Jingle Jangle

by Beverly Butler and Members


The leaves have turned and blown away, the weather has turned cooler and 2013 has been quite a different year. At our place it has been just like a fantasy world. The first six and a half months of 2013 the wind blew and the dirt was in the air, then came the later part of June and the heavens opened up and blessed us with rain and the grass grew. Now our cows have had a bath and have grass to eat for the winter. We have a lot to be thankful for. We have been blessed.

November is the month we celebrate Thanksgiving. We have a lot to be thankful for. We live in America, and live in the best location in America. We have had moisture, some more than others, but every drop counts. Don’t stop praying, the man up above is in control.

Thanksgiving is being thankful for what we have, but it is more important to share. We have the best product in the world, BEEF. I have a friend who had a great suggestion. Prepare a basket for a family in need for Thanksgiving, put in a roast or a large steak, depending on the size of the family you are giving your basket to. Include all of the trimmings, vegetables and dessert, and then deliver it for Thanksgiving. This can also be done in conjunction with your local FFA or other organization in your community. This is a great time to share and do something for others. This is a time to help others in need and do something for them. They will appreciate what you do, maybe not in words but by the expression on their face.  It is amazing how great you feel when you do something for someone else.

Hope all of you have a great Thanksgiving; remember what thanksgiving is really all about.

Always a CowBelle Friend,
– Sharon King, NMCB President



5 – State Officers, State Committee Chairman and Local Presidents, 50 copies of your activities with 2014 officers on the back to President-elect Madalyn Lee

15 – Volunteer Time Sheets due to President-Sharon King


5-8 – Joint Stockmen’s Convention & NMCB Annual Meeting


6 – New Mexico CowBelles Board of Directors, 2 p.m.

7 – New Mexico CowBelles General Membership Meeting, 7 a.m.


4-7 – 2014 Annual Cattle Industry Convention in Nashville

On October 2, 2013, Lariat CowBelles hosted the 39th Annual 5 States Round-Up. The title was “Beef: Relevant Today and Tomorrow.” It was a day of education, networking, fun and friendship. The 1st National Bank of New Mexico donated an apron and address book to each attendee.  Farmers and Stockman’s Bank donated aprons. Z-tag luggage tags were donated by the American National Cattle Women.  A handout on beef cuts and a recipe booklet “30 Meals in 30 Minutes” were donated by CowBelles. A credit card guard was donated by New Mexico State University.  Vendor booths by Gladstone Mercantile, Mary’s Flowers, Espy’s/3 West, Stanley Products, and New Mexico CowBelles were available for shopping. The day was opened by mistress of ceremony, Violet Brockman of Lariat CowBelles. Allen Jackson from Micro Beef Technologies of Amarillo, Texas, spoke on “Value Added Ranching.”  Of note, the average rancher now feeds himself and ten times more people on fewer animals than ten years ago. Barbara Jackson, President of American National Cattle Women, from Tucson, AZ, spoke on “Future Trends for Beef Production.” Beef promotion has turned into advocacy. Society is now 2, 3, and 4 generations removed from the ranch. Urban and even rural adults and children think their food comes from the grocery store. Ranchers need to give the consumer permission to eat meat; be transparent in their practices; become Beef Quality Assurance certified; join Masters of Beef Advocacy; screen and train all employees to weed out the extreme activist plants; become a local source to their news media outlets; become politically active; and go out and ‘tell your beef story.’ They should always be ready to speak to anyone, anywhere, about their beef stories; being fact and science based, but personalize it.  Most consumers think cattle spend their entire lives in the feedlot, which are labeled ‘factory farms.’ Cattle are bred for improved nutrition. The more lean meat you eat the lower your cholesterol. Beef’s environmental footprint is shrinking.  Global hunger is steadily rising and technology is increasing the amount of food produced using fewer resources. GMO in the beef industry is merely crossbreeding to improve the final product. Studies have shown there is no nutritional difference between ‘organic’ and traditionally raised beef. ANCW’s top goals are legislation, youth development, and beef promotion. 80 million ‘Millennials’ won’t believe what they hear unless it comes from their peers.  ANCW’s goal is to bring the consumer onto the ranch and into the home through social media, via Twitter Parties, Facebook, and Mommy Bloggers. Ten million people in one hour are reached through Twitter Parties. The National Beef Cook-Off will no longer be an on-line recipe competition.  Emphasis is on grocery store demonstrations to interact directly with the consumer. After the second presentation a style show was presented by Espy’s/3 West. The afternoon session was titled “The Future Ranch Technologies,” by Allen Jackson of Micro Beef Technologies. They recommend finding the right maternal bull for the heifers and also consider using sexed semen. DNA can be tested to identify economic traits which can be considered in crossbreeding (GMO). Crossbreeding has been around since the 12th century and is nothing new. Beef DNA is not being manipulated as the consumer thinks.  Other technologies being developed are ranch keeping programs for iPhone that can connect with the ranch office computer program and can be backed up to an off-site company that is password protected. Feed efficiency is being worked on as are feed needs based on the DNA of the specific animal. All the presentations were very informative and enjoyable for the cattlewomen who attended from the states of New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, and Colorado. The women and attending men were able to renew friendships, start new ones and network with others from the beef industry. Marianne E. Rose, Lariat CowBelles Reporter

The September 21, 2013 meeting of the Berrendo CowBelles was held at the Cowboy Cafe. There were six members present and President Genora Canon presided. The minutes were read and approved as read. Treasurer’s Report: Carmen Barbe’s report was read, approved, and filed. Unfinished Business: Betty Solt will take the 20 donated brand napkins and 1 donated NM Cook Book as a prize and the $150 as donations to the Lincoln County Cowboy Symposium and Chuck Wagon Cook Off. This event will be held October 11 – 13, in Ruidoso, NM. Beef recipes and educational material will be handed out at this event. The group sold the old Berrendo CowBelles Fair trailer for $5,000 to a local church group as previously decided on. The money will go toward college scholarships for local students. Berrendo donated $500 as ‘add ons’ to all youth participating in beef projects at our Berrendo County Fair. New Business: Election of Officers: It was decided to elect the current officers for another term. The slate of officers was elected: Genora Canon, President; Joyce Darrough, Vice President; Genora Canon, Secretary; Carmen Barbe, Treasurer. Submitted by Genora Canon

The Powderhorn CowBelles met on October 8, 2013. Mary weaved a variety of beautiful colored scarfs for door prizes. Gretchen Gurtler, MPA, Museum Director Mesalands Dinosaur Museum in Tucumcari, and Axel Hungerbeuller, PhD, Natural Science Instructor/Museum Curator, Mesalands Dinosaur Museum presented a program on the Triassic period of 206 million years ago. With the downturn in the economy Tucumcari and Mesalands was hunting for a way to bring about a different image, decided to put the emphasis on the Museum although the research area remains the primary curriculum area.   They have the only two-year paleontology program in the United States. Some members had brought pieces of fossils and other treasures and a period of questions and answers was enjoyed. The group did not hold a meeting in September because of a lack of a quorum, so the August minutes were read and approved with one correction. Courtesy cards were sent to Ginger Howe, Judy Byrd and Aspen Achen. A nominating Committee of Carolyn Bedford, Nancy Schade and Karen Kelling was formed. Karen Kelling reported on the Five States meeting. The main speakers were Barbara Jackson, President of ANCW with an update on mom’s millennial programs of ANCW. Allen Jackson, Microtechnologies, spoke on the new technologies in beef production. He stated that 100 percent of profits come from 20 percent of the cows. The Pumpkin Patch is coming up October 19-20 and Oct. 27-28. Leigh Ann Marez called attention to the 2013-14 New Mexico Rancher’s Workshops conducted by the Guadalupe County Extension will continue with the meals connected with them being sponsored by the First National Bank of New Mexico. Ellen Vaughan stated that the De Baca County Farm & Livestock Bureau will hold the Annual Meeting at 6:00 p.m. October 21 with a meal, election of officers and resolutions to take to the State Meeting. All Farm Bureau members are welcome. Dorothy Vaughan, Secretary

The Chuckwagon CowBelles met at the Valencia County Extension Service in Los Lunas, on October 8, 2013 with 13 members and one guest present. Toni Barrow introduced Laura Bittner who gave a presentation entitled “An Attitude of Gratitude.” Attitudes are contagious. Is yours worth catching? She said we become like the five people we are around the most.  Gratitude functions as a psychological immune system that bulletproofs us in times of crisis. She said that an optimist is someone who figures that taking a step backward after taking a step forward is not a disaster. It’s a cha-cha! ANCW, State, and Local dues now total $85. State and Local dues together are $35. They are due now.  March 12, 2014, will be the Districts 1 and 3 combined meeting in Socorro. Mesilla Valley CowBelles would like to split a shipment of agricultural children’s books for distribution to local classrooms.  www.agbooksforkids.com is the link. It was decided to purchase a half box of books and offer a portion to other local CowBelle groups, and then distribute the balance among locals in the Chuckwagon CowBelle District. It was decided that the children’s Ag books will go to the libraries of local schools. Mountainair will have a Christmas craft show on November 9, 2013, at the Dr. Saul building. It was decided that the group will have a table there. Lyn presented the NMCB trailer hitch cover that is now available for $30 each, great item to order for Christmas presents. Please place orders with Lyn Greene to be delivered to the December 7th Annual Meeting. Toni also mentioned that this year is an election year for officers. Anyone interested in serving should run. Bec Campbell and Elaine Aschbacher volunteered to be on the nominating committee. The New Mexico CowBelles will be working the Pumpkin Patch on October 19 and 20, and also on October 26 and 27 at the Santa Ana Star Center. The next meeting will be at Babbi Baker’s house on November 12. It will be a potluck. Please also bring volunteer miles and hours for the entire year. There was discussion about the Annual Meeting on December 5–8.  The Chuckwagon December meeting will be on the 10th. Donating beef to the Camino Retirement Apartments instead of the ornament exchange at December meeting. The group decided to donate $100 from checking and then donate an addition of whatever is collection during the December meeting. The Horses for Heroes’ account currently has $360.50.  Babbi will email Rick with Horses for Heroes to come to the November meeting.  Respectfully submitted by Babbi Baker

Borderbelles, September 24, 2013, Report-Borderbelles will have a booth at the Southwestern New Mexico State Fair – the theme is Family Fair fun. Set up will be at 9:00 on Wednesday October 9, 2013. The group will man the booth on Friday and Saturday afternoon from 12 to 4. There will be games with the cuts of meat and Dr. Seuss’ Steak for Supper will be read. The drawing for Borderbelles’ scholarship raffle will be on Saturday, October 12  before the livestock sale. First prize is a 270 hunting rifle with $100 and $50 Beef gift certificates for 2nd and 3rd place. Five States is October 2, 2013 and Beverly will be attending. The Pumpkin Patch is the last two weekends in October. Beverly will be attending the second weekend. Nominations for Cowbelle of the year are due by October 15, 2013. We need to be thinking about 2014 officers. Membership dues are now due and they are $25. Respectfully submitted, Tamara Hurt, Reporter

New Mexico CowBelles: Thank you to all who have submitted their news to “Jingle Jangle.” Please send minutes and/or newsletters to: Jingle Jangle, Janet Witte, 1860 Foxboro Ct., Las Cruces, NM  88007 or email: janetwitte@msn.com by the 14th of each month