Jingle Jangle

by Beverly Butler and Members.

CowBelle Ladies,


Ladies, another year behind us and another year ahead of us. Let’s look toward the future, be positive and keep the chain that has been built for us stronger than ever. We have the best product in the world, “BEEF IS BEST.” We all know this is true and must convince everyone else we are correct.

This year will be a challenge, but challenges can be met and we must all work together. We work at the state fair booth and educate people about beef. In 2012 we took on another challenge, the Pumpkin Patch in Albuquerque, held at the corner of Coors and Irving. We had a booth and reached 12,675 people in two weekends.  This was great and we need to educate and tell them our story. Sometimes you wonder if you are the one educating or getting the education. I challenge each one of you to participate in an event of this sort. If you have an idea of where we can educate people and tell them our story let an officer know so we can follow through with your idea.

This year I have chosen the theme, “Don’t Let The Chain Be Broken”. Let’s each and every one of you keep that chain strong, no matter how tough the road is, nothing is easy in this world, and the harder you work to succeed, the stronger the chain will be. You as New Mexico CowBelles are the strength of this chain in promoting the greatest product in the world, BEEF. I want each and every one to help this to be the strongest chain to promote BEEF in a positive manner.

I challenge each one of you to choose the link on how you would like to promote BEEF this year for a new year’s BEEF RESOULTION, put it in a reminder place, so you can check this resolution next December to see if you have made the link in the chain stronger.

God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the Courage to change the things I can; the Wisdom to know the difference. Without your help to continue and expand our knowledge to reach out and educate the world in a positive manner we cannot succeed, but I have faith in all of you to help in every way possible to make this year very successful. I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to serve as New Mexico CowBelle President and with your help we will make a difference in the Beef Industry.

Sincerely – Sharon King, NMCB President

The meeting of the Chamiza Cowbelles was called to order by President Gloria Petersen at 11:14 a.m. in the home of Jodell Downs with 12 members present. Sioux Cochran recited the Cowbelle Prayer and Cowbelle Creed after which we all said the Pledge of Allegiance. Since this meeting was one day prior to “D” day, some members related memories of that day. Gloria reported that the young man who won the half of beef brought his entire family to pick up the meat, stating he had never won anything before this. The entire family was overjoyed at receiving so much meat. One of the group’s charter members, Hazel Johnson, lost her son recently and it was decided to donate $100 to help her with funeral expenses. A discussion was held regarding the location of meetings for next year. Only two people volunteered to host 2013 meetings: Nancy Phelps in May and Jodell Downs in December. In hopes of increasing attendance at meetings, it was decided to have all other meetings held at the Ivory Tusk Restaurant in Elephant Butte Inn. Meeting was adjourned at 11:35 a.m. after which the members all enjoyed goodies and treats.

Lariat CowBelles December News 2012. With eight members present, Lariat CowBelles met at the Rabbit Ears Café for their Christmas Party on December 12. Appetizers were provided by the officers. 2013 officers were installed in a presentation entitled “A Sweet Presentation.” President Owaissa Heimann received a Mr. Goodbar, Vice President Kathryn Malcolm-Callis received a Kit Kat bar, Secretary Mary Coffman received Smarties candies, Treasurer Mary Bleiker received a Payday bar that was accepted in her absence by Wanda Gard, Reporter Marianne Rose received a bag of Hershey Kisses. There was a Dirty Santa Gift Exchange. Respectfully Submitted by, Marianne Rose Lariat CowBelle Reporter

The Powderhorn CowBelles had a booth at the Old Fashioned Christmas in Fort Sumner, a project of the De Baca County Chamber of Commerce where we sold Burritos, Coffee and Cocoa and offered Tidbits of Asian Lettuce Beef Wraps for the public to taste. The local did not have a business meeting this December – instead had a dinner party with husbands invited where everyone enjoyed lovely decorations, good food and the fun of a white elephant gift exchange and visiting. Member’s lives were saddened by the passing of member Jean Cowden of Santa Rosa and Vickie Evans of the Double V Ranch south of Fort Sumner. In the short time we have after Christmas, we will be planning our program and activities of education and promotion for the coming 2013 year.

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