Jingle Jangle

by Beverly Butler and Members

Dear Cowbelles,

We are now seeing a few clouds in the sky, and some may have seen a little moisture, please keep praying and it will come sometime. Remember that our ancestors have gone through this, we just didn’t think we would have to, be strong and believe as they did, don’t forget how we got here and the great people that gave us the opportunity to live on this great land. They gave us our independence, and left us with lots of knowledge and strength.

Memorial Day and the Fourth of July are tribute to our veterans and that is why we live in a free country. We have many veterans in our own industry; we need to tell them thank you and how much we appreciate them, and that without them we could not be in the business we are in today. Thank you for giving us the privilege to live in America and do what we love most – that is ranching and raising BEEF. Some were unable to serve in the armed forces but still served our country by raising Beef to feed those who were serving in our military. It may be dry and times are tough but be like a veteran, hold your head up and keep pushing forward.

The summer meeting was very informative. We are thankful for those attending and mading it a success. Thank you Shelly for doing such a great job with the Beef Ambassador Contest. You do a great job and these ambassadors are the future of our Beef Industry. What an asset to our industry and they do a great job telling the story of Beef.

Anne Ferguson you do a great job with the Pat Nowlin Memorial Scholarship Program. This is a lot of work but the end results are a CowBelle and the child of a CowBelle will receive a scholarship to further their education. Remember to contribute to the Pat Nowlin Scholarship fund; this is a very worthwhile program in memory of a great lady.

The Man of The Year is always a great honor and we appreciate Barbara Wagner for doing that. This is a tribute to honor a man who has gone above and beyond the call of duty to help CowBelles promote BEEF.

Be thankful that we live where we do, don’t give up and somehow we will survive the drought, da

– Sharon King, NMCB President


July 27 – Food Truck BEEF Throwdown, Albuquerque

August 6-9 — Cattle Industry

Summer Convention & ANCW Meeting, Denver, CO

September 11-22 – State Fair, Albuquerque

September 15 – Deadline for Membership Award

September  18 – Deadline for Registration for Five States Meeting

September 27-30 – National Beef Ambassador Contest, Bentonville, AR

The 2013 recipients of the Pat Nowlin Memorial Scholarship for New Mexico CowBelles are terrific individuals and students with bright futures ahead.  This scholarship program is an excellent way for the New Mexico CowBelles to help their members and children of CowBelles to further their education. Kyra Brynn Grant is a Powderhorn CowBelle from Ft Sumner. She is currently a student at New Mexico State University where she is a Crimson Scholar, majoring in Animal Science and Agricultural Communications.  She plans to go on to graduate school to obtain a Master’s of Science Degree. After graduation Kyra plans to work within the beef industry to help educate the consumer and provide livestock management resources to the producers. Mindy Lynn King is a Lariat CowBelle from Capulin. Mindy is currently enrolled in a six trimester Registered Nursing Program at Carrington College in Albuquerque.  She is preparing for a registered nurse degree. Mindy has one daughter, Macy, and travels between their two homes while completing her degree. Mindy’s concept of helping others is what her effort is all about. Randall James Woodall (Randy) is from Las Cruces and is the son of Melissa Woodall, a Mesilla Valley CowBelle. Randy has been very active in 4-H projects, receiving the Danforth Award for achievements in leadership and other activities. He served in a large number of community service projects and helps his school as the computer technician.  Randy will attend New Mexico State University pursuing dual majors in Computer Science and Criminal Justice. His goal is to help people! Congratulations to these awesome young people and the New Mexico CowBelles look forward to their futures!

The May 18, 2013 meeting of the Berrendo CowBelles was held at the Cowboy Café. There were 5 members present. President Genora Canon called the meeting to order at 12:00 p.m. Betty Solt reported on the March District Workshop held in Carrizozo. A Thank You note was read from Austin Armstrong who received our “add-on” for his beef project at the local fair. It was reported that one of Berrendo’s dear and long time members, Joann Reeves had a heart attack last week and is in Covenant Hospital in Lubbock, Texas. Group agreed to send her get-well flowers or balloons if she can’t have flowers. The group is still waiting for word from Danny Suns about the purchase of Fair trailer. Beef for Father’s Day: It was decided to donate $100 to a local food kitchen to buy beef for Father’s Day. Also to donate packages of large and small napkins to Pepper’s Restaurant and Cowboy Café to be used in honor of Father’s Day. Member Lillian Graham arranged for her work place, Roswell Livestock and Feed, to donate a purse and wallet for door prizes, a western statue, for the silent auction and almanacs for the ditty bags for the Women in Agriculture Leadership Conference held May 1-3, 2013 in Las Cruces. Meeting adjourned 12:35 p.m. Submitted by Genora Moore

Luna County Borderbelles – May 22, 2013 – Beef Promotion – The Father’s Day beef promotion was discussed at length.  The promotion runs from 10:00 until 2:00.  The group will be serving the Margarita Steak as a small sample on toothpicks.  Peppers Supermarket will be working with the New Mexico Hereford Association and will be serving a steak sandwich as a part of the Beef for Father’s Day Promotion. Several donations have been made to the Scholarship Fund in honor of GX McSherry. The group is  writing thank you notes and providing the list to the McSherry family. The group will continue to accept these contributions in honor of a great cowman and friend. Respectfully submitted, Tamara Hurt Reporter

The June meeting of the Chamiza CowBelles was called to order by President Gloria Petersen with eight members present. There was discussion regarding allowing the winner of the beef raffle to opt for money rather than the beef, and the specifics of how much money would be won. It was the consensus of the group to declare the amount was approximately $500 in previous years, but given cattle prices, no set amount would be promised.  If the winner this year opted for the money, then the group would sell both halves of the beef. Dolores and Nancy will purchase the beef if needed. It was decided to donate four coffee mugs, a package of small napkins, and a license plate to the theme raffle for the Winston Fiesta to give exposure to the CowBelles and sell beef raffle tickets as well. Cathy relayed to the group how much Matt Welty appreciated receiving the groups scholarship this year.  He has been thanking every CowBelle he meets and has already given Gloria a copy of his college schedule. Jodell, again, relayed her thanks for the donations to the food pantry. Last month $40 was collected.  She also mentioned the Cancer group will be holding a fundraiser on June 15 at Elephant Butte Lake. The group agreed that Gloria should attend executive CowBelles meeting in Albuquerque on June 17 and be reimbursed for gas. Since July regular meeting date falls on July 4th, it was decided to postpone the July meeting until the second Thursday, July 11. Location is yet to be determined. Meeting adjourned at 11:40 a.m. Submitted by Cathy Pierce

The Powderhorn CowBelles met May 14 with 14 members and 2 guests present, Kathy Hall and John Cullough, a History Major from Lubbock. Talen Crist was present to report on the first US Beef Academy and to thank the Powderhorn CowBelles for enabling him to attend. It was a weeklong event which dealt with all segments of the Beef Industry. Each day was devoted to a major portion of the Beef Industry;   Building Better Beef from Steer to Steak;   Cattle Health, Welfare and Handling;    Improving Reproductive Efficiency in the Cowherd; Nutrition, the Foundation of Profatability and Marketing in the 21st Century are examples and show the scope of the information included. Talen said it was a grueling task but interesting and they scarcely had time to retain it all. He felt it was worthwhile and a good background for anyone interested in any segment of the industry. They were told it was equivalent to two years in college. The meeting was called to order by Joan Key, President, and the meeting proceeded through the regular agenda. Courtesy cards were sent to Frances Fikany who had broken a hip, to Norma Lee Wood, Bea Killough and Peggy Sultemeier. A report from Sharon King was read about ANCW Region 4 stressing Legislation, Beef Promotion and Youth Development. Old and New Business mostly dealt with preparation for the upcoming Barbecue during Old Fort Days and for preparation for Mid-Year which Powderhorn agreed to hostess and decided to donate to furnish coffee for Mid-Year. Members were asked to buy door prizes at the Six Shooter, individual members bringing door prizes for the breakfast meeting in Albuquerque as well as canned food and baked goods to help AFBF with their youth development project at Mid-Year. John Cullough presented his dream to help develop a World War II Museum and since 2009 he has had a great interest in the Fort Sumner Area where once was an Air Base which was first for gliders and later became a US Air Force Base. Some buildings remain particularly one large hangar and an excellent runway which serves Fort Sumner for air service. The group hopes to work with Mr. Cullough and to make his dream their dream and a reality in the future. Dorothy Vaughan, Secretary.

The Chuckwagon CowBelles met at the Estancia Kitchens in Estancia, on June 11, 2013 with 11 members present. Marilyn Mignery introduced Diane Tindell, owner of the Estancia Kitchens. She said she came up with a salsa recipe to market. The name of her company is “Salsa Y Salsa” and she is currently selling in many stores around Albuquerque. During the process of establishing her business, she had to locate a commercial kitchen but she couldn’t find one to suit her. After much hard work and red tape, she now is nearly ready to open her own. Diane has made her kitchen available to all in the community who want to produce food products for resale. Her pricing is from $8 to $12 per hour depending upon what cooking functions are utilized. There was discussion about the food safety regulations concerning home made goods. Diane also plans to open a retail shop for marketing the food that is produced in the kitchen.   She said she hopes to be open by July 1. It was decided to donate to the Roadrunner Food Bank for Beef Month. The Belen Trade Fair invited group to have a booth during the last of August. The Mid-year meeting will have a cake walk and would like to receive donated baked goods. The Torrance County fair association also would like our support. It was decided to donate $100 for a buckle for the New Mexico Bred Steer. Marilyn said that the Indian Livestock Days had about 200 people in attendance. She and Lyn gave a brief report on the seminars. Lindsey had the idea to collect for the Horses for Heroes project. There was discussion about drought in various parts of our nation throughout history. Toni then read an epithet about farmers and ranchers and how badly we all need them. The total collected for Horses for Heroes was $34. There was discussion about donating beef to rehab centers and retirement homes. The next meeting will be at Elaine Aschbacher’s home in Edgewood. From the May meeting it was decided to donate $100 to the Roadrunner Food Bank toward the purchase of beef. Respectfully submitted by Babbi Baker

New Mexico CowBelles: Thank you to all who have submitted their news to “Jingle Jangle.” Please send minutes and/or newsletters to: Jingle Jangle, Janet Witte, 1860 Foxboro Ct., Las Cruces, NM  88007 or email: janetwitte@msn.com by the 14th of each month