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Hello Ladies —

Well we have “Sprung Forward” but does this really save money on utilities? As you know, this doesn’t really matter much to the animals or Mother Nature, but we grumble and do it anyway. I hope the time change helps you have more time to do the things you need to do as well as some things you want to do.

The world just keeps going faster and faster as we all try to hold on to that which is dear to us.

We all are constantly promoting Beef and that it is tasty, healthy and safe to eat for people of all ages. The new 2011 USDA dietary guidelines www.usda.gov/2011/01/0040.xml were released on January 31. There will be a printable chart available at the end of this month to help consumers view this food information in a different way. Although the pyramid is still their logo it would probably be easier for consumers to visualize a plate with a meal that is prepared with half of it in fruit and vegetables, along with a serving of beef the size of a deck of cards. I was thinking about a tasty tender 3-ounce portion of beef, corn on the cob and fresh fruits — sounds good to me.

What is your favorite combination?

It is barbeque time and this is a healthy way to prepare over 27 lean cuts of beef.
See if you can inspire someone you know to enter their special recipe in the National Beef Cook-Off recipe contest. Participating in this event are everyday cooks wanting to sharing extraordinary recipes. There are 4 (four) category winners and each will receive a $3,000 in cash. There will be one (1) grand prize winner who will receive $25,000 plus a paid trip to appear on The Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show in Washington, DC on November 5, 2011. All recipes will be accepted February 1 – April 30, 2011 at www.beefcookoff.org . What a great way for us to get others involved in promoting our product. Anyone can go to the website and check for more information or contact Fita Witte.
Since it is Spring, and it is a time for more activities outside the home, you might consider taking pictures of the things you do with your family and animals. This is a great way to share with others, who don’t really understand or know what it takes to be an involved in agricultural. Share your information with those people you might meet when you’re away from home; or, offer to give a short talk to a local group in your area to help them understand all the positive things agricultural does do to provide safe food for the world. A picture is a great way to start a conversation in person, on the computer, or cell phone. New Mexico CowBelles and American National Cattlewomen both have a Face book page — Remember to always be careful in what you share with others, because anything you put on the internet is there forever and could be misconstrued.

If you would like to look into another way to help the beef industry, go to the “Master’s of Beef Advocacy” program found at www.beef.org/mastersofbeefadvocay.aspx and start your on-line course. This is a class you do at your own pace, which provides all students with the same facts so we can work together to be a voice and help inform others. Anytime there are articles containing facts which need to be corrected, talks which would inform others, or actions needed to support the truth about what we really do in agriculture, this course provides consistent and correct information. We need to educate others on the real facts and tell our personal story. There are many groups such as Humane Society of the United States, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, and the Animal Liberation Front who misinform the consumers. Be sure and go back and read the article “To the Point”, by Caren Cowan, in the March issue of the Stockman, she really explains how these organizations, profit from your taxpayer money!

The NMCB Executive Board voted to introduce a new contest to all those interested in promoting the beef industry. Look in this months Stockman for the advertisement about a contest, to gather ideas for a new t-shirt and bumper sticker. There are cash prices so enter today and have fun with your ideas.

April 27-29 is the ANCW Region VI / WALC joint meeting in Albuquerque. I am looking forward to seeing and visiting with many of our New Mexico CowBelle members in April.

–  Linda Lee,
    New Mexico CowBelle President 2011


April 15 – Pat Nowlin Scholarship applications due
April 27-29 – ANCW Region VI & WALC meetings
June 1-30 – BEEF Promotion Month
June 1 – NM Beef Ambassador applications due
June 15 – NMCB T-Shirt & Bumper Sticker Contest deadline
June 19 – “Beef For Father’s Day”
June 26-28 (tentative) – NMCB Mid-year meeting; NM Beef Ambassador Contest 



Powderhorn CowBelles met for their March meeting with sixteen members present. Leigh Ann Marez, Guadalupe County Agent and Powderhorn CowBelle member presented her ideas for having a beef cooking demonstration. Sandy McKenna, Powderhorn President, reported that she and Renee Grant have been planning ways to educate school children on the merits of eating beef. Members had several suggestions for promoting beef in schools. Ellen Vaughan suggested that group furnish “beef sticks” for the Ag Days for 3rd graders in Guadalupe and DeBaca Counties. Yetta Bidegain encouraged all school and public libraries to request the “Will James” books which are given for free to the public. It was suggested that Powderhorn members volunteer to read “agriculture or farm” books to children’s reading programs in the summer. Nancy Schade said she had recently visited the “I Love Beef” website and encouraged all to check out the recipes listed on the site and critique them. It was reported that State President Linda Lee is promoting the MBA program for all CowBelles and that Kimberly Stone is in charge of the state CowBelle website and welcomes pictures. After the business meeting, members went to the Comet Drive-In for lunch followed by a tour of the new Guadalupe County Hospital given by hospital director, Christina Compos.

Respectfully submitted, Carolyn Bedford


The Chuckwagon CowBelles met on March 8 with 21 members and three little junior members present and President Toni Barrow presiding. Toni shared research Lyn had done on 250 items for the WALC ditty bags. After discussion, it was decided to purchase individually wrapped Rice Krispie Treats from Costco. Toni requested that silent auction donations be labeled with minimum bids and donor names. There was discussion about CowBelle Woman and Man of the Year nominations. Toni said that Shelly Porter with the 4-H Home Economic School would like donations. The group decided to buy hamburger for the school. Vera Gibson volunteered to obtain donated buns for the burgers. It was decided to have a booth at the All Indian Livestock Days at the Route 66 Casino on May 10 and 11. There was discussion about the Beef Recipe Contest, this year’s Beef Ambassador Contest and the Mid-Year Meeting. The meeting will be held somewhere near Santa Fe, and group will likely be asked to host. Toni passed around newspaper articles and made pertinent announcements. It was decided to sponsor ANCW with $100.00. The meeting was adjourned at 12:10 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Babbi Baker


Lariat CowBelles met March 9, at the Rabbit Ears Café with 11 members and one guest present. Under legislation was a discussion on the re-introduction of the Mexican wolf in northern New Mexico, and a bill that could potentially cut 11 county extension agent positions in New Mexico. Handouts from the New Mexico CowBelles District 2 meeting were distributed on how a bill is passed. An article from the Wall Street Journal March 7, 2011 entitled “Beef Industry Carves a Course”, by Stephanie Simon, was circulated. It was a positive article for the beef industry and the Masters of Beef Advocacy program. Applications for the Pat Nowlin Scholarship need to be in by the next meeting. The New Mexico CowBelles District 2 Workshop was held in Roy, NM on March 3. Six members of Lariat CowBelles attended. The combination Region 6 and Women in Agriculture meeting will be held in April in Albuquerque. A door prize will be donated by Lariats. The 2011 Budget for Lariat CowBelles was passed. There was a discussion and circulation of a potential Lariat CowBelles pin. It is a lariat with a suspended cow bell. If there are 12 or more orders there will be a 30 percent discount. The maker of the pin is Wild Wire. A nominee for Man of the Year was voted on. The nomination needs to be in by March 15. The current edition of the Wrangler has an enclosed form of all presidents and committee members. A 5 States volunteer signup sheet was circulated. 5 States will be held in Clayton on October 5. Victoria Baker, executive director of the Herzstein Museum, was the guest speaker on Union County History. The book Union County and It’s People is over 30 years old. The museum is in the midst of a large project to write a new edition to keep alive the heritage of the people of Union County. The museum is encouraging families from within or with ties to Union County to submit their family stories for the book. Handouts for the new book project and for the Herzstein Museum were distributed. It was fun, interesting and informative presentation. The next regular meeting of Lariat CowBelles will be on Wednesday, April 13 at the Rabbit Ears Café.

Respectfully submitted, Marianne Rose, Reporter


The February meeting of the Grant County Copper CowBelles was opened by Pat Hunt at 12:00. A thank you note was received from El Refugio for the continued support of the shelter. Group will consider donating beef certificates to Denise Baird for “Rope 4 Hope” instead of donating to Gila Regional Medical Center. Region VI & Women in Agriculture meetings are coming up Apr. 27-30. Discussion and decision was made to nominate CCB member Neline Dominguez for the Diamond in the Rough Award. Alma Ranch Days are April 26 & 27. Gale Moore announced the 9th Annual Dutch Oven Cook-off in Alma is coming up March 26. They need desserts donated for the event. Yearbook – Gale Moore has offered to do the yearbook again this year. Scholarship Committee – Pat Hunt will turn it over without regrets. Any volunteers? Beef month volunteers are needed to take over from Lori Nell Reed. Close to our Hearts – Bobbie needs to be contacted with information re: sick members, deaths in family, etc. Beef Education – Bobbie needs help with this committee. Marketing Committee – Ideas for marketing tools, things to give away, etc. are always welcome; contact Bobbie Neal Little. The group will be sending 250 bumper stickers for welcome bags for WALC. Joe Delk Dance – looking for someone who will sponsor the silent auction. Pat will contact Joe Delk regarding not putting the Cowbelles name on the advertising for the anti-wolf fundraising. Storage Unit – Kathy will call re: cheaper storage, possibly By-pass storage. Plan is to start clean-up on the 2nd Tues. of March, so wear grubby clothing to the next meeting if you plan to participate in the clean-up. Cookbook – Pat passed out forms to write recipes on. People who have email, please send them to Pat Bennett. Pat H. recommends checking out Dee Drummond’s website, just google Pioneer Woman. Bev Medford introduced her mother, Bev, who is visiting from Wisconsin. Bev’s Daughter, Summer also joined us as a new Cowbelle. Arley Howard was also introduced as a new member. Kim recommends having a January meeting next year and not having either a Nov. or Feb. meeting. A vote will be held at a future meeting. A round of applause was given to Pat Hunt, her first meeting as our new president. Meeting was adjourned at 12:55.

Submitted by Wanda MacInnis, Secretary


The February 19, 2011 meeting of the Berrendo CowBelles was held at Chews West with seven members present and President Betty Solt presiding. A thank you letter was read from Vivian Yriart, also an invitation for District meeting and a letter concerning the Region VI meeting and a letter from Anne Ferguson concerning the State Scholarship program. Unfinished Business: Genora Canon and Betty Solt are planning to go to the District Workshop in Capitan and take a door prize. The President reminded members to bring their items for the Women’s Shelter and the items we are collecting for the ditty bags for the Region meeting. There was a discussion on the updating of By-Laws and a meeting of officers to work on this was mentioned, a date to be set later. The new Berrendo CowBelle pins are almost finished; the jewelry store called and said they only needed the pins added to the back and to be buffed. Submitted by Georgia Perry, acting Secretary
The Sacaton CowBelles met at the Eagle Guest on March 12, 2011. First Annual Datil Daze will be held on June 3rd-5th at the Datil Well Campgrounds.  Sacaton plans on having a booth to promote Beef and hopefully, recruit new members. The organization is looking for ways to promote local beef and look forward to ideas from local ranchers. President Ellen gave a well informed update on the District meeting in T or C. The new food guidelines were reviewed; half of plate for fruits and vegetables and the rest for lean cuts of Beef. Sacaton signed up to work the Beef Booth at the NM State Fair.  The ladies have agreed to work all day.  Stop by and see us on Sept 22nd. Next meeting will be in the middle of April pending the speaker availability. We are hoping to have an update on the Wolf Program. Submitted by Anita Hand
Due to the “Big Freeze” our part of the state experienced in February, the Otero CowBelle Feb. meeting was cancelled. Several Otero CowBelles traveled to Ft. Bliss to help with the Feed the Troops event on Feb. 12. Again on Feb. 26, Debi Rupe, Roma Duncan, Pat and Bobby Jones, Estelle Bond, Nancy and Poncho Cookson, Linda and Spud Mitchum, all Otero CowBelle members and spouses, participated in another Feed the Troops event. They were joined there by the Mesilla Valley CowBelles and a group from the West of the Pecos Cattlewomen. Over eight hundred returning servicemen, servicemen ready to be deployed and veterans and families were served a delicious BEEF meal. Eight Otero CowBelles attended the District IV workshop in Capitan and enjoyed the presentations of state officers along with a gourmet lunch. Otero CowBelles met at the home of Maddie Lee in Alamogordo on March 3. There were 19 members and two guests, Charlotte Gage and Jayne Saurman, in attendance. Jayne Sauerman became a member and is eager to participate in CowBelle activities. The Otero CowBelles now have 55 paid members, two junior members, 11 are ANCW members. On March 2, Debi W. Rupe, Linda Mitchum and Barbara Wagner worked at the La Luz Elementary School health fair. About 290 children were given beef and nutrition information. It was decided to establish an award given to an especially hard-working CowBelle to be given on an annual basis. Group decided to donate a $30 gift certificate for Beef to the father of the first baby born on Fathers’ day. President Rupe reminded the group that her motto for 2011 is “Success comes in ‘CANS’! Not Cant’s.” And she urged every member to try to always promote Beef and Agriculture in their daily lives. Jean Lee presented Pat Jones and Madalyn Lee with gifts for their serving as past presidents of Otero CowBelles; as she said, better late than never. Linda Mitchum reminded us that the Otero CowBelles will be helping with a health fair at Sacramento Elem. School on March 17. Estelle Bond will be in charge of the Kids, Kows and More presentation on May 10 and 11. Several members are planning to attend the Region VI ANCW/W ALC conference in Albuquerque April 27 and 28.

Submitted by Barbara Wagner, Sec.


At the Mesilla Valley CowBelles’ March meeting an applicant for the Pat Nowlin Memorial Scholarship was nominated. The joint sponsored (MVC and Ag in the Classroom) Las Cruces Public Schools Lunch Calendar Art Contest was discussed and judging will occur on May 5. Ag in the Classroom’s $125 will be matched by MVC to award $ to 13 students. NM Ag in the Classroom Traci Williams was introduced as a member. She discussed new things happening and gave a brief description of her background to the group; welcome Traci! Several members are planning to attend the Region VI ANCW/WALC conference and Silent Auction items will be donated. Discussion of Collegiate CowBelles starting back up was held with two college girls present (one of which is our member Jodi). MVC will support in anyway needed. NM State Fair Booth schedule was passed around; no takers since all weekends were filled in. Group members attending fair will try to stop in to relieve if needed; few planning on attending this year. Doña Ana Kids, Kows and More was discussed and those available will help. MVC will sponsor the 4-H Rodeo in April with a $50 donation. Columbia Ag Day March 18, member Vickie has been working hard at coordinating it. Several members will be present to help and present.

Respectfully submitted, Janet Witte


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