Jingle Jangle

New Mexico Cowbells Jingle Jangle

by Madalynn Lee and Members

I hope everyone had a chance to attend the mid year meeting. I would especially like to thank Janet Todd of Canyon Cowbelles for her kind invitation to their June meeting.

I hope that there will be a chance of showers for you as you read this edition. I recently attended the ANCW Region VI Meeting held in Lake Tahoe and they are just as dry. I also learned that their water source in that particular valley is dependent upon the snow melt off. WOW, federal lands may certainly be our issue but it seems as though their private lands take a huge hit, too. I guess it’s just not right to pursue agriculture in any state you are in.  Oh, but also remember by 2055 AGRICULTURE will be feeding 3x our current population or maybe China will feed us. I also learned the huge number of exports to China of our alfalfa . . . hmmm makes me really question things. The most interesting point of all was remember 3.4 percent is exactly all of the green house gas that livestock emit; pretty small considering it takes four short days for China’s fuel emissions to cover that valley in Tahoe and most of California.

– Maddy


June 8 – 10, Mid Year, Las Cruces

July 30 – Aug 2, ANCW Summer Meeting, Denver

Dec 4 – 7, Joint Stockmen’s Convention, Albuquerque

February 4 – 7, ANCW Winter Meeting, San Antonio

The meeting of the Chamiza CowBelles was called to order at 11:05 a.m. by President Gloria Petersen in the atrium of the Elephant Butte Inn with seven members present. The group recited the Pledge of Allegiance, the Cowbelle Prayer and the Cowbelle Creed led by Nancy Phelps. Gloria announced that the beef tickets are ready for distribution. She and Cathy held a work day to get them numbered, stapled, and perforated. Thanks to all those who helped serve lunches to the school children during Ag Day, and to Gloria who “manned” the Kids and Kows booth. Six scholarship applications had been received. The applications were reviewed and graded by all present at this meeting. The majority voted to award our scholarship this year to Quaid Muncy. The group agreed to again donate $100 to the American Legion to be used to purchase beef jerky which will be sent to the troops. Beef tickets were distributed to members present. Meeting adjourned at 12:10 p.m. Submitted by Cathy Pierce

The Chuckwagon CowBelles met in Jarales, with 16 members present. The CowBelle Invocation, Pledge of Allegiance, and the CowBelle Creed were recited. Toni Barrow presented the glass work that Jack Anderson created for Chuckwagon. There was discussion about the All-Indian Livestock conference at the Route 66 Casino this week. It was decided that the group would pay the hotel bills for members who work at the conference. The mid-year meeting is June 8 and 9 in Las Cruces.  Toni also mentioned that the 5-States meeting will be on October 1, 2014 in Clayton. She called for silent auction items for the mid-year meeting. Carolyn Chance is willing to take any items collected to Las Cruces. The group is praying for Jackie Brown. There was discussion June Beef Month and the group decided to donate $50 to Copper Rose Hospice Home in honor of Jackie Brown. It was also decided that the group will raffle off the beautiful glass engraving that Jack Anderson made, with the tickets at $1 each, or $5 for 6 tickets and the group will reimburse Toni Barrow for expenses ($30) surrounding the raffle. The raffle will take place at the mid-year meeting in 2015. The Chuckwagon CowBelles decided to donate $50 to the Pat Nowlin Scholarship fund in memory of Wynema Tully, Toni’s mother. There was discussion about donations to FFA. Patsy Fitzgerald will look into who is most worthy within the district to receive this money. It was decided that this money go to FFA state officers from the district for their travel, and not to the school’s general fund. The next meeting will be at Elaine Aschbacher’s home. Meeting adjourned at 1:50 p.m. Respectfully submitted by Babbi Baker

By unanimous vote at the May meeting, the Powderhorn CowBelles of De Baca and Guadalupe Counties became the Powderhorn CattleWomen. The move comes 28 years after the American National CowBelles (ANCB) became the American National CattleWomen (ANCW) on January 28, 1986. The last ANCB President said, “As American National CattleWomen, we will be immediately recognized as the organized women’s sector of the cattle industry.” Powderhorn’s Dorothy Vaughan was ANCW President in 1988. Powderhorn’s May beef promotion activities included the donation of ground beef for the Fort Sumner Elementary Honors Hamburger Fry and participation in Kids, Kows and More in Santa Rosa. Jim and Carol Thorpe provided bumper stickers for group to distribute which read, “Every Day is Earth Day for American Agriculture.”  Several members purchased New Mexico CowBelle napkins to use in their personal beef promotion efforts. Plans were finalized for the Old Fort Days BBQ held each June in Fort Sumner. Active and inactive members alike help with this event of beef promotion, fund raising and community service. The annual BBQ funds scholarships for students from Fort Sumner, Vaughn and Santa Rosa. This year $500 scholarships were given to Taylor Riggins, Brendon Lee and Joshua Flores. Submitted by Karen Kelling, Secretary

Lariat CowBelles May News 2014. With 13 members present, Lariat CowBelles met on May 14, at the Rabbit Ears Café.  Diane Mason was hostess. Donations made by Lariat members for the scholarship fund total $96 and for Mother’s and Father’s Day total $150. A thank you note was received from Mindy Turner for Lariat sponsorship of the 4H Home Ec School.  There were four attendees from Union County. Lariats sponsored a drawing for a Mother’s Day $100 Beef Certificate at Ranch Market. There were 671 entrees.  The winner was Annette Sisneros, who was entered by her mother. The event was covered live by KLMX radio and the Union County Leader. It is time again for applications for the Lariat CowBelle scholarship.  It is open to any sophomore or senior who is entering a major in agriculture or family and consumer sciences. The applicant must be a graduate of a Union County high school or equivalent. June is Beef Month.  Ranch Market will be holding a drawing for a grill and Lariat CowBelles will be donating $50 worth of steaks to go with it. Lariats will have their annual pie booth at the 4th of July barbecue at the fairgrounds. Each member is to donate four pies. These can be brought early to the Extension office if the member is unable to go to the fairgrounds the morning of the pie sale. Pies should be fruit or pecan with no dairy products. Workers for the pie booth need to be there by 9:30 a.m. on July 4. New Mexico CowBelles midyear meeting will be held in Las Cruces on June 8-10.  Registration must be in by June 2.   Kathryn Malcom-Callis will donate a door prize for Lariat CowBelles. Abrahm Shapiro will be attending the Ranch Management Camp this year. Lariat CowBelles will donate $50 toward his registration. Lariat CowBelle Joyce Sowers and Terry Martin of the Union County Leader are working on a promotion project for June Beef Month. The guest speaker was Brian Moore. He gave an interesting presentation on changes in the grocery business, and the history of Clayton’s Ranch Market. Submitted by Marianne Rose Lariat CowBelle Reporter

New Mexico CowBelles: Thank you to all who have submitted their news to “Jingle Jangle.” Please send minutes and/or newsletters to: Jingle Jangle, Janet Witte, 1860 Foxboro Ct., Las Cruces, NM  88007 or email: janetwitte@msn.com by the 14th of each month