Jingle Jangle

by Beverly Butler and Members.

Greeting CowBelles,

With 2012 rushing past and the end of the year almost upon us we have a greater challenge than any in recent memory. Now, more than ever, it is important for each one of us to do all we can to encourage beef consumption. Promoting beef is our mission. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to work harder than ever before to bring your message to the public. Domestic beef demand during July was up compared to last year, but export demand for U.S. beef was down 14.9 percent. Export demand has declined each month this year. Retail beef prices in August were up from the same time last year and the ninth highest month ever.

Clearly, it is supply that is sending cattle and beef prices higher. The U.S. drought is making meat more expensive and testing demand for chicken, beef and pork as prices climb. But it is consumer beef demand that will determine how high prices will go and how we survive into the next year. Consumer decisions are driven by value, which is a combination of preferences and price of a product. It is our job to insure that consumers are educated about the value of beef in a healthy diet relative to the alternatives of pork and poultry.

Tyson, the nation’s largest meat company, predicts future price increases as the drought pushes up prices for feed corn but they said its chicken business would remain profitable next year. Their beef and pork sections have been experiencing “very difficult market conditions” that will result in lower profit. According to Tyson, they expect their chicken and pork segments to generate at or above normal income ranges but beef margins could be below the typical range. Again, our work is cut out for us. We MUST reach the consumer with our positive message about beef.

Sales of beef and pork in grocery stores and other retail outlets were down in the latest quarter, while chicken sales were flat. Shoppers remain frugal and are buying less expensive cuts within the meat categories. Domestic demand for ground beef took a hit after the controversy over lean finely textured beef. At this time consumers may be buying less expensive cuts of beef but have not traded down to chicken. Let’s keep it that way!

Restaurants and cafeterias are another matter. Sales of chicken to these outlets held up but beef demand was down. McDonald’s, the world’s largest restaurant chain, said customers will see more new chicken items instead of beef. They are looking at such items as bone-in chicken wings and cashew teriyaki salads with chicken as ways to attract customers who are cash-conscious. Snack items like chicken mc bites are another way they are changing their brand. McDonalds is looking to draw budget-minded Americans with chicken items which can be priced lower than other proteins. According to their CEO chicken costs are “cheap relative to beef right now by a lot.” Chicken is also perceived to be healthier and that could be a factor in fast food menus. Once again, our work to promote the 29 lean beef cuts is essential.

According to the U.S, Department of Agriculture chicken consumption in the United States will increase 1.7 percent in 2013 while beef consumption may decline 2.2 percent over the same period. However, there are other factors that can change the level of demand for beef. One of these is the desire consumers have for beef. There is no indication that consumer preferences for beef have declined. Now, more than ever, it is up to us to show consumers that their favorite protein comes from our families. Personalizing where their beef comes from, our love for our animals, our care of the land, our protection of wildlife are all factors that can influence their decision about what to feed their own families.

This is a difficult mission I am setting before you – but NOT MISSION IMPOSSIBLE. If we all look for opportunities to promote beef we can succeed.

– Beverly Butler, NMCB President



  • November 15 – Annual Reports due to President-Elect (50 copies)
  • Volunteer Time Sheets due to President
  • November 16 – Registration Deadline for Annual CowBelle Breakfast

    Cost: $25.00 – Send to: Lyn Greene, HC 75 Box 22, Mountainair, NM 87036

  • December 6-9 – Joint Stockmen’s Meeting, NMCB Board of Directors

    & General Membership Meeting,

    Albuquerque Marriott Pyramid North

  • December 7 – NM CowBelles Board of Directors Meeting
  • December 8 – NM CowBelles General Membership/Awards/Officer Installation
  • January – Round up month for membership
  • February 4-7 – ANCW Annual Meeting, Tampa
  • February 19 – Ag Fest 38th Annual Five State CowBelle Round Up

Lariat CowBelles hosted the annual 5 State Round Up at the Clayton Air Park. This year’s theme was “Advocacy for Agriculture.” 65 people were in attendance from New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma and Texas. The first speaker was Polly Ruhland, CEO of Cattlemen’s Beef Promotion & Research Board, Denver, CO. Her topic was “Beef Check Off Update.” The second speaker was Tammi Didlot, President of American National Cattlewomen, Inc. from Moore, Oklahoma. Her topic was “Advocacy Alliances and ANCW.” The goal is to teach consumers to make informed decisions about what they eat. Agvocating is telling the ag story through social media such as blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, face to face and legislation. A good website for learning how to blog is www.farmnwife.com. Shea Arnett narrated a style show coordinated by Wanda Bradley of Espe’s/3 West. The third speaker was Dalene Hodnett, Director of Communications and Media Relations New Mexico Farm & Livestock Bureau, Las Cruces, NM. Her topic was “Professional Agriculture Awareness on a Shoe String Budget.” The social media is not a fad, it is here to stay. Use Facebook to tell your story. Websites such as www.wordpress.com and www.blogger.com give provide templates on how to set up a blog. Blogs and Facebook entries should emphasize family, care of animals and land, long term proposition, economics, and the nutritional value of beef. The fourth speaker was Marianne Rose, Lariat CowBelle Reporter/Historian and Masters of Beef Advocacy Alumni. Her topic was “Education for Advocacy.” Everyone received a folder with information on the Masters of Beef Advocacy program and educational opportunities provided by Beef Check Off. Owaissa Heimann presented the Cowboy Ethics. For the entertainment of the attendees there were door prizes, a silent auction, and gifts provided by 1st National Bank of New Mexico and Farmer’s & Stockman’s Bank. There were vendor booths by Espe’s/3 West, Gladstone Mercantile, Mary’s Flowers & Gifts, Stanley Home Products and Go Foods. Besides being a day of wonderful education opportunities, it was a great time of networking, renewing old friendships and making new ones. Respectfully Submitted by,Marianne Rose Lariat CowBelle Reporter/Historian

The Chuckwagon CowBelles met at the Shaffer Hotel in Mountainair in October with 14 members present and Toni Barrow presiding. The State Fair booth questionnaire and the flier that was handed out to kids were shared and discussed. The format was very impressive. It even included riddles and jokes to help kids think about beef. This secretary’s favorite goes like this: “Where do cattle go to dance? Answer: to a meatball.” Toni announced the Pumpkin Patch event on October 20th and 21st and then again on the 27th and 28th. There was also discussion about the 4-H pumpkin fundraiser on October 20 at the Ag Science Center in Los Lunas. It was decided to attend the Mountainair Christmas fair on November 17. Toni announced that December 6-9 are the dates of the Cattlegrowers’ and CowBelles’ annual meetings. She said that February 9, 2013 is AgFest, May 1-3, 2013 will be WALC, and ANCW’s Region VI meeting is slated for April 25-27 in St. George, Utah. Vera Gibson reported that $83.88 was collected this morning for Horses for Heroes. The Christmas party will be at the home of Sue Forrest in Belen. It will be a potluck, but Sue will provide drinks and the meat dish. It was decided to adopt Horses for Heroes for another year instead of giving Christmas gifts to each other during the Christmas party. Toni mentioned dues: $35 for local or $75 for local and ANCW membership. PLEASE BRING YOUR HOURS, TIME AND MILEAGE TO THE NOVEMBER MEETING AND GIVE THEM TO BABBI! Toni requested program ideas for the 2013 year. There was discussion about the Check-Off dollars. The 2013 District Workshops will be held during the week of March 18 – 21. Phyllis Hawley introduced Sheila Trevitt, manager of the Shaffer Hotel. Vera Gibson then shared a letter from Governor Martinez’ office addressed to the National Fish and Wildlife Service director. In it she implored the NFWS to remove the wolves that have been terrorizing Catron and Grant Counties. There was discussion about this. Bec Campbell gave a presentation on her trip to France and Monaco. She relayed how moved she was by the archeological digs there and how they brought history – even Biblical history – to life. The photographs she shared were certainly indicative of the great time she had. The next meeting will be at Babbi Baker’s house on November 6, 2013. Respectfully submitted by Babbi Baker

The Powderhorn CowBelles met at the home of Abby Hoffman in Tucumcari. Four of members attended 5-States in Clayton; Karen Kelling, Joan Key, Sandy McKenna and Carolyn Bedford. At the previous meeting members decided to participate in Winter fest, a project of the De Baca County Chamber of Commerce. Finalized plans are to sell breakfast burritos and coffee and to have a beef dip for people to taste with the recipe available on December 1, 2012. A letter was read from Sharon King about a beef promotion project at the Pumpkin Patch in Albuquerque on the weekends of October 20/21 and October 27/28. Karen Kelling and Frances Speight would like to help and will contact Sharon. Any member may contact Karen Kelling or President Key for details if interested. NMCB President Beverly Butler sent a notice about the Annual Meeting December 7 and 8 reminding us it is not too early to think reservations. Registration deadline is November 16. The American National Cattlewomen and Southern Ag Credit present ANCW AgBoutique. ANCW has purchased a booth at the Cattle Industry Convention and NCBA Trade Show in Tampa, Florida February 6-8, 2013 to sell books by authors with an intimate knowledge of the beef industry. Anyone who has access to such a book or to whom this sounds interesting should contact Karen Kelling at kelling@plateautel.net for particulars! What a great idea! The nominating committee presented the following slate of officers for Powderhorn for 2013: Joan Key, President; Ellen Vaughan, Vice-President; Dorothy Vaughan, Secretary; Carol Thorpe, Treasurer. Yetta Bidegain introduced Mildred P. Lovato, President of Mesalands Community College. She introduced herself as a product of New Mexico, born and raised in the south valley in Albuquerque. She received her education at New Mexico University and New Mexico State University. Her career has been in K-12 education and also the justice department, mostly dealing with family therapy. She has been President for a year and is proud of Mesalands and its development and growth and anxious for us to enjoy the tour. The Rodeo Team is quite a draw for students with this interest and talent with an active program and good standing all across the US. The Wind Research and Training Center is the recipient of an ongoing grant. The science department has a grant in Stem research which has been expanded and renewable for five years. A new Math Science Learning center has been built. There is a foundry for both precious metals and cast iron. Members were privileged to see a “pour” and have the process explained. In the Farrier barn the group witnessed a student “floating” teeth on a horse. Next to this were examples of Artistic Silversmithing and metal engraving. Every student in this class makes a pair of spurs and that is just the beginning of this highly technical skill. Many students receive their GED and transition on in to college life, learning techniques for a productive way of life. Dorothy Vaughan, Secretary

The July meeting of the Frisco CowBelles discussed the follow-up logistics of the annual fundraiser Barbecue, Auction and Dance held the weekend of June 30th. The food was great as was Bucky and Friends who played for the Dance; attendance was lower than usual but all had a good time. Catron County Fair will be August 22-26, 2012. Frisco will donate to the steer exhibitors, general fund, champion steer and county bred steer. The buckle for county bred steer is also from Frisco CowBelles. August 19, 2012, Frisco CowBelles met. Final plans for the Catron County Fair were made. There will be a CowBelle table in the exhibit building with beef literature available for the public. Financials for both Ranch Days and the Barbecue were updated; still waiting on a couple of receipts. Now have the December dates for the annual meeting in Albuquerque. Frisco is hosting the Saturday morning breakfast meeting. They will be starting to put ideas together for decor of the morning and getting information about what is needed. The auction chairman, Jeanne, has almost enough art work for the 2013 barbecue/auction event. That is putting things together early – great! September 17, 2012, Thank you notes were read from Beverly Butler, Sharon King and Lyn Greene for the State Fair man-power dollars. Dates were also sent to notify us for District workshop/meetings. Our area is Wednesday, March 20, 2013 and Frisco is hosting that one. The group has a pretty good idea of some decorations and the meal to be served that day. Financials for Ranch Days and the Barbecue were all settled. Jeanne is continuing to look for large frames to be used next year to frame some of the prints. We have more details about the breakfast meeting in December during annual cattle growers and what we are expected to do for it. Some items have already been collected and prepared to go. Several of the members are planning to attend also. Operation Respect materials have been put out in the motels and cafes during hunting seasons. Hopefully people will read and respect the land, etc. We will invite prospective new members to join our local. Submitted by Margie McKeen

Borderbelles has had a busy fall. The group raised over $1,800 with a brand quilt raffle to fund the scholarship and help with operations. Members had a booth at the Southwestern New Mexico State fair and during Agtoberfest on Saturday afternoon, October 13, 2012 members visited with about 300 children and families emphasizing the byproducts of beef. NM Beef Ambassador, Courtney Hurt helped out. Borderbelles elected officers for the coming year. They are President – Beverly Butler, Vice-president-Treasurer – MariAnne Treadwell, Secretary-Reporter – Tamara Hurt. The group will be placing Christmas lights on the windmill at the Chamber of Commerce office for the holiday season, where a sign will be hung on the windmill stating the lights are compliments of area ranchers.

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