Cathy read the minutes from the June meeting. The minutes stated that Ellie turned in $200 for selling 40 beef raffle tickets. Because this doesn’t compute, contact will need to be made with Ellie to find out if she sold other items at the TorC Fiesta booth. It was decided to purchase plastic tubs in which to store the Cowbelles’ sale items. Most of the items are stored at Jodell’s house and are in cardboard boxes. Gloria announced the passing of Cowbelle member, Delight Phelps. A sympathy card was passed around for all to sign. Delight was a real LADY and she will be missed. Another of our members has been diagnosed with uterine cancer and will undergo surgery at a later date. Lisa Shivers and her daughter, Michelle, were guests at the meeting. Michelle was this year’s recipient of our Beef Scholarship. She came to thank us for receiving the scholarship. A suggestion was made to gather ideas for a new decorating scheme at our County Fair booth. Further discussion will take place at the next meeting, so be thinking of ideas! Gloria will notify members by email of our next meeting place. Submitted by Cathy Pierce

The Chuckwagon CowBelles met in Belen, New Mexico on July 12 with 16 members, three guests, one Junior CowBelle, and two baby CowBelles present. The brand new members are Nancy Brinkley and Brenna Ashbacher. Welcome! Toni introduced Brenna Ashbacher with Fishhugger, Inc. They started their business about 10 years ago. They take their products to various farmers’ markets. She and her husband Kenny maintain that healthful fats are good. In fact, the body needs fat to surround healthy cells. Fat also metabolizes proteins in the body. Brenna gave a cooking demonstration using her beef and seasonings. It was simple yet delicious! Toni read a thank you note from Bay Baker for the scholarship money. She also read a request from the Valencia County Expo for support. There was discussion regarding the Expo and the Fair. It was decided to forego sponsorship of the Valencia County Fair for this year. Toni mentioned several newspaper articles. She then called for any “We Care” requests. Carolyn Chance gave a Mid-Year meeting report. Marilyn Mignery called for Torrance County Fair entries. There was discussion about having a booth during the fair. Our next meeting will be August 9 at Mercedes Cravens’ ranch. It will be a potluck for all. Carolyn Chance called for program ideas for next year. There was discussion about the New Mexico CowBelles booth at the State Fair. This year it will be located in the agricultural building across from the Manuel Lujan building. Toni thanked Denise for being hostess and she thanked Nancy Brinkley and Brenna Ashbacher for becoming members. Respectfully submitted by Babbi Baker

The June 25 meeting of the Berrendo CowBelles was held at Little Valley Bar and Grill, in Dexter. There were six members present and one guest Michelle “Missy” Harris. President Betty Solt called the meeting to order at 12:00 noon. A letter from State Treasurer Lyn Greene was read regarding the State Insurance and Man Power dollars. There was some discussion on having an informational booth at the County Fair, possibly sell napkins, cookbooks, license plates, etc. and hand out recipes and beef information. This will be researched. The group will give “add on’s” to all the youth with beef projects. The group may also sell voices on a chance for $100 worth of beef. Missy Harris addressed the group and explained her trip to Chicago and it was agreed to supply her with Cook Off and other recipes and beef information. Submitted by Genora Canon


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