Jingle Jangle

by Madalynn Lee and Members

Dearest Cowbelles –

In case some of you may not belong to the ANCW I wanted to share with you the Beef Alphabet . . . Simplistic thoughts for the beef industry by Janna Stubbs

A. Appealing, all aspects of beef are always.

B. Boastful, most times when gathering and beef is present, all are boastful.

C. Colorful, every cut of beef is some shade of color.

D. Delicious, each bite is always.

E. Extraordinary, the beef industry is at its best.

F. Funny, most consumers are this about their beef choices.

G. Gigantic, numerous ounces can be.

H. Heart healthy, enough said.

I. Independent, our industry stands on its own 4 legs.

J. Juicy, it better be.

K. Kind, each producer is and must be.

L. Lovely, all thoughts of beef.

M. Mouthwatering, always is.

N. Numerous ways to create with.

O. Optimistic, all within the industry must be.

P. Protein, most important factor.

Q. Quality, best in the world.

R. Red.

S. Sexy, what’s not to love about a hunk of beef.

T. Time, perfection takes time.

U. Unite, a must for all.

V. Vivacious, a feeling after consumption.

W. Worry not, refer to letter O.

X. X marks the spot when vaccinating.

Y. Yearning, each holiday creates more of this for beef.

Z. ZIP, zinc, iron protein.

While this is as simple as A-Z the fact is the United States produces seven percent of the world’s cattle yet it provides the world with 20 percent of the beef.

– Maddy Lee



25 – National Ag Day


8 – 10 – Mid Year, Las Cruces


4 – 7 – Joint Stockmen’s Convention, Albuquerque

With 12 members present, Lariat CowBelles met on February 12, at the Rabbit Ears Café. Thank you notes were received from Sharon King for Lariats hosting and decorating the tables at the New Mexico CowBelles General Meeting in December, and from Kathryn Malcolm-Callis for the memorial made in the name of her mother, Dorothy Malcolm. 2014 Yearbooks were distributed by Kathryn Malcolm-Callis. 2014 Lariat CowBelles budget was discussed and approved. Under Legislation, there are currently 1033 bills in the legislative houses. One bill has gone on to the Governor and been signed. Information on bills that need to be addressed are sent to the District Representatives and/or Locals and then distributed to the members. The Union County Health Fair will be on April 23. Members of Lariat CowBelles are urged to volunteer. A report on beef advocacy was given by Marianne Rose addressing the latest anti-agriculture commercial by Chipotle’s restaurant, the California Egg Law, PETA’s propaganda that has been distributed to school children, a letter by a dairy farmer in response to the CEO of HSUS, and the beef promotion activities at Ag Fest by two Beef Ambassadors. A flyer with pictures from Ag in the Classroom and some Lariat members was passed around by Owaissa Heimann. The District 2 Workshop will be held March 10 in Clayton. Registration is due to Marianne Rose by February 26 with payment of $25. The continental breakfast menu is in place per Kay Hefley; country chic decoration examples were shown by Tana Garnett, favors have been handmade by Kay Hefley; Sharon King reported the officer’s gifts are in the process of being made; Dell Owen is arranging for door prizes; name tags are dependent on the number of registrants; the Methodist Church has been reserved by Owaissa Heimann for the event; registration letters have been sent out to the locals presidents in District 2 and forms were available at this meeting. Anyone who wishes to help with setting up for the event should come to the Methodist Church at 2 p.m. on Sunday, March 9. Kay Hefley was elected as Lariat secretary to fill the position that became available. New Mexico CowBelle Man of the Year nominations are due next month. Jim O’Bryant and Ben Creighton gave a presentation on beetles, borers, scale, fungus and other insects that are attacking the trees in our area. The next meeting of Lariat CowBelles will be on March 5 at the Rabbit Ear Café. Respectfully submitted, Marianne Rose, Lariat CowBelle reporter

Copper CowBelles met at the Red Barn on Feb 11, 2014, with 20 members in attendance and five mini juniors. The annual Shindig will be held April 12 at the Flame Convention Center with this year’s theme being “Spring Round Up” and the Yarbrough Band. The Copper CowBelles will be serving BBQ Brisket and fixings. Tickets are $30 per person in advance and $35 at the door. There will be about 60 auction items and a Shoofly print to be auctioned for the scholarship. The group’s own Erin Evans and husband Dick received the “2013 Excellence in Range Management Award for the New Mexico Section of the Society for Range management” and the group congratulates them for a job well done. Member Judy Billings will be speaking at the Glad Tithing Church about the history of the Billings ranching family. The group appreciates the well done job by Gale Moore with the Copper CowBelle Year Book. Submitted by Kathy Davis Secretary CCB

The Chuckwagon CowBelles met in Mountainair, at the First Baptist Church, on February 11, 2014 with 15 members present. Toni Barrow opened the meeting at 10:40 am. The CowBelle Invocation, Pledge of Allegiance, and the CowBelle Creed were recited. The group broke for an enchilada lunch. Toni mentioned that the Mid-year meeting will be June 8 – 10, 2014 in Las Cruces. The group received a certificate of appreciation from the Mountainair Gymkhana. Discussion was made regarding the District workshop on March 12 in Socorro. Lyn Greene is donating beautifully hand-painted pots for centerpieces.  Money ($20) is due today, or by March 1st.  Toni called for help with commercially purchased fruit and bakery items. There was discussion about this. Chuckwagon CowBelles will not have a meeting in March. The next program in April will be “show and tell.” It was decided to donate to the Pat Nowlin Scholarship Fund in honor of Jo Ann Sefton’s son. Jo Ann Hill mentioned that Mildred Parker passed. Carolyn Chance also said that Dink Cottrell died.  Cookie Conant gave a report on the contacts for the local FFA chapters so that group can give them a donation. It was decided to collect the first half of the year’s (January through June) donations for the FFA locals and then the second half of the year’s donations (July through November) will be for Horses for Heroes. Toni mentioned birthdays celebrated and upcoming.  Total collected today for FFA was $61.53.  There was discussion about payment for the use of the building. Respectfully Submitted by Babbi Baker

The February meeting of the Chamiza CowBelles was called to order by President, Gloria Petersen, at the Elephant Butte Inn with six members and one guest present. The guest, Rita Madlock, was previously one of group’s CowBelles until she moved away to the northern part of New Mexico. After all recited the Pledge of Allegiance, Rita read the CowBelle Prayer and CowBelle Creed. Minutes from the previous meeting were approved as read. The treasurer was absent but sent word that she had paid the two scholarships, purchased a roll of stamps, and sent in the state dues. Regarding beef raffle, group decided to give ticket buyers the option of taking the beef or receiving a check for half the amount the beef will cost. A brief discussion was held to firm up plans for the March meeting. This meeting will take place at Jodell’s home and will feature a short seminar on makeup given by Michelle from Michelle’s Beauty Salon. All those in attendance will be given a certificate for a free consultation at Michelle’s salon. To make it worth her time, it is hoped at least 10 members will be in attendance. Members are asked to bring finger foods, salads, or desserts. The upcoming district meeting will be a joint effort of Chuckwagon CowBelles and the Sacaton CowBelles. It will be held on March 12 at Bodego’s in Socorro. Registration fee is $20 which will cover breakfast and lunch.  Please contact Gloria if you plan to attend as she needs to forward a head count. At the next meeting, those going will discuss carpooling and whether or not to go up the night before the meeting. Tommie has also joined the Chuckwagon CowBelles and will host their meeting in May. She hopes to make it a joint meeting with the Chamiza CowBelles also in attendance. Nancy won the door prize of free lunch. Submitted by Cathy Pierce

Powderhorn CowBelles of DeBaca and Guadalupe Counties met at the home of Ellen Vaughan in January. New members, Kathy Craig and Cindy King, were introduced. Members were updated on the December visits to New Mexico Christian Children’s Home and New Mexico Baptist Children’s Home in Portales. Thank you letters for the donations and holiday baked goods were read. Thank you notes were also received from the Pat Nowlin Memorial Scholarship Fund for donations in honor of valued long-time members Dorothy Vaughan, Sarabel Key and Elizabeth Cortese. Dorothy never misses a meeting and is still a committee chair. President Sandy McKenna reported on the highlights of the NMCB Annual Meeting.  Powderhorn is interested in participating in the Earth Day event at ENMU on April 25th. Carol Thorpe will look into the cost of printing bumper stickers reading, “Every Day Is Earth Day for American Agriculture.” Books entitled, Beef Cattle in the story of agriculture and Beef Cattle an A-to-Z book, will be purchased and donated to three local elementary school libraries. The 2014 budget was adopted and the Old Fort Days BBQ will again be a beef promotion, fund raising project.  Hostesses and programs for the coming year were discussed. As one of the programs, Powderhorn will have a learning session on social media such as Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. Announcements included AgFest on February 11 and Kids, Kows and More in Quay County on April 8th and Guadalupe on May 5. Karen Kelling, Secretary

The Otero CowBelles met at Peppers Grill on February 6, 2014. Twenty members and one guest attended. With the newly elected President, Linda Mitchum and Vice President, Nancy Cookson unable to attend, Debi Rube chaired the meeting. Debi handed out the new membership books with NMCB President Madalynn Lee’s slogan for 2014, Bridging the Gap as the cover picture. The group is still waiting for someone to volunteer to head the fund raising committee. Estelle Bond, Madalynn Lee, and Debi Rube were on hand at the Mountain View Middle School health fair representing the Otero CowBelles. They reported that it was very successful. The group will have a National Ag Day presentation at Oregon School March 25 for 673 students. The Otero CowBelles are always ready and willing to work with any of the schools to show the healthy benefits of BEEF in the diets of our young people. Since the group has begun to hold the business portion of meetings during the noon hour, more of the women who work are able to participate and be a real part of the organization. Otero CowBelles now have 55 members with 11 of them also belonging to ANCW. Submitted by Barbara Wagner, Sec.

New Mexico CowBelles: Thank you to all who have submitted their news to “Jingle Jangle.” Please send minutes and/or newsletters to: Jingle Jangle, Janet Witte, 1860 Foxboro Ct., Las Cruces, NM  88007 or email: janetwitte@msn.com by the 14th of each month