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Happy July, CowBelles. 

I hope this letter finds all of you having a good summer and maybe you had the chance to come to the New Mexico CowBelle meeting. Buffalo Thunder Resort was the place that the NMCB joined together with the New Mexico Cattle Growers and the New Mexico Wool Growers to meet, share and discuss the current issues facing our agriculture livelihood.

The NMCB Beef Ambassador contest included both senior and junior contests this year and we now have 2011-2012 Beef Ambassadors for New Mexico. Our past Beef Ambassoador, Kyra Grant, did a great job at promoting the beef industry and the contest. Thank You, Kyra !
Evelyn Yates is a New Mexico CowBelle whom I would like to mention and say how proud and happy that she was chosen as the 2011 Diamond in the Rough winner during the American National CattleWomen & Women in Ag Leadership Conference in Albuquerque. Evelyn is a shining example of what agriculture women are made of . . . Koodos to Evelyn!
Did you see the June Stockman where another New Mexico CowBelle woman was honored along with her husband as the Wool Grower of the Year? Congratulations to the the Gnatkowski Family which includes Pete, Sarah, Callie & John.
I would also like to recognize a group of ladies who have done much for our organization and who have been the recipients of the “New Mexico CowBelle of the Year”. This award began in 1966 and continues today. I would like to list these special ladies so all can be reminded of those who have been honored: Tommy Harrington, Peggy Monzingo, Lily Major, Peggy Sultemeier, Mary Alice Copeland, Alvera Benton, Eula Grady, Netti Harrelson, Faye Plank, Ida King, Wilma Fulgham, Lava Butt, Edith Pankey, Pat Nowlin, Sharon King, Dorothy Vaughan, Berry Ann Bell, Sherri Raska, Jean Brown, Linda Ponder, Barbara Martin, Debbie Sauble, Fita Witte, Barbara Wagner, Betty Pepper, Genora Moore-Canon, Viola Jeffers, Jean Lee, Ella Roberson, Owaissa Heimann, Anne Ferguson, Pearl Sowers, Inez Marrs, Patty Townsend, Kay Lindsey, Evelyn Yates, Janet Witte, Lyn Greene, Kathryn Malcolm-Callis, Joan Kincaid, Toni Barrow, Estelle Bond, Rachel Ricklefs, Freda Havens, and Yetta Bidegain.
Some of these women are no longer with us, but all these ladies are assets to NMCB and agriculture. As you read these names, I am sure many memories come to mind. You probably know someone who would be a great nominee for this honor. Look around your local, or within the state and submit her name. Honor someone and tell her you are proud of her and what she has done for us. Nominations are due to the NMCB President by October 15, 2011. The form is in Section 4 of the Red Book and on line at our NMCB Web-Site under members only, or contact your local president.
As the saying goes . . . “the more things change, the more things stay the same,” and NMCB are always looking for ways to promote beef while working to raise funds. We had a slogan contest for a bumper sticker and new T-shirt idea to support agriculture. Several ideas were sent in and new ideas were discussed. It is our hope to have a couple of new items to sell at the New Mexico State Fair this September. Thanks to those that submitted ideas and congratulations to our winners.
I would like to mention something concerning our state organization. There have been many different times which I have overheard members expressing feelings about joining, or not joining the American National CattleWomen. We are all Supporters of Beef and the head of our organization is the American National CattleWomen.
ANCW membership dues are $50, which is added on to our state/local dues. NMCB is an affiliate of ANCW but your individual membership helps to keep you informed on current issues facing our industry. Please take time to consider all of the things that National does to speak, inform, and educate us at the state level. They also represent us at the National Cattleman’s Beef Association and Cattle’s Beef Board as our representative for the checkoff dollars. Without our ANCW officers, we would not be able to participate at the National level and would not be represented. We have enjoyed having the ANCW 2010 President Lana Slaton and President-Elect for 2011 Tami Didlot in the past few years come to our meetings, so would it not behoove us to support the ANCW organization as a whole. Remember when Fita Witte was the ANCW 2007 President and how proud we were to have her represent us at national? ~ We could have another. ~
We have many women in our state who are strong and intelligent and have big hearts. It is through them and you that we are a New Mexico CowBelles.


Thank You ~

–  Linda Lee, NMBC President
    New Mexico CowBelle President 2011

P.S. I know that I have teased you about our new Beef Ambassador and our Contest Winner, this letter has to be sumtted for publication before I get the final results. These winners will be front and center in my next letter.



August 1-4 – Cattle Industry Summer Conference, Orlanda, Florida

August 1 – State ManPower money & insurance due to State Treasurer

September 9-25 – N.M. State Fair Booth

September 15 – Deadline for Membership Award

October 4 – Exec. Board Meeting, Clayton

October 5 – Five State Round-Up, Clayton



Sacaton CowBelles would like to express their congratulations to Evelyn Carlisle Yates, 2011 Diamond in the Rough winner. The group is so proud of her and all she has done for Agriculture. She is a driving force for the Agriculture Industry! Susann Mikkelson, Director of The Southwest Cooperative Development Center was the guest speaker for the May meeting. Her organization works to improve economic conditions for New Mexico’s rural areas by helping to create retention and expansion of sustainable cooperative and mutually owned businesses, particularly related to healthy food access, and local and regional systems. Susann outlined how the organization can help in areas ranging from cooperative or community-owned food retail stores to marketing cooperatives for producers. Her presentation was informative and well received. Anything to market local beef is always a plus. If you would like to have a presentation or want further any information please email sacatoncowbells@ hotmail.com June is Beef Month. Thank you to all ranchers for your hard work providing food for many tables across America. Submitted by Anita Hand

On June 6, fifteen Powderhorn CowBelles met to prepare for the Barbeque at Old Fort Days. Karen Cortese, Beverly Ann Overton, and Dorie Tucker, chairpersons organized the event. On June 11 the CowBelles served over 420 people barbeque beef brisket, cole slaw, beans, rolls, condiments and a dessert of their choice. Charlie Overton helped by taking tickets. President Sandra McKenna’s grandson stuck stickers saying “I heart Beef” on all ticket holders. Dorothy Vaughan, her granddaughter Amy, Frances Fikany, Frances Speight and Nikki Lou Gregory sold tickets and were in charge of the monies. Working in the kitchen were Carolyn Bedford, Dorothy Bilberry, Beverly Carter, Carolyn Geiler, Kyra Grant, Renee Grant, Kathy Hall, Becky Harris, Sondra Jack, Karen Kelling, Sarabel Key, Sandy McKenna, Charlotte Orton, Nancy Schade, Dorie Tucker, Elayne Horney, and Ellen Vaughan in addition to the two chairpersons. This is the main fund raising event for the Powderhorn CowBelles to fund scholarships. Kyra Grant, the New Mexico Beef Ambassador, had a table set up to give people information on beef cuts, beef recipes and other information. The group wants to thank all the people who supported this successful fund raiser. On May 16 the Powderhorn CowBelles furnished hamburgers and buns to feed 60 people at the annual hamburger fry for the Ft. Sumner grade school students. This was done in conjunction with the Woman’s Club and Rotary Club of Ft. Sumner. The Powderhorn CowBelles also furnished the beef and buns for a cookout enjoyed by the students of Ft. Sumner Grade School for accelerated reading. In addition to the above, Powderhorn CowBelles also donated money to the Ft. Sumner High School’s After Prom Party.
Submitted by Carolyn Bedford, Secretary

The May 10 meeting of the Grant County Copper CowBelles was opened by president, Pat Hunt at 12:00. Neline introduced her guest, Linita Lambeth. Erin Crumbley, scholarship recipient also introduced herself. Minutes were approved as published in the April 12 newsletter. The State CowBelle t-shirt/bumper sticker contest was discussed and both will be entered from this local. A thank you note was read from El Refugio for a monetary contribution and continued support. A letter was received from NMCB with a State Fair booth schedule. Pat shared The White Horse Campaign which celebrates women making a difference in our world today, find more info at: www.moderncowgirl.com. Pat read an article where the Humane Society of U.S. disclosed that only 1 percent of contributions from the national organization actually go to the hands-on shelters that actually care for the animals. It is better to contribute directly to local humane animal shelters. Evelyn Yates won The Diamond in the Rough award. It was reported that the slate of candidates was awesome and the competition fierce. Pat made a folder for Neline and presented it to her. Arley gave a report on Ranch Days, saying it was a lot of fun, went well and had the experience of watching a calf being born. Thank you to those who attended Alma Ranch days. Gale Moore thanked Pat and Wanda for helping out at the Dutch Oven Cook-off in Glenwood and is selling 2011 Dutch oven cookbooks. For Beef Month a $300 donation will be made to the Volunteer center for beef jerky and a photo will be in the Daily Press. Advertising for Beef Month will be placed in the Daily Press, the Glenwood Gazette, and the Desert Exposure. Scholarship Committee: two of last year’s recipients would like to be considered for this year as well. Recipes are needed for the cookbook. The cookbook needs to be more personal, so please include the story behind the recipes. Since Pat Bennett is having health problems, please send recipes to LJ Lundy at present time. The 2011 Budget was approved. Denim and Pearls: a sit-down dinner, Lorraine England is 99 percent sure they will serve the dinner which will consist of beef, beans, coleslaw and a roll. The ticket prices will increase to $25. Members will be asked to make desserts. Joe Delk will be the band. It was decided to allow LJ to spend up to $300 to buy Southwestern items. It was decided to purchase a framed shufly print by Robin Gierhart instead of doing a decorated scholarship tub. There will be a parade on June 4th and Western dress is required. The Group has always had honorary members, Diane Hamilton, member of legislature and Donna Irwin, as examples. Group will keep track of these in yearbook. Yearbooks will be mailed to members who are unable come to meetings. Discussion of the 2012 meeting schedule was tabled. Submitted by Wanda MacInnis, Secretary.

The April 11, 2011 meeting of the Berrendo CowBelles was held in Dexter. There were eight members and one guest present. President Betty Solt called the meeting to order at 11:10 a.m. Minutes: Correspondence: Thank you letters and notes were read from The Boys and Girls Ranches, the Goodner Ranch, Pat Nowlin Memorial Fund Chairman Anne Ferguson, the Family of Bill Dinwiddie and Raye Duran of the Roswell Community Kitchen. Unfinished Business: It was decided to donate $25 to the Pat Nowlin Memorial Fund in the name of Charlie Chewning. New Business: Sterling Pierce was chosen as our $500 scholarship winner this year; Lillian Graham will take the check to him. There are five pins left of the new Berrendo CowBelles pins. Genora Canon introduced Speaker Diane Capizzo and she presented a wonderful power point program, “Calves for Christ”, and her project to fund the “Young Life” program here in Roswell. Meeting adjourned 11:40 p.m. Submitted by Genora Canon.

The Otero CowBelles met in Tularosa on June 2. There were 13 members and one guest present. To make the business part of the meeting move right along, President Debi Rupe sends the minutes of the past meeting and the agenda for the current meeting via E-mail and it has been a boon to those that might have something of interest to present to the group. Estelle Bond gave a glowing report on the “Kids, Kows and More” event held May10-11 at the Otero County Fair Grounds. Pres. Rupe reported that she and Linda Mitcham handed out about 250 beef information bags at the Kindergarten Registration and Health Fair. Getting information about beef nutrition to the youngsters and their parents is part of Pres. Rupe’s motto “Can Do.” Otero CowBelles will be giving a presentation to the Cub Scouts Day Camp on June 13 and handing out BEEF bags with lots of information which we hope will help parents make wise decisions for their children’s diet. We plan to use Beverly Butler’s “Embrace the Plate” demonstration to bring attention to a healthy diet for children and adults. The annual 4th of July picnic will be held at Comudas Mountain hosted by the Jones Ranches. Just maybe — it will rain that day! And none of us would put up a fuss about it as we have had no moisture in this neck of the woods. Submitted by Barbara Wagner, OCB Secretary.

The Chuckwagon CowBelles met on June 14 with 17 members, three junior members and four guests present. Toni Barrow called the meeting to order and introduced Marc Lefrancois, Chief of Resources at Salinas Monument, as guest speaker. He gave a program on the history of the peoples who occupied Abo from 6,000 BC through the present. As resources were depleted and droughts and famines hit, the various groups would be forced to move out of the area. Toni reconvened the meeting at 12:35 p.m. The group decided to give Bay Baker a $100 graduation scholarship. Toni read thank you notes for our support of the ANCW and WALC meeting. Toni also read an announcement about the Mid-year meeting June 26 and 27 at the Buffalo Thunder Resort. It was decided to buy $100 of chile flavored beef jerky for the troops who don’t normally receive packages from home. There was discussion about the booth at the All Indian Livestock Days. Toni thanked those who worked at the booth. Lyn Greene presented her sample of ditty bags emphasizing the new nutrition plate on the outside. It was decided that these will work very well for the Mid-year meeting. (Our very generous Chuckwagon CowBelles personally donated $85 in addition to the $100 mentioned above for beef jerky to the troops! Babbi Baker will purchase, package and ship it within the next week. Within the boxes will be a note thanking them for their service as well as a note mentioning that June is Beef Month. Babbi will give a complete accounting at the July meeting. Thank you for supporting our troops, ladies!)


New Mexico CowBelles: Thank you to all who have submitted their news to “Jingle Jangle.” Please send minutes and/or newsletters to:
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