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CowBelle Sisters —

I truly am hoping it has rained at your place by the time you read this letter. Summer is here and we all need rain to bless our lands and help nurture the earth, which helps to sustain us all.

First of all I would like to congratulate Evelyn Yates Carlisle for being honored as the Women in Agriculture Leadership Conference “Diamond in the Rough 2011”.

While helping with a “Kids, Kows and More” program recently, the New Mexico Beef Council provided our group of CowBelles with many props to help explain how food gets “From Our Families’ Ranch to Your Families’ Table”. We talked about ranches, ranchers, and what that involves. One of the things we shared with the youth was the need for moisture and how this impacts agriculture. Another contained information about the Z.I.P ~ Zinc, Iron, and Protein and how these nutrients are needed for our bodies to develop. Being that the favorite food eaten by young people is a hamburger, we explained that if cheese was added they could have a well rounded meal from all food groups.

Most Americans enjoy a good piece of meat and with the availability of 29 cuts of lean beef there are more choices for the consumers, which do include us as well. Home cooked meals are better than eating out and when you plan ahead you can “Cook once and Dine twice”.

The “ I Heart Beef” (I love beef) campaign was kicked off in February 2011 and both of these promotions are designed to promote beef sales put forth by the Cattleman’s Beef Board and the Federation of State Beef Councils. There are summer promotions created to boost beef sales and the consumer’s appetites. Be on the lookout for the four new promotions in your stores: Summer Snacking Made Easy, Batter Up with Beef, Zesty Summer Steak Salad for the Health Conscious Consumer, and Build a Better Burger. For more information on these promotions or other Beef Checkoff programs, go to the web site www:beefboard.org.

While you are at their website, you can read about the beef industry helping to provide beef and beef products to the people of Japan for food relief.

The United Nations has another way of looking at food. A recent report from Serge Verniau, the Laos representative to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), says the world should ditch steaks and burgers – and eat insects instead. He states that trying to feed the whole world protein from cattle will not work, but by making a powder from crickets, and adding it to biscuits, this would provide a food high in protein and low in fat. This would be a good way distribute food to people when food rations are handed out. He suggests that by reducing pork and beef production replacing it with insect farming it would be better for the environment, and we would improve the global warming problem. In 2012, he wants to have a conference on eatable insects. (Health Freedom Alliance) I will pass on this idea and stick with the tasty protein found in beef!

June is Beef Promotion Month, and this would be a great time to invite your neighbors over for a good time with family and friends, while enjoying some good tasty beef and side dishes. Father’s Day is another great time to enjoy beef, maybe with a new recipe. Lemon Oregano Steak Rub is one of the many recipes I found on www:beefitswhatsfordinner.com.

Since our New Mexico CowBelle Mid Year meeting is this June 26-28, we should be having some beef at the Buffalo Thunder Resort. The Beef Ambassador Contest is June 26. We are also having a NMCB Silent Auction – we welcome donations and volunteers to help. Proceeds will go towards future NMCB projects. A Big Thank You to Fita for heading this!

Hope to see you there,

Linda Lee, NMCB President

–  Linda Lee,
    New Mexico CowBelle President 2011


PS, Speaking of Beef, don’t forget we are having a contest to find new artwork for sales items which will be a T-Shirt and a bumper sticker. Anyone can enter their ideas as long as it is promoting agriculture, and remember that you can receive money for your idea should your idea be chosen. We are working to have new products to sell, so send in your ideas soon. The deadline is June 15.


June 15 – T-shirt & Bumper Sticker Contest Deadline

June 26 – NM Beef Ambassador Senior & Junior Contest

June 26-28 – NMCB Mid-Year Executive Board & Business Meeting

July 31-August 4 – ANCW Summer Conference in Orlando, Florida

September 9-25 – New Mexico State Fair



With 11 members present Lariat CowBelles met May 11, at the Rabbit Ears Café. The First National Bank of New Mexico in Clayton still had beef certificates available for purchase. Lariats received a thank you card for the memorial made to the Pat Nowlin Scholarship Fund for the late Marjorie McLaughlin. The group discussed an article in the New York Times, “Who Protects the Animals,” regarding alleged abuse of cattle. Masters of Beef Advocacy Alumni members posted comments correcting the information presented and promoting the beef industry. Lariat member discussed friend in Brazil having same issues being faced by the cattle industry in Brazil. At the Annual Union County Health Fair 325 people came through in the first two hours with a total of 630 people for the event. Lariat CowBelles scholarship applications are due by July 15. Lariats will present $20 to the mother of the first baby born at Union County General Hospital the week before or week after Mother’s Day. Lariats will have a pie sale on July 4 at the annual free barbecue. Each Lariat member will donate four pies. Pies must be at the booth before the start of the parade. Each pie must be in a large, labeled zip-lock baggie. Price of the pies will be $2 per slice and $12 per whole pie. Two Union County young people have applied for the Farm & Ranch Management Camp. They are awaiting word if they have been selected. Garland King gave an interesting presentation on the Ag Leadership two-year program he is participating in. So far, he has attended seminars in New Mexico, Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C., visited a prison in Estancia and a homeless shelter and a fire department in Albuquerque. After the regular meeting, the Five States Committee Meeting was held at the extension office. Respectfully Submitted, Marianne Rose, reporter

The Chuckwagon CowBelles met in Mountainair at the Alpine Alley Café on May 10, 2011 with 17 members and three guests present with Toni Barrow presiding. Toni mentioned a silent auction that will take place for the remaining cookbooks during the next two meetings. Carolyn reported on the W.A.L.C. meeting. Toni read thank you notes for our donations to the ditty bags for W.A.L.C. and ANCW. She also mentioned the names of some groups that are against agriculture. Group was happy to hear that Jeff Witte has been appointed Secretary of Agriculture for New Mexico! Our next meeting will be on June 14 at Cookie Conant’s home. Elaine’s son, Kenny Ashbacher, gave a presentation on the correlation of commercial wild salmon fishing and grass-fed beef. He has developed a niche market that targets all who are interested in preventing disease through food. He said, “It’s not how you cook, it’s what you cook.” Corn syrup should be avoided at all costs, he emphasized the need for animal fats in the diet and he also fielded questions about everything from nutrition to proper killing techniques. He covered subjects ranging from Sherpa salt to the fact that North America has 2,000 varieties of honey. The group was so excited by and interested in his presentation that he will be back, this time with some of his food to sell, so be sure to bring your checkbooks and coolers to Toni’s house on July 12! Respectfully submitted by Babbi Baker

Minutes of the Grant County Copper Cowbelles April 12, 2011 meeting. The meeting was opened by Pat Hunt at 12:00. Mary Jo Hooker introduced her guest, Tammy Mize. Guest Speaker: Alicia Edwards, the executive director of the Volunteer Center, gave a brief history of how the volunteer center came to be. It started in 2004 for the purpose of matching volunteers with opportunities in the community for service. The first project was Companions for seniors, as companionship increases quality of life. It was noticed that children were coming to school on Monday mornings with not having enough to eat. This prompted the El Niño program to be initiated. It started with 25 children six years ago. Demand became very high; 440 kids are served this year in Grant County. Weekend Backpacks for Kids was started a couple of years ago. Children who need the backpacks are identified by social workers in the school. Pat Hunt shared a couple of pieces of literature that she found, one that can be viewed on You Tube entitled “The Land of Beef” and The All American Beef Battalion. Group decided to continue support of the NM Bred & Raised Steer show by donating the same amount as last year. A letter was received from the Chamber of Commerce to thank the Copper CowBelles for renewing membership. Denim and Pearls: The official date is October 15, 2011. Joe Delk has been confirmed to play music. Beef Month: June is Beef Month and Lori Nell Reed has volunteered to take on Chair belle for beef month this year. Five hundred dollars has been budgeted for beef month. It was decided to split up advertising between the Glenwood Gazette and The Daily Press at $250 each and the $150 that was budgeted for the surprise beef certificates that were given out at the grocery stores will go toward an advertisement in the Desert Exposure. The idea of having a laminated tent card with beef facts to distribute to local restaurants instead of placemats was suggested. It was decided to donate $300 annually directly to the volunteer center for beef jerky in the Weekend Backpacks. Honorary membership for long-term members – Pat Hunt has investigated and did not find any information. A committee was established to work on the honorary membership. The groups “the best stewards of the land are farmers and ranchers” T-shirts and bumper sticker will be entered into the State CowBelle contest. Bobbie Neal Little will submit the entries. Evelyn Yates made a suggestion to consider having a press release once a month to keep the public up on the activities of the Copper CowBelles. Submitted by Secretary, Wanda MacInnis

With 14 members present, Lariat CowBelles met April 13, at the Rabbit Ears Café. “We Care” gave updates on Lariat members and their families who are having health issues. On April 15, 12-15 universities throughout the country will promote Ag Facts by teaching where food and clothing comes from. There was a discussion of issues being addressed by the Masters of Beef Advocacy Alumni, such as the promotion of meatless meals by such publications as Taste of Home and Family Circle. There was also a discussion of the recent promotion in the news of buffalo meat consumption as being healthier than beef and misinformation on the raising of buffalo and its impact on the environment and health hazards to cattle. The next Kids and Cows presentation is to be held in Las Vegas on Tuesday, April 19. Expected attendance is 500 students and teachers. The New Mexico CowBelles is having a contest to submit a design for a tee shirt or bumper sticker promoting the beef and cattle industry. Deadline for submission is June 15 to Linda Lee. As the child of a CowBelle, Festus Farrington’s application for the Pat Nowlin Scholarship was approved for submission. Bryan Kimsey gave an interesting presentation on “Wildlife Biologist to Rancher.” He is a sixth generation Union County rancher who used to be a wildlife biologist. He discussed the differences and similarities between wildlife management and ranching. Also discussed were the differences between conservationists, who wish to conserve a resource, but promote its sustainability for present and future use, and preservationists who wish to remove people from the land and return it to the way it was before man. Respectfully submitted, Marianne Rose Reporter

New Mexico CowBelles: Thank you to all who have submitted their news to “Jingle Jangle.” Please send minutes and/or newsletters to:
Jingle Jangle, Janet Witte, 1860 Foxboro Ct., Las Cruces, NM  88007 or email: janetwitte@msn.com