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Well, is spring on its way to your place yet?

Many of you ladies have been busy fixing and repairing your homes place since the big freeze we all had around New Mexico recently. Pipes, tanks and cattle need our help first and then our homes.


I am sure hoping that you had time to come to one of the New Mexico CowBelles workshops which were held around the state. The members of Corriente, BorderBelles, Chamiza and Piñon did a wonderful job of hosting our meetings this year. This is a great way for the state officers to travel to places we may have never been before and connect with members who don’t have a chance to come to the mid-year or annual meetings, as well as renew our friendships with old friends.

Several of the New Mexico CowBelle ladies had a chance to go to Denver to the ANCW Annual meeting which is during the Cattle Industry Annual Convention. American National CattleWomen works closely with the Cattlemen’s Beef Promotion & Research Board and manages two programs, in cooperation with the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association. These are the National Beef Cook-Off and the National Beef Ambassador Program. With us being a part of the national picture we NMCB’s have a chance to gather information to bring back home to our state to share.

Topics discussed during this year’s meeting included: the new 2010 Dietary Guidelines from the USDA/HSS, released on January 31 and Developing Relationships with Legislators. There were many committee meetings and many of us attended them to find out what issues were covered. The Animal Welfare Committee has changed from an ad-hoc to a standing committee and the name has been changed to The Animal Wellbeing Committee. I am the NM chair for this committee, so if you have issues you wish to share with National, just let me know. The Legislation and Issues Committee has been told some about the wolves in the Gila area and the families concerns for their children. Karen Kelling is our Region VI person on this committee for 2011. She told them about some of our members being bill readers for the New Mexico Cattle Growers’ Association during the 2011 Legislative Session. During the Beef Promotion committee, we discussed funding we received from CBB, Cattlemen’s Beef Board, as a result of our ANCW members turning in our Activity Reports. There is an On-Line Form which can be used to make this easier for some. This information is the best way of proving that the money we receive from them is worth it and that they are spending their money with us in a productive way. Volunteer hours are worth $22-$26 per hour and just think of all you do each month. If you are an ANCW member, you can help us continue to receive money for our projects and committee on the national level when you fill out your volunteer activity reports. ANCW supports us with information and it is beneficial being a national member and supporting them. It was said to us that once you come to an ANCW summer or annual meeting, you will be hooked and come again.

Our members Rachel Ricklefs, Lyn Seward, Kathryn Malcolm-Callis, Fita Witte, Karen Kelling, Beverly Butler, and myself had a great time sharing and interacting with ANCW ladies from all over the country. Our Region VI was very well represented at all the meetings and our past Region VI representative, Barbara Jackson of Arizona, has been elected as First Vice President and Judy Ann Ahmann of California, is our 2011 Region VI representative.

Did you know that our Region VI includes California, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, and Hawaii?

Does Hawaii sound nice . . . there are plans being made to have next year’s Region meeting there.

New Mexico CowBelles, Arizona CowBelles, and Texas CattleWomen all joined in to feed the soldiers and their families at Ft. Bliss, assisting the All American Beef Battalion. AABB, www.steaksfortroops.com, is a group of individuals who are involved in the United States beef cattle industry who are working to support our brave troops who are fighting the global war on terror. The group works to thank soldiers by serving them a steak dinner, either at their deployment or upon their return from duty. People came from seven different states to provide, cook and serve the 5,000 beef steaks on February 12. Creekstone Stone Premium Beef, out of Kansas, provided all 5,000 steaks for this event and they say donating the meat is their way of saying thank you to the solders. We returned on February 26, with another 1,200 soldiers fed. We all get a chance to thank the solders, face-to-face, as well as supporting the beef industry. What a win-win situation for all of us. If you get a chance to be a part of this, you will go home being glad you took the time to participate.

Thank you to the soldiers and their families for all you do!


–  Linda Lee,
    New Mexico CowBelle President 2011



The Corriente CowBelles met on Tuesday, February 8, 2011 with 15 members and one child present. Group discussed plans to host the State Officers at District meeting on March 28 in Capitan.  Also discussed were breakfast and lunch choices that will be served, and the table decorations that will be displayed at the District Meeting. Plans were discussed for the annual Agriculture Education week at Capitan Elementary School. The week is planned for May 2-5 and will include one day with Agriculture in the Classroom teaching the students how to make ice cream and reminding the students that milk comes from cows, not the grocery store. One day is designated for leather craft lessons and to educate students where leather comes from as well as the other many uses of cowhide. The third day will include a true-to-life Working Cattle Ranch Cowboy demonstration for the students to learn what cowboys and ranchers deal with on a day-to-day basis to put the food on the student’s table. Finally, we will end out the four-day week with a day of youth. The group plans to have local 4-H and FFA students demonstrate, hands-on, what their roll in agriculture entails. The group approved the 2011 Budget, designated a volunteer, Velma Ward, to send out prayer requests for CowBelles’ family members and other loved ones via email, and selected a volunteer to complete the process of nominating the local CowBelle Man of the Year. It was announced that nine Lincoln County 4-H members attended the State 4-H and FFA day at the Capital in Santa Fe and were lucky enough to spend time with Governor Martinez.  Also noted was the recent selection of Corriente Member Pamela Cleckler’s son, Kaleb to serve on the 2011 New Mexico

4-H Ambassador team. The next meeting will be held March 8, 2011 at 6:00 p.m. in the Capitan Church of Christ Community Room.

Submitted, Michelle Stearns, Secretary

The Chuckwagon CowBelles met at the Alpine Alley Café in Mountainair on February 8, 2011 with 21 members, two guests, and newest member, Kim Enneper, present. Toni Barrow called the meeting to order at 10:27 am. Laura Bittner, economist for Valencia County’s extension office, gave a fun and informative presentation on colors. She said studies show that color affects moods. There is a science called color psychology which tracks how people respond to different colors and much of today’s marketing strategies are based on this science. She ended her talk by giving our group “The Jellybean Personality Test” which was delightful, delicious and interesting! Carolyn Chance briefed us on the program schedule for 2011. Toni mentioned the Women in Agriculture Leadership Conference which is set for April 27-29 at the Pyramid Hotel in Albuquerque. She appealed to all to donate silent auction items that are indicative of our area. The minutes and treasurers report were read. Toni Barrow mentioned the District meetings and read an appeal from the Mountainair Gymkhana and Rodeo Association to donate $100 to have group’s banner displayed again this year. Lyn Greene passed out the new notebook pages, and once again, she did an outstanding job! Thank you, Lyn! On February 26 at the Claunch Women’s Club, Bill Wells will give a talk on the archeology of Grand Quivira. The next meeting will be at Toni Barrow’s house in Belen. Ruth Romero will give a presentation on her trip to Europe. Meeting adjourned at 1:25 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Babbi Baker


The January 22, 2011 meeting of the Berrendo CowBelles was held at CiCi’s Pizza in Roswell, NM. There were seven members present. Call to Order: The President Betty Solt called the meeting to order at 12:00 p.m. Minutes: The Secretary read the minutes of the last meeting and they were approved as read. Treasurer’s Report: Carmen Barbee’s report was read. The group gave $20 to the New Mexico Boys’ and Girls’ Ranches in memory of long-time member Vivian Yriart’s late husband and will also donate $100 to Roswell’s Community Kitchen to buy beef. Correspondence: The Secretary read two letters, one from State Treasurer Lyn Greene concerning membership and the other one from State “Man of the Year” Chairman Barbara Wagner with the forms to nominate a man from our area. Unfinished Business: Genora Canon reported on the Annual Meeting in December held in Albuquerque. We will need to donate 250 items for the ditty bags to be given at the combined Region VI and WALC meetings, April 27-29 in Albuquerque. New Business: Secretary Canon handed out copies of our current By-Laws and volunteered to revise them and present them to the membership for approval. At our meeting in February we will collect our personal hygiene and other items for the Women’s Shelter here in Roswell. Genora Canon has agreed to purchase new Berrendo CowBelle pins and sell them to the membership at her cost. Ruth Prewitt, Betty Solt, Genora Canon and Johnnie Lynch are planning to attend District Workshop held in Capitan February 28, 2011. Meeting adjourned.

Submitted by Genora Canon


Copper CowBelles’ 2011 President: Pat Hunt, 534-7649 arroyomangus@yahoo.com Newsletter: Wanda MacInnis, 537-3262 wmacinnis68@msn.com . 2011 Officers: President – Patricia Hunt; First Vice President – Lori Nell Reed; Second Vice President – Neline Dominguez; Treasurer – Beverly Medford; Secretary – Wanda MacInnis; Past President – Kim Clark. Announcements: Cowbelles February meeting will be held Feb. 8, at The Red Barn (in the back room also known as the Watering Hole). Gather at 11:30 for meet and greet. Meeting will Begin at 12:00 noon. February birthdays -Leslie Crumbley Feb 3, Mary Jo Hooker Feb 8, Cissy McAndrew Feb 9, Beverly Medford Feb 10, Lor Nell Reed Feb 14., Meeting hostess schedule: February 8 at The Red Barn, Kathy Davis & Pattie Bielfeldt; March 8 at Eat Your Heart Out, Judy de Pedro & Pattie Bielfeldt; Tamara Ogilvie Feb 26. Hostesses shall contact the Newsletter ChairBelle Wanda MacInnis (537-3262) or wmacinnis68@msn.com to give her the details for the newsletter. Belated Happy Birthday wishes to: Pat Head Jan 3, Judy de Pedro Jan 20, Joyce Biebelle Jan 21, Connie McCauley Jan 22, Patricia Hunt Jan 26, Gale Moore Jan 31.

Lariat CowBelles met Wednesday, February 16, at Mary’s Back Door with 10 members present. An invitation to the District Workshop in Roy, NM, on March 3, was received from Barbara Shaw. The 2011 Lariat budget was discussed. Sharon King distributed the handouts: “Legislature: Guidelines for New Mexico CowBelles Legislative Action” and “Glossary of Legislative & Regulatory Key Terms.” Marianne Rose distributed handouts on “Beef in the News” and “Closeup on Raising Beef: a Student Filmmaking Program.” The annual Union County Health Fair will be held on April 27. Volunteer workers are needed. The deadline for registration for the Women in Agriculture and ANCW Region 6 meeting is April 1. March 29 is the deadline for reserving a room at the discounted rate. Applicants for the Lariat CowBelles Scholarship will be asked to write 100 words on advertisement for promotion of the beef industry that is suitable to be put on the air. Applications are available on school computers and from Sharon King. Applications for the Pat Nowlin Scholarship are due April 15. In place of Valentine cards a collection was taken for donation to Matt Dougherty. State Fair volunteer workers are needed for this year’s New Mexico State Fair in September. There will be a celebration of Owaissa Heimann’s 85th birthday on Saturday, Feb. 19, from 2 – 4 p.m. at the Methodist Church in Clayton. Lariat CowBelles’ Candra Acuna gave birth to 8 pound 7 ounce Kenzie Allison Acuna on Tuesday, February 15, in Amarillo. Chris Johnson, CPA, was the guest speaker. He gave an informative presentation on changes in tax-law, estate tax, income tax, tax strategies for life, child credit and dependent child credit, gifts, education and the 529 plan, new energy incentives, capital gains and IRAs. The next regular meeting of Lariat CowBelles will be on Wednesday, March 9, at the Rabbit Ears Café.

Respectfully submitted, Marianne Rose, Reporter, Lariat CowBelles


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