Jingle Jangle

New Mexico Cowbells Jingle Jangle

by Madalynn Lee and Members

Stockman Readers,

I can hardly believe it is almost the end of year and I will only have one more opportunity to share my thoughts with you guys. So here it is.

I have been talking all year about “bridging the gap”. Looking back at this past year in all of my efforts to promote locally, statewide and even on a national level, the gap seems to be the same ever ending gorge that I am sure I am unable to bridge alone. I need YOUR help!

I am talking about our communication skills. We are seriously lacking. We are living in a world where communication technology has vastly improved, yet we have remained the same. I have heard the same arguments on all levels which rarely leaves time for promotion. This thought echoes from the mouths of others constantly leaving lasting impressions on guests, or potential promoters of our valuable livelihood.

We must be on the highway to good and open communications to each other using every possible caution that we don’t cause a major pile up, or a huge delay because are we not all focusing on the same horizon. Don’t drive off into the gorge because there is where you might stay. Keep on moving, stay on the bridge and slow down just a little to read a map. I am so grateful for the ride.

Have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving,
– Maddy


November 20 -21, New Mexico Farm & Livestock Bureau Annual Convention, Albuquerque

December 4 – 7, Joint Stockmen’s Convention, Albuquerque

January 20, New Mexico Legislature opens

February 17, Ag Fest, Santa Fe

February 4 – 7, ANCW Winter Meeting, San Antonio

March 19, Roundhouse Feed, Santa Fe

May 27 – 28, Women in Ag Leadership Conference, Albuquerque

June 14 – 16, NMCGA, NMWGI, NMCB Mid-Year Meeting, Ruidoso


On October 1, 2014, Lariat CowBelles hosted the 40th Annual 5 States Roundup.  This year’s theme was ‘The Challenge’.  Attendees were CowBelles, cattlewomen, teachers and guests from New Mexico, Texas, and Colorado. There were 62 people attending and three speakers. The day was welcomed by Owaissa Heimann, current president of Lariat CowBelles. Collin Anderson, State FFA Officer led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance. Kathryn Malcolm-Callis led the CowBelle Creed. The first speaker was Chef Mike Erickson from Austin, Texas, who presented “True Beef.”  A graduate of the Culinary Arts Institute in Hyde Park, New York, he has been a chef at several prestigious restaurants, and an instructor for many different programs related to the food industry. He is an active member of the Masters of Beef Advocacy program and is currently the culinary arts teacher at Pflugerville High School in a suburb of Austin. He teaches his students where their food comes from, pasture to plate, and how to prepare it, with an emphasis on beef. He and his students have just finished producing a film about beef and the culinary arts class entitled True Beef. Chef Mike talked about the importance of educating students where their food comes from and tying agriculture to culinary arts. There are a lot of negative videos on agriculture and the beef industry. The making of the film, True Beef was to counteract these negative videos and educate the consumer. He teaches his students to respect their food and respect the farmers and ranchers. True Beef shows from pasture to plate as seen through the eyes of his students. These Pflugerville High School students were the first students to obtain their Masters in Beef Advocacy. Chef Mike showed clips from the movie and other events his students participated in. He presented a “True Beef” trophy to Lariat CowBelles and to Patti Buck of American National Cattlewomen (ANCW). He will be putting together a curriculum to be available for other teachers of culinary arts Prostart Classes such as his. There are currently Prostart classes in Texas, New Mexico and Colorado. Patti Buck of ANCW talked about the Prostart program in Colorado. She discussed ANCW and their programs such as, “Moms on the Farm” and “Moms, Millennials and More.” ANCW is focusing on youth development, beef promotion, and legislation.  They hold Twitter parties that are aimed at educating moms and millennials and give Sam’s Club Promos influencing consumers at the meat case. They can be found at @Beefpros on Twitter and Pintrest. Espy’s/3 West held a style show narrated by Shea Arnett. They now have a Facebook page and take orders and will ship. A ‘steak award’ $30 beef certificate was presented by Lariat CowBelles to Edward Sisneros in appreciation of his help with setting up 5 States at the Clayton air park. He was recently honored with an award for “Best Airport Manager” in the State of New Mexico. Invocation was given by Violet Brockman. Luncheon was catered by Mary’s Back Porch. There was a buffet of roast beef, green beans, salad, baked potato, roll, cobbler, and ice tea. The afternoon speaker was Matt Rush, an agriculture advocate and motivational speaker.  He grew up in the Dora area and is the fourth generation in his family to be a New Mexico farmer and rancher. His presentation was entitled “There’s a Snake in My Bumper.” He said time in agriculture goes by in quick circles. Agriculture needs to be visible, able and willing to grow. We need to make changes in what we do to keep up with the competition in the world. Agriculture is valuable. We take care of the people in this country and countries all over the world. Now we are defending our value and our industry. Sponsors of the event were First National Bank of New Mexico, Texas Beef Council, Five State Livestock Auction, Monte Anderson/Farm Bureau and Dr. Manny Encinias AC Nutrition. It was a wonderful day of education, meeting old friends and making new ones, and networking with others in the beef industry and education. Respectfully submitted by, Marianne Rose Lariat CowBelle Reporter

Otero CowBelles report that 16 members and five guests met at Si Senor Restaurant October 9, 2014. Four of the guests were the young sons of Ruth Wold, our newest member and were very well behaved. The group is so fortunate to have so many young ladies joining the ranks to learn about BEEF and nutrition and to assist in education. This is the best way to get the word out to the public concerning agriculture and the problems that the industry is facing. State NMCB President Maddie Lee, Dolly Lee and Estelle Bond attended 5-State meeting in Clayton and came away with positive feelings regarding the information that the speakers presented. More of the group wished that they had been there in person to hear and be motivated to spread the word. Pres Linda Mitchum asked for ideas for fundraising. With the economy rather shaky, not everyone has extra money to spare. September brought welcome moisture and most of the area has nice grass to start off the fall season. Now is a prime time to tout the value of BEEF for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. Why not Beef instead of pork or fowl? Can’t you just picture a wonderful prime rib roast on the table? Doesn’t it make your mouth water to envision it? Sure does mine! Keep “Bridging the Gap” and let everyone know that BEEF is king! Submitted by Barbara Wagner, Secretary

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