Jingle Jangle

by Beverly Butler and Members

Hello Ladies,


Well, spring is here and I hope it brings lots of showers to everyone all over the state, better yet just all over. We had a little bit of snow, every flake of snow or drop of rain counts.

Having completed the district workshops, we saw lots of country, traveled 995 miles and few cattle. We had a good trip and the ladies shared great information for those in attendance. We have ladies who are passionate about beef. They are anxious to tell their story, and we should all appreciate each one for what they do for our industry and organization. Now, for you who were able attended these workshops I challenge each one of you to take this knowledge that was so graciously given to you, go forth and promote our great product beef. Take what you know, tell your story be it at local level, state fair or the Pumpkin Patch. It makes no difference where, just go to tell your story; you will be rewarded in a positive manner; just do it. Please give four hours at the State Fair or the Pumpkin Patch for the state CowBelle organization – when you figure there are 8,760 hours in a year that is not much. Promoting beef is not just educating others, but remember they also educate us on what we need to know about our product to talk to others.

We know we have a challenge, if you are in the ranching business you must realize, there will always be a challenge when dealing with nature that is part of the ranching business. Part of being in agriculture is living with what is given to us, be it drought, high cost of feed or politics we have to deal with what is doled out to us. We are resilient and innovative to many challenges. We are not used to a real easy life. Quote from Linda Davis,” If you’ve lived it as long as I have, you learn to cope with it and be positive about it.” What an awesome woman, so gracious to spread her knowledge and wisdom with the younger generation. She is a legacy; we need to thank her for what she has contributed to the beef industry and appreciate what she has done in the state of New Mexico. Thank you, Mrs. Linda.

We must stay positive; we need to keep our younger generation in the agriculture business. Another quote is from Cord McCoy, a PBR boy from Oklahoma. He says, “Fear Stops You. Courage keeps you going.” That is a good example of what younger people can do for all of us, we need a boost, and we need to stay positive.  Take advice from the younger generation that is what our future depends on.

I look and compare Linda and Cord, from different generations, but with the same goals. Keep positive, keep going, challenges need to be met, you can learn and you must keep moving forward no matter what the challenge. No matter what your goal is, strive for it, go forward and don’t let the chain be broken.


– Sharon King, NMCB President



April 15 – Pat Nowlin Scholarship Applications due to Anne Ferguson
April 25-27 – Region Vl Meeting – St. George, Utah
May 1-3 – (WALK) Women in Agriculture, Las Cruces
May 3-5 – Region lV Meeting – Amarillo, Texas
June-1 – Beef Ambassador Entry Deadline
June 15-17 – Summer Meeting, Albuquerque Embassy Suites, New Mexico CowBelle Mid-Year & Board of Directors Meeting, Beef Ambassador Contest


The February meeting of the Luna County Borderbelles was held at Ranchers Grill on February 18, 2013. The group lost two Borderbelles on February 3, 2013 – Mary Ethyl Miller and Anita May. Sympathy cards have been sent and a $25 donation to the Pat Nowlin Scholarship fund will be sent as well. The Borderbelles will hold a drawing for a firearm for their scholarship fundraiser this year. The tickets will be $5 each and five for $20. The Borderbelles joined with Luna County 4-H and Luna County Farm and Livestock Bureau to emphasize the small amount food plays in citizen’s annual budget by celebrating food freedom day. They purchased beef to go along with a food drive by the county 4-H and other commodities purchased by Farm Bureau to donate to the Healing House, the local shelter for victims of domestic violence. The average family meets their annual food budget by the third week in February and that is compared to tax freedom day which occur about the first week of May. This nation’s tremendous, safe, economical food supply is truly a blessing.  Borderbelles will again sponsor a buckle to be awarded to the youngest Steer Exhibitor at the Southwestern New Mexico State Fair. From the January meeting: Kim Allen reported the buckle was won by Maison Treadwell at the Southwestern New Mexico State Fair as the youngest steer showman. Installation of Officers:  President – Beverly Butler, Vice President and Treasurer – MariAnne Treadwell, and Secretary and Reporter – Tamara Hurt.  Borderbelles along with help from the City of Deming decorated the Windmill in the center of town with Christmas Lights. Respectfully submitted, Tamara Hurt, Reporter

The meeting of the Chamiza CowBelles was called to order on March 7, 2013 by President, Gloria Petersen, at the Elephant Butte Inn, with eight members in attendance. Regarding the scholarship application discussed at last meeting; Gloria revised, Anita reviewed and scholarship was submitted to the high school. The stipulation regarding usage of the scholarship within five years or eight semesters, whichever comes first, was omitted from the document submitted to the high school; but there is a reminder notation which accompanies the scholarship itself and the usage information will be included in this reminder. The group received invitations to the upcoming District I meeting to be held in Lindrith. The district meeting in Carrizozo is closer in distance, and four members will attend the meeting hosted by the Canyon Cowbelles and the local will pay gas expenses. Cathy suggested the door prize be a cookbook and coffee mugs. Gloria announced Bonnie would again print beef raffle tickets which the group wants to do and voted to print them right away. The Women in Agriculture Leadership Conference is coming up in May in Las Cruces. Crystal Diamond encouraged all to attend this conference: 1) because the location is close; and 2) because it is informative, informal and lots of fun. The conference’s main events will be held on Thursday, May 2, which if attending just one day that is the day. If anyone knows of a young woman aged 15 to 20, there are funds available to pay her entire expenses.  Also, there may be funds available to assist with gas or registration for any CowBelles wanting to attend. Nominees are needed for the Diamond in the Rough award. So far, only one nominee’s name has been received. Daisy suggested the CowBelles have a Mass said in memory of Liza Greer’s brother who passed away recently. However, there was additional discussion of ways to acknowledge future situations such as this. Any further action was tabled until a future meeting. Until then, we were all asked to think of ways to honor the deceased, including possibly making a donation to the cancer assistance program in the deceased person’s name. Gloria encouraged all of us to read, Read, READ our Stockman magazine. Submitted by Cathy Pierce

With 10 members present, Lariat CowBelles met March 13, at the Rabbit Ears Café. Minutes from the February meeting were read by Mary Coffman and approved.  Treasurer’s Report was given by Mary Bleiker. A thank you note was received from the family of Verda Lawrence. Notes were received from the Pat Nowlin Memorial Scholarship Fund for memorials received in the names of Anna Brown and Verda Lawrence. Legislative alerts are being sent out via email to Lariat members to keep them updated on bill currently in legislation that affects the beef industry and agriculture. Pat Nowlin Scholarship Fund applications are due at the April 10th meeting. A Valentine’s Day card money collection was made with the money to be given to the family of Cindy Burns. The 5 States committees sign-up sheet was circulated. Kathryn Malcolm-Callis presented a video by the Beef Council with Fita Witte promoting CowBelles and the Beef Cook-Off that on CASA-TV from Albuquerque. The Union County Health Fair will take place on April 24. Members were encouraged to volunteer for two hour shifts. The WALC conference will be held May 1-3. Room reservations are due by April 8 for the special rate. The Region IV meeting will take place in Amarillo on May 2-4. Deadline for registration is April 15 and is $50. The guest speaker was Angela Safranek of the U. S. Forest Service, who discussed native grasses and drought management. She explained the lifecycle of grass. She explained management of range grasses and the Kiowa Grasslands. Preparation for drought should include a change in stocking plan to preserve grasses. During drought watch the depth of soil moisture, residual vegetation and at what point in the growing season is the grass at. We are in ‘exceptional’ drought which occurs every 50 to 100 years. Once the drought breaks the best thing to do is leave the grass sufficient time to recover. The next regular meeting of Lariat CowBelles will be, April 10, at the Rabbit Ears Café. Respectfully submitted, Marianne Rose Reporter, Lariat CowBelles

The Chuckwagon CowBelles met at Rutillio’s Restaurant in Los Lunas on March 12, 2013 with 19 members and one guest present. Russell Sullivan gave a presentation on real estate appraising. After his talk he fielded questions from the group. Bec Campbell then spoke on behalf of the banking side of appraisals. She said that comparable properties are very hard to find in the New Mexico market. Agricultural land, although difficult to mortgage, is usually considered to be “improved land” by the banks. She said that this is good because it gives the property up to an 85 percent loan-to-value potential. She also talked about real estate evaluation and the loan benefits of it. A nice write-up was shared on Margie McKeen that appeared in the Glenwood Gazette. Anna Sanchez Glenn thanked everyone for the quilt donations. She also talked about the rifle raffle and its winner as well as about Ag Fest that she attended in February. Toni mentioned the WALC goodie bags. There was discussion about this. There were counts taken on those planning to attend the WALC meeting and the District Workshop. Ruth announced that Margie McKeen’s Ranch Days are scheduled for April 23 and 24 in Glenwood. Toni than gave an update on the horse slaughterhouse. She also mentioned water rights and the fact that there is a lot of “double-dipping” going on after agricultural rights are sold off of a piece of land and residential development begins. There was discussion about this. Respectfully submitted by Babbi Baker

New Mexico CowBelles: Thank you to all who have submitted their news to “Jingle Jangle.” Please send minutes and/or newsletters to: Jingle Jangle, Janet Witte, 1860 Foxboro Ct., Las Cruces, NM  88007 or email: janetwitte@msn.com by the 14th of each month