Jingle Jangle

by Beverly Butler and Members.

Dear CowBelles,

If you are not involved with the government or have not kept up with what is going on in Santa Fe, it is time to stand up and take notice. Our voice for the agriculture industry is important, and we must take proper measures to be heard since legislators reconvened in Santa Fe on January 15. It is time to really be a promoter and also pay attention to what is going on around us on the local, state and national levels. We need to stay involved. If we don’t, no one will do it for us.

We have a great legislation program with the New Mexico Cattle Growers.  There is no one better to keep us informed on what is going on than either Caren Cowen and/or Michelle Frost. When they send out alerts, our legislative Chairman, Karen Kelling, sends it to the district representative who forwards them to the locals. This means take action immediately, not tomorrow or a week from now, it means now. Get involved and let’s all work together. We need to be very alert this session as it is a sixty-day session. When you get involved in legislation you are involved in agriculture. Everyone do your share- write, call or email when notified. Also, when you hear of something that we need to be aware of please notify NMCG, don’t just take it upon yourself, there is a process which needs to be followed.

The Ag Fest in Santa Fe was successful thanks to Madalyn Lee and her crew. Our booth was very attractive and we met several new state senators and representatives. They learned of our purpose as CowBelles and the importance of the Ag industry in the state of New Mexico.

Madalyn and I attended the National Meeting in Tampa, Florida from February 4-8. We brought home some excellent ideas for beef promotion. We were to share our latest beef promotion, the Pumpkin Patch, with the other states.

While at the ANCW convention, I was very interested in the collegiate career fair for the young cattlemen who attended the convention. There were various industry representatives that one could learn about their companies, how to apply, network with representative and find new careers  This is vital for our agriculture industry to carry on from generation to generation.

During the Trade Show there was a booth – Ag Book Boutique – consisting of books for all ages for adults, children, grandchildren or even your local library.  Our own, Karen Kelling, was there autographing her book, The Camanchero’s Grave. This is just one of the many ways that we, as CowBelles, can reach the public through many platforms. Please check out her book. It would make an excellent birthday or Christmas present.

When you attend the district meetings, we will inform you of the latest in beef education, promotion and nutrition ideas that we learned in Tampa. I am looking forward to seeing both longtime friends and meeting new people this year.

Stay involved in agriculture and legislation and we will make a positive impact for agriculture.

Until next time, pray for moisture and remember BEEF IS BEST,


Sincerely – Sharon King, NMCB President


The January meeting of the Chamiza CowBelles was called to order by President Gloria Petersen in the Ivory Tusk Restaurant at the Elephant Butte Inn with seven members and three guests present. Gloria led us in the Pledge of Allegiance after which Robbie recited the CowBelle Prayer and CowBelle Creed. Minutes from the previous meeting were approved as read.  Dolores presented the Treasurer’s reports from November and December. They were also approved as presented. Gloria reported the need to re-word the criteria for our scholarship application. Apparently the local high school’s information states that the applicants must come from an agricultural background rather than our requirement that the applicant intends to study in the field of agriculture. It was the consensus of all present to make our next meeting a work session to re-word the application requirements to present to the high school. Gloria encouraged all to read the information presented in our New Mexico Stockman magazine regarding the federal government’s intention to claim more land. Meeting was adjourned at 11:30.

The Powderhorn CowBelles met at the new home of Sandy McKenna with Dorothy Vaughan as co-hostess. Ellen Vaughan, Vice-President, presided in the absence of Joan Key. Since there was no business meeting in December reports were given on all the activities in which Powderhorn had been involved. The group had not had an opportunity to have committees meet on the budget, places of meetings and programs for the year 2013 so after routine items on the agenda were completed the meeting was devoted to accomplishing these plans. These will be shared with President Key and it is hoped to have all finished in time for the February meeting which will be at the home of Ellen Vaughan. Karen Kelling will present Kids, Kows and More for the benefit of Powderhorn members and the hope is to create some more presenters. A delicious luncheon was enjoyed and members left with a sense of a job well done and hope for a very productive year. Dorothy Vaughan, Secretary.

With 11 members present, Lariat CowBelles met January 9 at the Rabbit Ears Café. Mary Bleiker was installed as Lariat CowBelles Treasurer for 2013. She received a bag of $100,000 candy bars. It was noted at this time that Lariat CowBelles is responsible for the decorations for the annual meeting in December 2013. The 2013 Yearbooks were handed out to the members present. Additional members and changes were made to the Yearbook.  It was noted that on the afternoon of May 8, following the regular meeting, there will be Ag in the Classroom training at  2:00 p.m. at Alvis School in Clayton. Committee chairs are still needed for Membership, Legislative, Nominations, and Health Fair/County Fair committees. Joyce Sowers accepted the chair of the Legislative Committee. Sharon King informed the group that she, Madalyn Lee and Karen Kelling will be attending the ANCW Meeting in Tampa, FL, on Feb 9. The 2012 Annual Report, blank time sheets and instructions were distributed. Sharon King has leftover placemats, My Plate handouts and recipes from Pumpkin Patch. Mary Coffman expressed interest in having some for her education activities and Kathryn Malcolm-Callis will take them for Kids and Kows. Lariat CowBelles budget meeting will be on Tuesday, January 22 at 3:00 p.m. at the library. Officers need to attend. 2013 Five States Roundup was discussed. Due to the proximity of the New Mexico State Fair and some other meetings, it was decided to move 5 States to October 2nd. Owaissa Heimann distributed handouts on MCOOL and inheritance tax/estate planning. Chris Johnson, CPA, was the guest speaker and gave a presentation “What Will the Changes Mean to You!” Under the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012, he discussed estate and gift tax provisions, income tax rates on ordinary income, income tax rates on capital gains, payroll taxes, high income phase-outs and limits, depreciation on business assets, alternative minimum tax, earned income tax credit, education credits and deductions, and various extenders and changes.  The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 was discussed, including individual mandates requiring U.S. citizens and legal residents to have qualifying health coverage, rules for employers, expanding Medicaid and modifications of Medicare coverage, changes coming in 2013 and changes coming in 2014. The next regular meeting of Lariat CowBelles will be on February 13, at the Rabbit Ear Café. The guest speaker will be Jay Fluhman, ACNP. Submitted by Marianne Rose, Reporter, Lariat CowBelles

The Chuckwagon CowBelles met at the Shaffer Hotel in Mountainair, on January 8, 2013 with 11 members present. Toni Barrow called the meeting to order at 10:45 a.m. after a leisurely time of sharing over coffee. The meeting was reconvened at 12:15 p.m. It was decided to donate $25 to the Pat Nowlin Memorial Fund in honor of Weldon McKinley. Babbi Baker read the minutes that were taken by Carolyn Chance during the December meeting.  There was discussion about the Rio Rancho Pumpkin Patch and also about the State Fair. Toni requested a report from Lyn about the Estancia Craft Fair. Lyn said that between the fair and our December meeting, sales were $467.50. Toni mentioned some calendars she was giving away. The group then passed around the Horses for Heroes donation bucket. Babbi announced that KXNM radio is on the air at 88.7 FM. There was discussion about having a public service announcement made by the station. Toni shared that she learned about grass-fed beef having more Omega 3 than finished beef. There was discussion about this. It was decided to place Horses for Heroes on the NMCB brand napkins at $50 in cost (if, in fact, they have a brand). There was discussion about placing brands on ceramic mugs or on disposable cups as a fundraiser. Babbi will check into this and also into the possibility of printing local’s name on folding pocket knives to sell. Meeting adjourned at 2:10 p.m. Respectfully submitted by Babbi Baker

Mesilla Valley CowBelles met January 15, 2013 at Los Compas Restaurant with seven members present and Vice-President Vickie Gove presiding. Important dates were discussed: February 19 – Ag Fest, March 2 – St Patrick’s Party, LaPosta 6 p.m., March 15 – Man of the Year due, March 20 – District Workshop in Glenwood, March 22 – Ag Day at Columbia Elementary. Ag in the Classroom will present, Mayfield FFA will be asked, SWBFS&DC will be asked, Mobile Dairy scheduled and other possible were mentioned and will be pursued. Any help will be appreciated as far as presenters as well as runners needed to do duties as needed. Next meeting will be held February 12, 2013 at Zeffiros at 6:30 p.m. (136 North Water Street).


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