Jingle Jangle

by Beverly Butler and Members.

Thank You CowBelles,

As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. As my year as president of New Mexico CowBelles comes to a close, I am reminded of all the wonderful and exciting things I have been privileged to be a part of and I look forward to what the future holds for us. I have seen some of the most dedicated and hard working women pull together to promote beef and answer questions from the public. I have made new friends and had more fun than should be allowed.

My fellow officers have done an amazing amount of work and I’ve watched a very qualified group of leaders pull together to improve communication and encourage wider participation among all members. This is an accomplishment that can make us all proud. Sharon King brought us a new opportunity for beef promotion with our participation at the pumpkin patch in Albuquerque and what a wonderful time we had. Sharon has worked diligently this year to reach the public with the beef story. Madalynn Lee did a terrific job getting everything organized and set up in the Beef Booth at the State Fair, where we had a chance to speak one on one with the public about the benefits of beef. This year’s booth looked better than ever! Dalene Hodnett kept us all entertained while we learned “what consumers really want” during her presentation at District Workshops and kept us all informed with accurate minutes. Lyn Greene kept our finances in order while at the same time keeping all the officers in order. Not an easy job, but one she did with her usual grace and laughter.

The District Representatives, Committee Chairmen, past officers, and the general membership have been more help than I can say. You have been there to offer encouragement, assistance, and to answer my endless questions. I could not have served as an officer without you and will do all in my power to emulate your generosity.

I’ve been fortunate during my term to have traveled New Mexico and the country for meetings, workshops, tours, and learning experiences and to meet fellow beef promoters with whom I am exceptionally proud to have CowBelles in common. I have been privileged to be your representative to New Mexico Cattle Grower’s, New Mexico Beef Council, and ANCW President’s Council.

Serving as a state officer is something I highly recommend and a time I will never forget. Through time, effort, involvement, and resources we all can keep New Mexico CowBelles strong and effective for those who follow in our footsteps.

Thank you for the opportunity you have given me. Calling myself president of New Mexico CowBelles truly has been an honor.

– Beverly Butler, NMCB President



  • January – Round-up month for membership
  • February 4-7 – ANCW Meeting, Tampa
  • February 19 – Ag Fest
  • March 14 – Roundhouse Feed, Santa Fe2013 District Workshop Tour
  • March 17 – Executive Committee, Clovis
  • March 18 – Cattle Capitol, Clovis
  • March 19 – Canyon, Carrizozo
  • March 20 – Frisco, Glenwood
  • March 21 – Broomtails, Lindrith
  • April 25-27 – Region VI Meeting, St. George, Utah
  • May 1-3 – WALC Meeting, Las Cruces
  • May 3-5 – Region IV Meeting, Amarillo, Texas

The Powderhorn CowBelles met November 13 at the home of Dorie Tucker. There were 12 members present. Election of officers was held and the following were elected to serve during the year 2013: Joan Key, President; Ellen Vaughan, Vice-President; Dorothy Vaughan, Secretary; and Carol Thorpe, Treasurer. Plans were finalized for participating in an “Old Fashioned Christmas in Fort Sumner” a project of the De Baca Chamber of Commerce of which Dorie Tucker is the Chairman. This promotion will be starting on November 19 and culminating on December 1 – the day for the traditional interfest. Shoppers in Fort Sumner will receive tickets for each $10 purchase, cash, debit or credit card at participating merchants. These tickets will then be drawn for awards at 5:30 during the Extravaganza Prize drawing during the “Old Fashioned Christmas” festivities. Powderhorn will have a booth where they will sell beef Burritos, coffee and hot chocolate. The group will be furnishing two Beef Certificates to be used by winners to buy beef at Dave’s Grocery and Fort Sumner Processing. Santa will visit the children! Decisions about requests for financial aid from 4-H or FFA members were discussed. The consensus of the group was that specific requests for money would be dealt with on a case by case basis considering the need and appropriateness of the request. The Annual meeting and Board of Director’s meeting were discussed. A door prize was authorized and decided upon. Plans for the December meeting were discussed and will be in the evening of December 11. Husbands are invited and following dinner a White Elephant exchange will be held. The affair will be at the Fort Sumner United Methodist Fellowship Hall. There being no further business the meeting adjourned and were treated to lunch at Fred’s Restaurant by an anonymous donor, much appreciated by all. Dorothy Vaughan, Secretary.

With nine members present, Lariat CowBelles met on November 14, at the Rabbit Ears Café. The 5 States Treasurer’s Report was discussed. There was approximately $30 profit from the event. The silent auction brought in the majority of income. Time sheets need to be turned in to Shea Arnett by the end of November. Sharon King gave a report on Pumpkin Patch, held for two weekends in October in Albuquerque. She helped man a booth there for the promotion of beef. They received positive responses from the people who visited their booth. Among the educational opportunities there were cookbooks, activities for children, goats and rabbits, presentations on dairy farming and Corriente cattle, and of course, pumpkins. There was a wonderful turnout with a total for the four days of 12,675 people. The New Mexico Centennial Edition Brand Book Package is now available. Also available is the 2010 History Edition Brand book with Max Evans’ personal tribute ‘Memories.’ The 2012 Brand Book costs $200. The 2012 Brand Book with a customized brand stove metal art piece in the shape of the State of New Mexico with personalized brand costs $225. Orders can be sent to the New Mexico Livestock Board. Lariats will be unable to participate in packing and shipping the pieces. Treasurer will be Mary Bleiker, Vice-President will be Kathryn Malcolm-Callis, and Secretary will be Mary Coffman. Lariat CowBelles Christmas Party will be held December 12, at the Rabbit Ears Café at 11 a.m. Hostesses will be Lariat officers. There will be a $10-15 gift exchange. Kathryn Malcolm-Callis will be making the yearbook for 2013. A signup sheet was passed around for members to choose to receive The Wrangler publication by email, regular mail or both. Respectfully submitted, Marianne E. Rose, Reporter, Lariat CowBelles.

Mesilla Valley CowBelles, minutes of the meeting held on October 23 (five members present): Dues are due. Please send your check to Janet. Officers for next year are the same as this year: Pres: Gretchen Lindsay; VP: Vicki Gove; Sec: Melissa Woodall; Treas: Janet Witte. November meeting will not be held due to closeness to Thanksgiving and no business to discuss; if anything comes up that needs discussion, will conduct via email. Annual “Christmas” party will be on Friday, December 28, and the home of Jeff and Janet Witte (THANK YOU!). Please mark your calendars. Dinner is potluck — will have a gift exchange for adults and a separate one for the kids. It has been mentioned to have some sort of activity at the party. Group is open to suggestions on any type of activity; possibly a scavenger hunt? Submitted by Gretchen Lindsay.

The Otero CowBelles held their November meeting in Tularosa. There were 15 members and one guest, Loretta Johnson, in attendance. The new slate of officers was voted on with Madalyn Lee, President, Danielle Kusmak, Ist V. President, Debi Rupe, 2nd V. Pres, Tena Beanblossom, Sec. and Estelle Bond, Treasurer to serve for 2013. Otero CowBelles have been invited to have a float in the Veteran’s Day parade and Madalyn will contact Jim Wagner to see if he will again volunteer to furnish the truck. The group held their annual bazaar. The funds raised by the bidding on some very yummy goodies and craft items, will benefit the Boys and Girls Ranches. Well over $445 was realized from the auction. The members were happy to have Peggy Anderson, who is recuperating from hip surgery attending. The CowBelles have been getting some welcome publicity in the local newspaper, with nice color pictures. Thanks Debi for the photos. Otero CowBelles manned a table at the Extension Family Fun Fair October 20 which was well received and we handed out BEEF information in the “Red Bags”. Group decided to give New Mexico BEEF license plates to the managers of Lowe’s Market for their unstinting help with the donations of spice rub and the beef for our fund raising efforts. Thanks to Chuck and Steve! Remember that “Success Comes in CANS not CANTS”, this has been President Rupe’s motto for the two years she has served Otero CowBelles and with the help of the members, it has proven to be true. Submitted by: Barbara Wagner, Secretary.

The Chuckwagon CowBelles met on November 6, 2012 with 18 members, one buckaroo, and four guests present. Toni introduced Rick Innanucci with Horses for Heroes in Santa Fe. He gave an update on the bunkhouse project, which is a 1,200 square foot bunkhouse with a great room and a porch that goes all the way around on the outside. He said that Cracker Barrel donated two rockers and a private individual donated ten more, for veterans to sit after a day of work. He said that this is the time when conversation turns to the war and hardship that these young men had to endure. He said it has all truly been an answer to prayer. He also requested prayer for Chris Chaisson, an Iraq War Veteran who received nearly crippling injuries recently after being hit by a train. He said that the Discovery Channel has shown interest in filming their work at the ranch. Rick suggested that the Chuckwagon CowBelles have its July, 2013 meeting at Horses for Heroes, and group quickly accepted his offer! There was discussion of programs put on for women veterans and discussion about Chuckwagon’s Horses for Heroes account. It was decided to donate $100 so that a wounded warrior can attend the Cowboy Christmas and to give Rick a $663.05 check. Toni announced the December 7 Board of Director’s meeting and the December 8 CowBelle breakfast in Albuquerque. The Mountainair Christmas fair will be on November 17 and the Estancia Christmas fair will be on December 15. Group decided to renew membership with ANCW and discussion occurred regarding the retention of membership. Carolyn Chance asked each member write down why she joined CowBelles and what she would like to see in programs/Learning vs just fellowship. Next month’s meeting: ham and turkey; Torrance County ladies are asked to bring a dessert; Valencia County ladies are asked to bring a side dish; Directions to Sue’s house were given. Toni said that there are two definitions of FEAR – “Forget Everything And Run,” or “Face Everything And Rise.” Good fodder for thought! (UPDATE: Meeting at Rick’s may be in June and Toni will have her fantastic toffee for sale at the next meeting for $30 per slab.) Respectfully submitted by Babbi Baker.


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