Jingle Jangle

Hello Ladies —

Wow, it is already May 2011 and I don’t know about you, but I am ready for the wind to slow down to a gentle breeze and for the moisture to refresh the ground and us. The wind does make the windmills pump water, but rain will help to grow fresh, green grass. I hope we all receive the moisture needed.

We did have a chance to refresh our friendships with other CowBelles and CattleWomen this past month during the combined meetings of the American National Cattlewomen’s Region VI and Women In Agriculture Leadership Conference. We enjoyed the “Innovation & Collaboration” during our time together as well as had some very good speakers and information. The ANCW President-Elect, Tammi Didlot, came from Oklahoma to be our guest and then traveled on to Wyoming CattleWomen Region V meeting. We were also very happy to have Region VI Director Judy Ahmann and her husband from California join us. Barbara Jackson, ANCW First Vice President came to tell her story titled “It Is OK to Eat Beef”. This is what we all need to share with consumers, so they will see what a great product Beef is and that we do a good job providing food which is it safe to eat, healthy for all ages, and really tasty.
We had speakers come from a broad range of backgrounds and they spoke on different topics, such as Shana Gibson who spoke about the “Modern Cowgirl”; Dr. Cynda Clary spoke on the “Strength Based Leadership”; Rebecca Long Cheney told us about being “Agriculture Warriors”; as well as Tent Loos who closed out our speakers with “Motivation & Leadership”.
New Mexico CowBelles wanted to showcase our state by doing a Tri-Cultural Theme which included “honor the past while embracing the future”. Ashley Mills, New Mexico Fair Queen first attendant, spoke to us during the ANCW meeting and Deborah Blanche entertained us with her Chautauqua performance. We were honored to have Nambe Pueblo dancers who shared their beautiful dancing and history with us. Dulcimer Dan shared his love of music during the “Diamond In the Rough” Dinner. What a good time we all had with CattleWomen, CowBelles and Women In Ag Ladies. I know some of you ladies didn’t get to attend, but I hope those that did will share all the fun we had.
I would like to give a big Thank You to the women who made all this possible! Rachel Ricklefs agreed to head this ANCW Region VI Conference and her committee did a great job for the New Mexico CowBelles. Shacey Sullivan & Caren Cowen, both co-chaired the Woman In Agriculture Conference, and they had many wonderful ladies as well who worked together on this. I hope when you see these ladies, you will let them know what a great job they did for us all. We all like to hear that we do a good job, and be sure and drop a note of thanks to our sponsors.
Cooking good food is also something we are known for. During the NMCB Workshop this year, a CowBelle member told me said she would like to see more recipes. As I thought about her comment, I remembered a way to find new beef recipes for us to prepare for our families and to tell others about when talking about our tasty product. BeefItsWhatsForDinner.Com is a site you can connect with using your computer or your cell phone. On this site, you can find recipes, watch videos for preparing different foods, what to look for when shopping for beef at our local store, understanding the label on our meat purchase and so much more. There is even a chart for people to look at and print out which would be helpful when they are planning their meals. There is much to see on just this one web-site. You can also go to the New Mexico Beef Council – nmbeef.org – and find a short cut to BeefItsWhatsForDinner.Com. You can also find Beef Cook-Off Recipe information there and this would be another way to share good beef information with consumers in your area. Our 2009 past president, Kathryn Malcolm Callis, who served as the ANCW Consumer Education Chairmen 2010, always has good information pertaining to beef from a scientific view. Did you hear that ground meat is going to have a sticker put on the wrap which states that it is “Low Fat”? This should be very inviting to the consumers
. . . remember . . . Beef, It’s What’s For Dinner!

–  Linda Lee,
    New Mexico CowBelle President 2011


PS, Speaking of Beef, don’t forget we are having a contest to find new artwork for sales items which will be a T-Shirt and a bumper sticker. Anyone can enter their ideas as long as it is promoting agriculture, and remember that you can receive money for your idea should your idea be chosen. We are working to have new products to sell, so send in your ideas soon. The deadline is June 15.


June 1-30 — BEEF Promotion Month
June 1 — NM Beef Ambassador applications due
June 15 — NMCB T-Shirt and Bumper Sticker Contest deadline
June 19 — “Beef For Father’s Day”
June 26-28 (tentative) — NMCB Mid-Year meeting. NM Beef Ambassador Contest



Sacaton CowBelles held their meeting on April 14 in Quemado, NM. Scholarship applicants were reviewed and voted on. Scholarship recipients will be announced at graduation. Jess Carey, Catron County Wolf Interaction Investigator, was the guest speaker. Jess gave an update on the wolf recovery program and the impact it has had on the people of Catron County. A document has been prepared by Jess to educate individuals to be able to determine if livestock or pets may have been killed by a Mexican Wolf. If anyone is interested in this document please email a request to sacatoncowbelles@hotmail.com. If wolves are not in your area they may be soon. It is a fact for those of us in Catron County that “If you live in wolf country your life, the lives of your family and the lives of your pets and domestic animals may be at risk.” In a five-year period, 250 wolves will attack and savagely slaughter over 7,000 head of livestock and game animals. The cost to New Mexico and the US economy for the Mexican Gray Wolf Program will be well over $60 million in the next five years. It is estimated that the reintroduction costs the taxpayers $303,000 per wolf. The talk was very informative and left many with a lot to think about. Sacaton will meet again in Datil at the Eagle Guest Cafe in May. Group will, hopefully, have Susann Mikkelson of Rocky Mountain Food Coop come and talk about the benefits of a Coop. Submitted by Anita A. Hand

Fifteen Powderhorn CowBelles from DeBaca, Guadalupe, and Quay Counties met in Clovis on April 12, 2011. They discussed “Earth Day” education and plans to furnish grade schools in Ft. Sumner, Vaughan and Santa Rosa with packets for fourth graders. Club members also read three outstanding applications from members’ daughters for the Pat Nowlin Scholarship. One application was sent to the State Pat Nowlin Committee. President Sandy McKenna also reported on the Powderhorn CowBelle Scholarship recipients which will be announced in May. It was decided to furnish hamburger meat for the Ft. Sumner Business Women to serve Ft. Sumner honor students and their parents at an end-of-year program. In other business, the club members discussed the Old Fort Days held in Ft. Sumner. Prep day to get the food ready is June 7 and the Barbeque will be on June 11. Steve Dimetroff will cook the barbeque again. The Club furnished Karen Kelling with recipe cards and a door prize to take to the April Region VI ANCW meeting. Group will furnish County Extension Agent, Leigh Ann Marez, with beef sticks to give out to children. At the end of the business meeting Nancy Taylor from the Food Bank of Eastern New Mexico and West Texas spoke about the need to feed hungry children in our schools. Group recessed to lunch at the Rib Crib and then on to Pippin Ranch for a tour. Submitted by Carolyn Bedford, Secretary
The Chuckwagon CowBelles met in Mountainair on April 12 with 27 members and five guests present with Toni Barrow presiding. Elaine and Bec encouraged all to volunteer at the Roadrunner Food Bank. Lyn Greene presented a bill for $40.25 for Rice Krispies. Toni read a thank you from Shelly Porter for donation of meat to the 2011 Home Economics School. Each of the 4-H’ers also sent a thank you note. One child addressed Chuckwagon CowBelles as, “Dear Hamburger People”. Of Course, we all thought that was great! That’s a boot that fits! There was discussion about the state fair schedule and the All-Indian Livestock Days in May. Meeting adjourned then group dined on nostalgic Jello salads to set the mood for presentation of photographs and memories from Chuckwagon CowBelles’ unique history. Group was blessed to have charter member since 1967, Maxine Brown attend monthly meetings! Jackie Brown became a member the very next year, and Margaret McKinley has been a New Mexico CowBelle member since 1957! Jo Ann said that in those days ladies met together to quilt and catch up on news, and that’s the way they stayed in touch with what was happening in the county. Presentor encouraged all younger CowBelles to “go forward from here and gather for yourselves memories like we have.” What a blessing to be able to glance back into our history and ponder the love of the land of life; the humility and awe before nature and the hope and faith in the future that is and was inherent in these lovely cattlewomen! Submitted by Babbi Baker

Minutes of the Grant County Copper CowBelles – March 8, 2011. The ANCW/NMCB Annual Meeting and the Region VI meeting will be in Albuquerque April 27-30. Alma Days are April 26-27. The Dutch oven cook-off is happening March 26. The 2011 yearbooks are completed and were handed out to members present. Thank you to Gale Moore. Bobbie Neal – Little reports that some pamphlets were given to Judy O’Loughlin for the extension office when the storage unit was cleaned out. Group needs to plan ahead to order new beef information and pamphlets for the Grant County Fair. The new owners of U-Store have matched the price of other storage units. The District III workshop was attended by Kathy Davis, Judy de Pedro, Pat Hunt and Aubrey Allen. They wore the “The best stewards of the land are Farmers and Ranchers“ T-shirts and were a big hit. The main message taken from the workshop was: the portions of the various food groups on your plate needed for a healthy diet. One half of your plate should be vegetables, a portion of protein (beef) and a portion of starch (potatoes, rice, tortilla. The budget committee met March 4 and suggested that group receive feedback from the Kid’s Backpack program to ensure that financial contribution is going towards a cause that is beneficial for the children. Bobbie Neal-Little volunteered to get information and report back to the group. Bev Medford read the audit report for 2010 accounts. The audit found a check written last year that had not been cashed and it was approved to void the check. A prize for the most unique use of beef in a Dutch oven recipe was proposed and it was decided to donate $30 to the cook-off. Denim and Pearls: The date is set for October 15, 2011 (as long as the venue and band are available on that date). The group gave permission to the Farm Bureau to borrow some of the CCB decorations to use at their annual dinner. Pat Hunt encouraged CCB members to be aware of groups or causes in the community that may be in need of a financial contribution. The meeting was adjourned. Submitted by Wanda MacInnis, Secretary

The March 19, 2011 meeting of the Berrendo CowBelles was held in Roswell. There were eight members present. Associate Member Chairman Joyce Darrough turned in five checks for Associate Members from Po Po’s Restaurant, Roswell Livestock and Supply, Keys Welding, The Cowboy Café and Atkins Engineering. Lillian Graham turned in a check for Beef license plates sold at the Roswell Livestock and Supply. The President reported that she and Genora Canon went together to present $100 check to the Community Kitchen for them to buy beef to serve and that she went on to the Women’s Shelter to donate the hygiene items. Genora Canon turned in fountain pens donated by Cherri Michelet from Homestead Realty and Lillian Graham turned in pocketknives with alien faces on them donated by Roswell Livestock and Supply for the ditty bags for the ANCW/WALC meeting. Betty Solt and Genora Canon reported on the District Workshop held in Capitan. President Solt gave Kimberly Stone pictures of group activities for the State Web site. It was decided to donate $20 to the Pat Nowlin Memorial Fund in the name of Bill Dinwiddie, to buy $25 worth of note cards made by Debi Rupe, and to give one $500 Scholarship to a child or grandchild of a Berrendo CowBelle. The new Berrendo CowBelle pins are finished and they are beautiful. Meeting adjourned. Submitted by Genora Moore

Otero CowBelles met April 7 in Alamogordo. Twenty-one members and one guest (Souix Phillips) were in attendance. Estelle Bond won the door prize of Easter stuff. President Debi Rupe sent via email the minutes of previous meeting and agenda to each member so that each might be apprised of coming events and be able to participate in those areas that interest them. Attendance is up and the new members are anxious to get involved. Maddy Lee gave a presentation on “Embrace the Plate” which was Beverly Butler’s presentation at the District Workshop. Estelle Bond demonstrated the “Kids Kows and More” presentation which will be May 10 and 11. The person in charge of Health Fairs in the Alamogordo School System has asked that the Otero CowBelles have a booth at each one in the coming year. Chairman Linda Mitcham and Debi Rupe will have vacationing youngsters help fill the “Beef” bags this summer in readiness for getting the beef message to hundreds of children. The Beef Council sent boxes of materials so things are moving on. Several of the ladies planned to go to Ft. Bliss to work the All American Beef Battalion April 9. Pres. Rupe encouraged anyone that hasn’t helped, to go and see what goes on. It is a very worthwhile event! Submitted by Barbara Wagoner

New Mexico CowBelles: Thank you to all who have submitted their news to “Jingle Jangle.” Please send minutes and/or newsletters to:
Jingle Jangle, Janet Witte, 1860 Foxboro Ct., Las Cruces, NM  88007 or email: janetwitte@msn.com