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New Mexico Cowbelles Jingle Jangle

by Dalene Hodnett & Members

Shot in the Arm

I make a motion that we rename our Summer Meeting to the “Booster Meeting.” If you were able to join us in Ruidoso you’ll understand my sentiment, if not let me explain. High schools have booster clubs to support their sports teams, kiddos get a booster shot to strengthen the efficacy of their vaccines, and CowBelles have a “Booster Meeting” to inspire our desire for BEEF promotion. This year’s shot in the arm came from two great Agvocates – our Man of Year and our Junior Beef Ambassador.

Lowell Catlett, immediate past Dean of NMSU’s College of Agriculture, Consumer and Environmental Sciences, was honored as New Mexico CowBelle’s 2015 Man of the Year. The award was presented by committee chair Barbara Wagner and Fita Witte, member of Mesilla Valley CowBelles, the nominating local. Prior to the presentation, Dr. Catlett gave a fascinating speech about why this is the best time in history to be in agriculture. Citing innovations in crop production, a hungry population that is growing in affluence and demands American agriculture products, especially proteins, and a workforce that is shrinking in agricultural knowledge, Catlett posited that the world of agriculture was wide open. After all the negative press recently about animal agriculture it was refreshing to hear the positive side of our industry.

The other breath of fresh air came from Rebekah McCarty, our Junior Beef Ambassador for 2015. She presented her speech titled “Agricultural Plight.” She won the State FFA contest with this speech and will be competing at the National FFA competition in Louisville, Kentucky in October.  Hers was a compelling tale of the resiliency of farmers and ranchers and how they, more than anyone, have provided the foundation for the growth of this great country. After hearing her speak so eloquently about the ag community we all felt she has a great shot at winning the National Junior Beef Ambassador competition.

Unfortunately, due to changes at the national level, the Junior Beef Ambassador contest will be eliminated after this year.  In fact, ANCW has made significant changes to the entire Beef Ambassador program.  After this coming September, no longer will the Beef Ambassadors be chosen at a national competition. There will be regional contests to choose a winner from each region to make up the Beef Ambassador National Team. These contests will be held in conjunction with regional meetings, and as luck would have it, since New Mexico is hosting the Region VI Meeting next year (April 29 – May 1, in Las Cruces) we get to be the guinea pigs for the new system. Fortunately we have an experienced and enthusiastic committee chair in Shelly Hathorn, so the contest will be in good hands.

In the meantime we thank Dr. Catlett for his years of service to the BEEF community and wish Rebekah, and our Senior Beef Ambassador, Lauren Schlothauer, the best of luck as they compete in Denver in September. These stellar Agvocates are truly “making a difference” for the BEEF community.

– Dalene Hodnett, President
New Mexico CowBelles
575/649-0917 / dalene.hodnett@gmail.com


Corriente Cowbelles’ May meeting was called to order by President Ashley Ivins with eight members present. It was reported that Michelle Stearns joined and membership was up to 35. Scholarship Committee – reported that two Capitan students, Kalyn Hazen and Cheyenne Eldridge were presented with $500 scholarships. Each recipient was offered free membership and invitation to the family picnic. Fair Committee – dummy roping at the fair was tabled. This committee will address the Fair Board on May 20 to ask permission for the following: information table during sale, information table with raffle tickets for a set dollar amount of beef as the prize to be given during the beef cattle show as well as solicit brands for the quilt, donate napkins to buyers dinner, provide table decorations for buyers dinner, and be sales stewards to help buyers through check out process. This committee will report by email, and at the July meeting. Farmer’s Market Committee – group decided to table. Quilt Committee – reported that six brand squares have been paid for, signup sheets will be at the fair, with deadline for submission September 1st. Family Picnic – Cedar Creek June 7th. It was decided to reimburse Ashley for paper goods and give T-shirt to each new member that pays dues at the picnic. Door prize ticket – members receive one, new receive three and additional at $1 each. It was decided to spend $50 at the In-Ka-Hoots Shop to purchase a door prizes. There will be gunny sacks races, roping dummy, and   props for a family photo center. Smokey Bear Days Parade – JulieAnne reported as successful. People wanted beef or jerky instead of candy. Five ATVs and a pickup truck were decorated. It was decided to offer Junior memberships to youth under the age of 18 at $2 each. The Joint Stockman/CowBelles Meeting will be held in Ruidoso June 14-16 at the Lodge of Sierra Blanca. The club has budgeted $275 to send the president. Ashley would like to donate some of that money so other members could attend, and not pay for a hotel room. Ashley will attend the full event for $90, JulieAnne will attend full event for $90, Valerie and Carolee will attend those meetings which do not conflict with their work schedules. Ashley reported that she was contacted by Terry Knight, on behalf of Darryl Lindsay to ask for a donation to the Erramouspe Scholarship fund. After much discussion and concern about 501(c) 3, it was determined that more information is needed. July 24th Meeting-Smokey Bear Park Ice Cream Social 6 p.m JulieAnne, Ashley, Valerie Hosting; August 18th Meeting –Capitan Women’s Club 6 p.m. Carolee and Michelle Hosting. Ashley adjourned the meeting. Respectfully submitted, Sharon Young, Corriente CowBelles’ Secretary

The Frisco CowBelles held their May meeting on May 18, 2015. Father’s Day Beef Picnic on June 21, 2015. Ranch Days was a success. Brisket Dinner, Auction and Dance will be held on July 4, 2015 at the Glenwood Park. The Dinner will be a brisket dinner, served at 5:30. The Auction will start at 7:30 followed by the dance at 8:30.  Bucky Allred will provide the music. Respectfully submitted by Martha A. Stewart, Reporter Frisco CowBelles

BorderBelles May 27, 2015 – the raffle this year is again a Framed Shufly Print.  The group is very excited and have tickets available now. The print, along with beef gift certificates will be drawn for in October during the Junior Livestock Sale at the Southwestern New Mexico State Fair. The group will be offering a tasting and lots of prizes at Beef for Father’s Day event at Peppers Supermarket on Saturday, June 20, 2015. The group will be serving beef salsa and giving out lots of prizes. It has become an annual event, there is lots of attendance since it is in conjunction with Peppers Supermarket and their anniversary party. The group presented a $1,000 scholarship to Raul Perea on May 18. He is a senior at Deming High School and plans on pursuing a career in Agriculture and attending New Mexico State University. BorderBelles now have a storage unit for easy access to recipes and inventory for all members. Thank you Diamond Storage! The group will be presenting a show halter to the youngest steer showman at the Southwestern New Mexico State Fair in October. Respectfully submitted, Tamara Hurt

Chamiza CowBelles met on June 4 with President Gloria Petersen presiding in Jodell Downs’ home with five members present. A presentation on anti-aging products was given by Michelle’s Beauty Salon. The treasurer’s report was presented, there were no changes from the prior month, yet group will be charged for deposit slips. Beef tickets will be printed and ready for sales. It was suggested that no dates be printed so leftover ones can be used in following years. Gloria related her surprise at receiving the “Diamond in the Rough” award at the Women in Agriculture Leadership Conference in Albuquerque in May. Many members of her family were there and they managed to keep the award a surprise. Gloria also passed around the thank you letters she received from the state officers regarding group’s hosting of the District I meeting. Gloria spoke regarding Jessica Smith, Socorro County Extension Agent. Jessica has begun a program to take care of animals during times of disaster such as fires, floods, etc. Gloria suggested to have a joint meeting in Socorro with the Chuckwagon Cowbelles and have Jessica present her program to both groups. If this comes to pass, could have the joint meeting toward the end of this month in lieu of July meeting. Final plans will be announced at a later date. Meeting adjourned at 12:50 p.m. followed by a potluck of finger foods and desserts. Submitted by Cathy Pierce

Canyon CowBelles’ Meeting, May 5, 2015. Ag Day program for Carrizozo Schools was held with a variety of presentations. Presenters included Wanda and John Clark, baby goats; U.S. Forest Service, defensible space; U. S Forest Service – Lynn Lovelace, tree identification; NRCS, mobile river; Isle of Skye Nursery – Jamie Tate, bees; Lincoln County Extension Service – Audra Lyon, Nutrition: Eat Right Play Hard; Sarah and Pete Gnatkowski, wool; Linda and Dean Kahlich, alpacas and fleece spinning; Farm Bureau Cheryl Butterfield, Everyday Agriculture and Beef; Dr. Maryjane Cooper, Veterinarian, animal care; and CowBelles display board and activity on brands. All presenters received a packet of CowBelle napkins as a thank you for their time and efforts Lunch was provided by the CowBelles.  The hamburger grill masters were Joel Ferguson and Mark Hendricks. Wade Guttierez, Carrizozo Schools Ag teacher and Kirsten Barela, FFA student, helped with the Ag Day set up, and Marybeth Bond gave assistance throughout the day.  Keith Shafer, Fair Board, gave a presentation to the Cowbelles about the Lincoln County Ranch Calf Program. The program concept is for ranches to provide like calves following certain parameters that youngsters would purchase by December 1st.  The youngsters would raise their calves until fair time in August. The calves then would be sent for butchering and the carcasses would be judged with a prize awarded for the best meat/carcass. The prize is expected to be $500 and the calf/carcass would be available for purchase. By consensus the Canyon CowBelles decided to contribute $250 toward the prize and/or the ranch calf program. The meeting was then called to order at 1:25 p.m. by President Martha Bond. Scholarship committee: Richardsons want group to handle scholarship. The scholarship applications were sent to the schools in Lincoln County, with emphasis on Carrizozo and Capitan schools for the scholarship award. A phone poll will be taken once applications are received. Care Person: Cards to be sent to Annie Withers and to the family of Knollene McDaniel who recently passed away.  Review of this Ag Day was discussed. Man of the Year was discussed and decided. It was decided to present him with a gift certificate from Lincoln County Mercantile. A date for the Fathers’ Day family event was discussed. It is to take place at the Kahlich’s or Malpais Valley of the Fires. Further information will be sent out. A report from the district meeting was given regarding the concern of attracting younger members and those to whom marketing is to be made. Social media is the source of information for this generation whose interests, appetite for certain foods, and obtaining recipes has changed from previous generations. In addition to brochures, facebook and other social media is considered for future use. This may include various apps. Discussion was held regarding the County Fair and sales by Canyon CowBelles of pies and coffee. It was suggested that group have membership forms available, put up the brand display board and possibly sell beef sticks as a fundraiser.  It was suggested that beef information be provided at the local market with a slogan “Think beef for Father’s Day”. This will be explored. There was a suggestion to look into sponsoring a teacher for the Ag in the Classroom course. This will be discussed further in future meetings. Meeting was adjourned. Respectfully submitted by Toni Rossi, Secretary

New Mexico CowBelles: Thank you to all who have submitted their news to “Jingle Jangle.” Please send minutes and/or newsletters to: Jingle Jangle, Janet Witte, 1860 Foxboro Ct., Las Cruces, NM  88007 or email: janetwitte@msn.com by the 14th of each month

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