Jingle Jangle

by Beverly Butler and Members

Dear Ladies,

It is time for us to catch up with the world of “Mom’s, Millennials and More”.  Well, I know what a mom is. As CowBelles we need to address these women.  We must share their concerns and opinions. We must explain the benefits of modern beef production and so their attitudes about beef will improve. The “Mom’s, Millennials and More” program from ANCW leverages the power of social media and of woman-to-woman interaction to enhance the image of beef.

Millennials range from the age from 13-32 and social media is their primary source of information and drives their decision-making. The majority of Millennials feel technology makes life easier. Beef is an important, healthy and muscle building product and our job is to get this information to them. They are apprehensive about exploring the full range that beef has to offer due to a lack of knowledge of the cuts, and how to cook them. They make decisions by looking to online recipes, social media, online ratings, Pinterest, Facebook, Groupon, YouTube and traditional media. We need to get involved in social media since that is the up and coming information source for today’s Mom’s in the millennial era. We need to be online, engage in social media including Twitter parties, beef blogs, YouTube videos and Pinterest/Instagram contests, where Cattlewomen, Moms and Millennials are at the forefront. Think visually and meet them where they are, seeing is believing.

“More” is the last of the three M’s and we need more. More membership, more young blood because this is the future of our organization. Some of us have been in this organization for several decades, we need to step down, turn the reins over to those who are younger and have great ideas. I have heard some great ideas while traveling with the young ladies that have been my officers. Let them be our leaders!  Those of us who have been in a decade or longer, I challenge you to get new members and let the young ladies be our leaders. It is a challenge to be an officer, and granted it is like the book titled, It Is Okay to Be Wrong. If you are wrong you correct your mistakes and go on, no one is perfect.  It is like a young lady who was teaching once asked me, “How do you teach a child to fall down, get back up and go on?” That is what we need to do. Give these young ladies a chance, it is okay to try new ideas, stand behind them and get them as new members to help our organization to grow.

– Sharon King, NMCB President



15 – CowBelle of the Year Nominations due to President Sharon King

9-20, 26-27 – Pumpkin Patch, Santa Ana Casino, Albuquerque


15 – 50 copies due of each locals’ activities which includes the 2014 officers on the back, committee Chairs and Executive Committee for the CIA Packet to President Elect Madalynn Lee

5 – Volunteer Time Sheets due to President Sharon King


5-8 – Joint Stockman’s Convention & NMCB Annual Meeting

6 – NMCB Board of Directors Meeting

7 – NMCB General Membership Meeting

With seven members and one guest present, Lariat CowBelles met on September 4, at Rabbit Ears Café. Guest Sarah King was introduced and she will be joining Lariat CowBelles. Past Lariat CowBelle Wynona Arnett has passed away. A memorial will be sent in her name to the Pat Nowlin Scholarship fund. The Fourth of July Pie Sale was a great success.  All 74 pies were sold. The new location inside the fair barn was an improvement. A nomination committee for Lariat officers is needed. CowBelle of the Year nominations are due October 15. Owida Franz informed Lariats about the upcoming Kids, Kows, and More program coming up on Tuesday, October 15 at the Fairgrounds from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The five presentations will be Beef & Ranching, a mobile cow demonstration, Traci (Williams) Curry– Ag in the Classroom, Curds and Whey, and Water and Soil Erosion. A hamburger lunch will be provided to the children attending. Some Lariat members will help at the program. Lariats will donate money from their State Fair and Beef Education funds. Alva School is doing a year-long promotion on agriculture. They will have a monthly program for all the classes on farming and ranching. The 39th Annual Five States Round-Up will be held October 2, 2013, at the Clayton airpark.  The theme this year is ‘Beef is Relevant: Today and Tomorrow.’ Guest speakers will be Allen Jackson of Micro Beef Technologies and Barbara Jackson, President of American National Cattle Women. Mary’s Back Porch is catering lunch with roast beef, salad, baked potato, green beans and cobbler. Espy’s/3 West will provide a fashion show. There will be vendor booths, a silent auction booth, door prizes and a continental breakfast. There will be no registrations accepted at the door. The vendors will donate door prizes. Individuals may also donate door prizes if they wish. Vendors need to set up their booths on Tuesday, Oct.1, between 1:30 and 4 p.m.  Silent Auction items need to be brought to the air park between 1:30 and 3 p.m. on that Tuesday. Yearly dues and volunteer time sheets are due at next month’s meeting. The next regular meeting of Lariat CowBelles will be October 9, at the Rabbit Ear Café. Respectfully submitted, Marianne Rose, Reporter, Lariat CowBelles

The Chuckwagon CowBelles met at the home of Ruth Romero in Bosque Farms, on September 3, 2013, with 17 members present, President Toni presiding. Toni announced that money was made at the fair and talked about potential members.  Carolyn Chance reported having a good fair booth. She said they visited with Deborah Fox from the local paper and invited her to come to one of the meetings. Carolyn announced that she has accepted the position of Secretary of New Mexico CowBelles for 2014. Lyn Greene is looking for an assistant NMCB treasurer. There was discussion about the State Fair. Ruth Romero then introduced her guest who is her neighbor and a Yoga instructor, who gave the program. Toni gave directions to the October meeting: Take highway 314 from Belen to Los Lunas. Go to the second light, Courthouse Road, turn east and travel ½ mile and it is the next building on the north side of the road. It is marked “Valencia County Extension.” Toni implored us to communicate intentions of attending the meetings to those hosting the meetings. Next meeting will be on October 8, 2013 at Vera Gibson’s office.  Toni also mentioned the miles and hours of travel reports for the year. Babbi Baker read the minutes that Carolyn Chance recorded from the August meeting. $40 was collected for the Horses for Heroes fund. There was discussion about the New Mexico bred and raised award for the State Fair. It was decided to not contribute any donation to the State Fair and NM Bred Steer Show. There was discussion about donating beef to assisted living facilities.  Toni mentioned a DVD called “Field Trip.”  She also presented a brochure about how beef is actually one of the best things a heart patient can consume. There was discussion about this. Anna Sanchez-Glenn mentioned the McDonald’s advertisement about potato farmers. Toni announced again the Pumpkin Fest on October 19 and 20, 26 and 27. It has been moved to the Santa Ana Center out in Rio Rancho. The Annual Meeting is on December 6 through 8 in Albuquerque. Five States will be on October 2. She also made suggestions for nominations for CowBelle of the Year.  Toni adjourned the meeting at 2:00 p.m. Submitted by Babbi Baker

New Mexico CowBelles: Thank you to all who have submitted their news to “Jingle Jangle.” Please send minutes and/or newsletters to: Jingle Jangle, Janet Witte, 1860 Foxboro Ct., Las Cruces, NM  88007 or email: janetwitte@msn.com by the 14th of each month