Jingle Jangle

by Beverly Butler and Members

Dear Ladies,

Just hoping that each of you has received a little rain. Don’t forget to send your registration for the summer meeting; I am looking forward to seeing you all at the meeting. Sounds like we are going to have a good meeting.

Just a suggestion, get that new member and bring her with you. Each person in our organization has a purpose, they are needed. We need new members; we need their ideas and input to improve our organization. We need some new blood that will generate enthusiasm, share ideas and be creative. We are all skeptical of trying new ideas, but we never know until we try them, don’t be afraid, and go for it.

We need each and every one that is involved in agriculture to get involved, get out there and tell the world we feed them; we furnish pharmaceuticals and beauty product, plus many other things that the beef cattle contribute to everyday life of the American people.

Our cattle not only feed the world but contribute to conservation, prevention of fires. There are 2 percent of farmers and ranchers feed the world. We have to get out there explain what we do and where the food that goes on their plate comes from and what those by-products are how they contribute to their everyday life.

There are lots of different ways in which one can promote agriculture and beef.  Participate in legislation which is one of the very most important things CowBelles can do, write letters, email, phone, go to Santa Fe or Washington, make sure we have a voice and are heard.

Participate in health fairs, put out flyers, information and recipes in doctors’ offices. Tell how healthy beef is and what it contributes to the health of your body.

Help educate the youth, be it in elementary school, high school or college. You can take a tool kit to school and show the elementary where their beef comes from and how cattle are managed. To high school, get the tool kit and take it to your FFA advisory and offer to help. Get a collegiate group started, pay their dues or pay expenses to a district or state meeting.  These are the future of our organization and our agriculture, let’s get them involved and keep them involved.

Remember each person has a purpose here on earth, each has a talent, some of us find them and others don’t realize how valuable there talent is. As CowBelles don’t let things get in your way, try new and different ways of promoting beef, some may work and others may need to be revised but go for it. Each person is important.  Importance of one, that one may be you.

Don’t let the chain be broken, be the link that makes the chain stronger.

See you June 17 in Albuquerque, bring a new idea and share it with us.

Always a CowBelle Friend
– Sharon King, NMCB President



  • 16 – Father’s Day
  • 16 – Beef Ambassador Contest
  • 16 – 19 Summer Meeting
  • 17 – CowBelle Board of Director/General Meeting


  • 27 – Food Truck Throwdown, Albuquerque


  • 6-8 – Cattle Industry Conference, Denver, Colorado

The April meeting of the Luna County Borderbelles was held at Ranchers Grill on April 17, 2013. Beef Promotion – The Father’s Day beef promotion was discussed at length. There will be beef items given away on the quarter hour and $25 beef certificates at the top of the hour.  Samples of Margarita steak, a recipe from the national website will be also be provided. Kim Allen is working with Peppers Supermarket on the promotion for June 15, 2013. Raffle – a Savage 270 rifle will be first place. The tickets will be $5 each or 5 for $20. The group will work with D & M Sporting Goods to facilitate the transfer of the rifle. The second place is a $100 beef gift certificate and the third place a $50 beef gift certificate. The raffle will be drawn at the livestock auction at the Southwestern New Mexico State Fair. Kim Allen stated the belt buckle for the steer exhibitor has been ordered. Beverly Butler will be attending the Region VI Meeting in Utah at the end of the month. The mid-year state meeting and the Beef Ambassador contest will be held June 16 at the Albuquerque Embassy Suites. The group is encouraging all to attend and to talk to people about the Beef Ambassador contest.  BorderBelles’ own Courtney Hurt will be completing her year as New Mexico Senior Beef Ambassador. There may be changes to the State Fair Beef Booth in that it may not be manned full time. There will be more information forthcoming. On July 27 in Albuquerque there will be a Food Truck Beef Throw-Down to promote beef. It is a state-wide event and we will need a lot of volunteers. Also please think about participating in the Pumpkin Patch event at the end of October. Respectfully submitted, Tamara Hurt Reporter

The Otero CowBelles have been busy promoting BEEF and the Beef industry with cooking demonstrations, health fairs, etc. After the April meeting, Debi Rupe, Estelle Bond and Madalynn Lee gave a cooking demonstration to the culinary class at Mt. View Middle School. Twelve students, the teacher and principal enjoyed learning how to prepare a complete meal of shish-kabobs, fruit and vegetables cooked on the grill. Otero CB are out telling the “Beef Nutrition” story at every opportunity. Madalynn Lee, Debi Rupe and Estelle Bond attended the Region IV meeting in Amarillo. They opted for that Region meeting as Estelle hoped to be able to have a great-grand-daughter arrive while there and she did! Danika Estelle Lowe made her appearance right on time. The ladies toured the Tyson Beef facility at Hereford. They learned that a side of beef goes from the rack to the boxes ready to go out in six and a half minutes! Tyson contracts with the Wendy’s chain to supply the square hamburger patties. Over 1.6 million patties are made each and every day. WOW! May 7-8 saw our local CB participating in “Kids, Kows, and More” at the fairgrounds, with Estelle as the leader of the BEEF station and Judy Ferguson, Roma Duncan, Barbara Wagner, and Linda Mitchum assisting. Debi Rupe and Maddie Lee shared the duties of manning the Branding station. Over 700 fourth grade students from Otero County schools came on buses and most of the children were very attentive. Both days were busy but it is very gratifying to be able to get the “Beef” message out to parents through the students. As we are well aware, we must start with the youngsters. There were 18 members and one guest at the May 9 meeting. The guest Janet Styger joined our local before the meeting was over. On May 11, Otero CowBelles cooked and served the beef, beans and rolls to the celebrants at the Old Timer’s celebration at Cloudcroft. It is very rewarding to have our new members take part in making this a vibrant group of BEEF promoters. Barbara Wagner reporting for Tena Beanblossom, Secretary

The Chamiza CowBelles May meeting was called to order by President Gloria Petersen with eight members present.  Gloria expressed her thanks to all who helped out at Ag Day and asked if there were suggestions for any changes in next year’s Ag Day. Regarding lunch – pickles could be eliminated because they are very messy; waste of apples, and water bottles were tossed on the ground. Jodell has resigned from her section of the “adopt-a-highway” program just outside of TorC.  Apparently no one in the Engle area is doing that section either. Last month $28 was collected at the meeting for the food pantry. Gloria reported on the Women in Agriculture Leadership Conference. There is an organization in Santa Fe called “Horses for Heroes” which uses horses to help returning veterans suffering from PTSD. She also advised the Roadrunner Food Bank out of Albuquerque makes monthly stops in Arrey and Hatch, and would more than likely help out with the food pantry in TorC. Walmart is a big contributor to this program. Seven students applied for the scholarship. A scholarship committee met prior meeting and selected Matthew Welty of Winston, NM, as this year’s recipient. Matthew plans to attend NMSU and become an Ag teacher. Congratulations, Matthew! Myra has already sold numerous beef raffle tickets and wanted to make sure the winner could opt for money rather than beef. Some of her prospective sales were to people who don’t have freezer space for half of a beef so would prefer the money. Dolores has already spoken to purchase the other half of the raffle beef. Kaye Diamond gave an update on the wolf situation. Even though the wolves have become a huge problem for area ranchers and outfitters, the environmentalists have just released another pair believing they would remain in a specific area. The female has remained fairly close to the release area because she is due to have pups, but the male is long gone.  They also believe the “problem” wolves can be captured, rehabilitated, and returned to the wild. There are now approximately 70 wolves in New Mexico and all seem to have settled in the southwest area of the state.  In Idaho and Montana, there is no hunting because the wolves have killed all the wildlife. It’s only a matter of time before the same thing will happen in New Mexico, and our hunting outfitters will be out of business. Mention was also made of the upcoming horse slaughterhouse in Roswell. Most of us feel this is greatly needed as a humane alternative for starving horses. Meeting adjourned at 12:25 followed by a delicious potluck lunch. Submitted by Cathy Pierce

With 12 members present, Lariat CowBelles met on May 8, at the Rabbit Ears Café. Hostess was Carrell Blakely.  Owaissa Heimann has the agenda and registration forms for the Midyear Meeting in Albuquerque in June. Lariats will donate a silent auction item and a door prize.  Mary Coffman is working to set up a Beef Education table at Ranch Market. Sharon King has distributed information to the schools on scholarships. Mindy King was the only applicant. Legislation is concerned with upcoming legislation on endangered species. Kathryn Malcolm-Callis has lined up one speaker for 5 States and is working on getting MicroBeef as another speaker.  The theme for 5 States this year is Beef is Relevant Today and Tomorrow. Sharon King gave an update on the Region 3 and Region 4 meetings. The goal is Legislation, Beef Promotion and Youth Involvement. Z tags have been distributed to the states. Beef Council is sponsoring Beef Speakers education. There are beef toolkits available online; the next one is for Father’s Day.  Beef Ambassador applicants can now send in videos of their presentations instead of giving them in person. July 4 is pie sale in the fair barn at the fairgrounds. Advantages to the move in location are the availability of bathrooms and air conditioning.  The barbecue is still free. Lariat members will submit four pies or the equivalent in money. Cost to the public will still be $2 per slice or $12 per pie. Pies must be fruit, labeled as to type, and put in 2-gallon zip ­lock bags. Pies should be fresh and not hot.  They must be brought to the booth by 10 a.m. on the 4th. Beef Council will no longer have a manned booth at the State Fair. There will be a small booth with handouts only. The new Food Truck Beef Throwdown will be held July 27 in Albuquerque. Seven trucks will be set up. Beef will be provided. There will be a competition between trucks with beef recipes.  One thousand tickets will be available to the public at $10 per ticket to sample and vote on their favorite recipe. Beef Council is asking for 50 New Mexico CowBelles to assist with this event. A potential new sale item for New Mexico CowBelles is a trailer hitch cover in the shape of the State of New Mexico, with NM colors and the logo ‘Enjoy New Mexico Beef.’ 5 States will be held on Wednesday, October 2 this year. Traci Williams gave an educational presentation on Ag in the Classroom. The goal is to encourage teachers at the local level to include agriculture in their curriculum.  She showed and read from a Dr. Seuss book, The Bippolo Seed & Other Stories. There is a chapter entitled “Steak for Dinner.” Ms. Williams has a Classroom Visit Survival Guide for how to prepare and present to children in a classroom where their food comes from. It ties into science, nutrition and history. Ag in the Classroom supports both Kids, Kows and More and Pumpkin Patch. To counter the misinformation by PETA and HSUS, children need to be shown that killing an animal provides more than meat. Every part of the animal is used in medicine and other products that help people in their daily lives.  Ag in the Classroom is a national association with bureaus in each state. Agriculture is not a separate study, but must be incorporated into the teaching core curriculum. The information on agriculture must be given to each adult and child is such a way as to open the door so they question their assumptions that are not based on fact, but on media bias. Lariat CowBelles joined teachers for a training session on Ag in the Classroom that was held that afternoon at Alvis School. Respectfully submitted, Marianne Rose Reporter, Lariat CowBelles.

New Mexico CowBelles: Thank you to all who have submitted their news to “Jingle Jangle.” Please send minutes and/or newsletters to: Jingle Jangle, Janet Witte, 1860 Foxboro Ct., Las Cruces, NM  88007 or email: janetwitte@msn.com by the 14th of each month