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Greetings Cowbelles. 

Many of us have had a very busy beginning of 2012. Ag. Fest, held January 24, was a success and we all owe Sharon a big “Thank You” for a job well done. New Mexico CowBelles had a booth and gave out samples of beef jerky made with New Mexico Beef! What a great way to promote our product and our state.

The ANCW Annual Meeting in Nashville was packed with information from committee meetings to President’s Council to education workshops. New Mexico CowBelles were well represented and we all participated, learned, and enjoyed our time together. Now we are looking forward to sharing all that we have learned with the rest of you during our District Workshops. Plan to attend the workshop in your area so you can gather new ideas and share your success stories for beef promotion and education. All the officers are looking forward to this year’s workshops and our time with you.
The 2012 New Mexico Legislature will wrap up on February 16, but before it does the Roundhouse Feed will take place on Valentine’s Day, February 14. Another opportunity to promote the benefits of BEEF in a well-balanced diet and remind our legislators what agriculture does for the state.
Don’t forget that your nominations for NMCB Man of the Year are due by March 15. Put on your thinking caps and nominate a man in your area deserving of this award. This can be any man in your community that has helped to promote the goals of New Mexico CowBelles, so think outside the box. We need to recognize those who are always there when we need them and being nominated for this award is a way to do that.
I hope all of you are getting some of the winter moisture that I am enjoying. Muddy paw prints are the order of the day and I, for one, am very happy to see them. It has been so long I had almost forgotten how they can make you smile. I pray that this is the beginning of a very good year for all with lots of green for spring and summer to follow. Nothing is better than seeing fat cows grazing on green grass as you drive through New Mexico. Green Is Good!

                          – Beverly Butler, NMCB President


  • March 15 – NMCB Man of the Year – Nominations due to Committee Chair
  • March 18 – Executive Board Meeting in Roswell
  • March 19 – District IV Workshop in Roswell (Host – Berrendo)
  • March 20 – District III Workshop in Silver City (Host – Copper)
  • March 21 – District I Workshop in Corona (Host – Crown)
  • March 22 – District II Workshop in
  • Ft. Sumner (Host – Powderhorn)

The Powderhorn CowBelles of De Baca and Guadalupe counties, met on January 10. Courtesy cards were sent to Vickie Evans, Judy Byrd, Lib Cortese on the occasion of her 91st birthday and the family of Geri Huston who had passed away. Powderhorn sent a donation to the Pat Nowlin Memorial Fund in Geri’s memory. A thank you card for a donation was received from Dina Reitzel of the New Mexico Beef Council. Carol Thorpe presented the proposed 2012 budget which included the addition of a third scholarship. Powderhorn will be awarding three $500 scholarships. The third one will be open to anyone in either county. Powderhorn will be hosting the New Mexico CowBelles District IV meeting on March 22. The committee for the meeting is Dorie Tucker, Chair, Sandra McKenna, Ellen Vaughan and Joan Key. They will present plans at the February meeting. Dorie Tucker has been elected to the De Baca Chamber of Commerce Board and is looking forward to helping with their plans to celebrate the New Mexico Centennial of statehood. President Key named her committees for 2012. Program plans, locations of meetings and hostesses were discussed and tentatively agreed upon and door prizes were drawn. President Key presented Sandra McKenna with a gift certificate at the Bosque Redondo gift shop as a token of appreciation for her service as president of Powderhorn for two years. The meeting adjourned. Dorothy Vaughan, Secretary.

The Chuckwagon CowBelles met at the Shaffer Hotel in Mountainair on January 10, 2012 with 21 members and two guests present. Toni Barrow called the meeting to order and welcomed guests Joy Wrye and Cheryl Meares. Toni Barrow announced that dues are due. She then introduced Joy Wrye,the guest speaker. Joy took a trip to China with some students from her daughter’s class at Texas Tech. They started in Shang-Hi and worked their way across and around a good portion of the country. She showed interesting photographs of modern as well as primitive Chinese culture. She found the Terracotta Warriors to be the highlight of her trip. They were discovered in 1974 by a farmer who was digging a well and unearthed them. Joy shared jewelry and artifacts she bought while she was there. After lunch, “Judge” Cindy Robison and “Bailiff” Lyn Greene found Toni Barrow, Carolyn Chance, Babbi Baker and Vera Gibson guilty of various crimes against CowBelles. The crimes were varied but included such heinous acts as “being caught with a basket-load of frozen chicken in the check-out line at the Belen Wal-Mart”, “dining out on multiple occasions at Red Lobster”, and “eating at Landry’s when Texas Land and Cattle is just right across the freeway.” Clearly this kind of overt treason had to be severely punished, so in an attempt to make an example of these rebels, Judge Cindy sentenced each of them to two years of hard labor performing the duties of the Chuckwagon CowBelles’ officers. With the stoic faces of hardened criminals, they each accepted their punishment: Toni Barrow will break rocks in the President’s position, Carolyn Chance will join the chain gang in the Vice-President’s spot, Babbi Baker will make license plates in the Secretary’s post and Vera Gibson will join the highway clean-up crew as Treasurer. It was witnessed by all present in the Chuckwagon courtroom that justice had indeed been served and it was each person’s hope that these wayward CowBelles had learned their lesson! (It was such FUN, thanks to Cindy and Lyn – you both ROCK!) There was discussion about the February meeting and program at the Shaffer. There was discussion about the membership book update that will be distributed at February’s meeting. Toni Barrow adjourned the meeting at 1:30 p.m. Respectfully submitted by Babbi Baker.

Lariat CowBelles January News 2012 – With seven members present, the Lariat CowBelles met at The Wild Horse Grill on Wednesday, January 11. The New Mexico Livestock Board is holding a design contest for the cover of the 2012 Brand Book. The winner will have their drawing on the cover of the book. The runner up will be on the inside cover. This is open for ages 6-12. The design must represent the branding tradition in cattle or sheep. A photo of the applicant must be submitted with the drawing. Deadline for submission is May 1, 2012. Kay Stanley sent a note to Lariats saying she is unable to continue as a Lariat CowBelle, but expressed her pleasure in being a Lariat and getting to know the members. A picture was given to Bill Brockman who is in poor health. A thank you note was received from Violet Brockman. From the Courtesy Committee, Georgia Kimsey’s son is enjoying some improved health. The 2012 committee signup sheet was circulated. Five States Roundup was discussed with a potential date of Wednesday, September 26, being selected. The District Workshop will be held March 22 at Fort Sumner. Powderhorn CowBelles will be hostess. Applications for the Pat Nowlin Scholarship must be in by April 15. This is open to any CowBelle or child of a CowBelle.The Budget Committee met, January 16. Deadline for Man of the Year nominations is March 15. Upcoming programs for Lariat meetings were discussed. Owaissa Heimann gave a program on Beef Muscle Mania. She discussed the change from the food pyramid to My Plate. Chuck and round parts of beef are being used now for lean steaks. Flat Iron, Tender and Ranch steaks have risen in consumption which increases cattle industry value by $40-50/head. The leaner steaks are not as tender and are improved with marinade. A good marinade must contain an acid ingredient (such as lemon juice, yogurt, flavored vinegar or wine) or a natural tenderizing enzyme (found in papaya, ginger, pineapple or fig). Rubs add flavor to beef, but do not tenderize. Aging beef develops flavor and tenderness. Consumers should read the label on the meat package. It tells where the meat is from and what cut it is. Lariat members were given a folder with handouts and pamphlets on beef nutrition, cuts of beef, and recipes. There are magazines related to beef available for subscription, such as Working Ranch, Drover’s Magazine, and Beef Magazine. They have interesting articles and recipes. The next regular meeting of Lariat CowBelles will be at the Wild Horse Grill on Wednesday, February 8. Respectfully submitted, Marianne Rose Reporter
The January 5th meeting of the Chamiza Cowbelles was called to order by President Gloria Petersen with 16 people present, three of whom were guests. Under old business, it was reported that more beef license plates needed to be ordered and 30 shoe boxes were donated to needy children by Cowbelles’ donations. This year, there were enough boxes for all the children. Nadyne reported the Rotary Club and Moose Lodge gave Christmas gifts to 500 local children, including 160 homeless children in the area. Jean mentioned she would like to purchase the half of beef that is not used for the raffle, if able to obtain an entire beef for the next raffle. Gloria suggested Jean contact the Beef Council for a list of ranchers who will sell beef directly to the consumer, in case the group can’t provide the beef. For new business, Gloria explained instructions for volunteer sheets. These are to be filled out by each member and turned in to the secretary by November 1, 2012. The only eligible activities must be directly related to Cowbelles. Tommie wasn’t able to attend this meeting, but she sent along a list of prior members who have not as yet paid their dues, and requested help in contacting these people. ​Jane’s friend, Helen Plummer, a massage therapist, gave a short run-down on the benefits and cost of therapy. Meeting was adjourned at 11:40 a.m. followed by a delicious potluck lunch. Submitted by Cathy Pierce
The Otero CowBelles met at the Wok Inn in Alamogordo, Jan. 5. There were 17 members present and two guests, Brad Juhlin and Evelyn Castro. President Debi Rupe commended the group for all of the volunteer hours and miles they traveled in 2011.
Shirley Trezise was treated to a nice birthday cake as she was celebrating her 86th birthday that day. Shirley has been a faithful, generous member for many years and we all appreciate her. Patty Posey and Estelle Bond have made plans to attend the Region VI meeting in Hawaii in May. Nancy Cookson has volunteered her conference room at her office for the CowBelles to stuff BEEF bags which will be distributed at the local health fairs in the near future. We hope to reach between 2,000 and 3,000 students and parents. Otero CowBelle yearbooks should be ready for distribution at the February meeting which will be held at The Sunset Run Restaurant. Teresa VanWinkle will present a program on cancer prevention, innovations and cures at that meeting. Teresa and her husband, Larry, are both nurses and have worked many years making the public aware of everything concerning cancer. Teresa is the CAPPED CEO and works unstintingly on this project. President Rupe has ordered 3,000 of the NBCO brochures for us to distribute at fairs, grocery stores and anywhere we feel that they will be well received. It is OKAY to EAT BEEF! Submitted by: Barbara Wagner, sec. Otero CowBelles.

At the January 16 meeting of the Frisco Cowbelles plans for the coming year were discussed. Members were encouraged to attend the District Meeting in March and were asked to sign up at or by the February meeting. Marge gave an industry report which included: Info that the Extension budget and Range Improvement budget have been cut for this year, and the Wild Earth Guardians will be targeting the Wolf Project, The EAS and “protection” of the Gila. Frisco will host the Annual meeting in December and members discussed plans for that event. The annual BBQ was discussed and a date will be finalized in February. Two senior citizens were awarded Beef Certificates. Submitted by Cathy Murphy

New Mexico CowBelles: Thank you to all who have submitted their news to “Jingle Jangle.”
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