Jingle Jangle

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays CowBelles. 

This letter is coming to all of you knowing that this is a very busy time in all of your lives because it is the holidays, the end of the year and so much more. We have now completed the calendar of events for New Mexico CowBelles, for the most part, and looking forward to time with our friends and families later this month.

The New Mexico CowBelles annual Board of Directors heard ideas for expanding our public appearances and connecting with more of the general public on a state and local level. The New Mexico Beef Council came and gave a report on the Beef Booth, at the New Mexico State Fair, and other projects they do around the state to promote beef. Genora Moore, napkin chairman, brought the information on prices and materials available for our new napkins. Brand prices were discussed to cover the price of printing.

We were honored to have the 2011 American National CattleWomen President, Jill Gill, as our guest for the Breakfast Meeting and she also took part in the installation of our officers for 2012. Jill is the 60th ANCW President and is a Texas CattleWoman. She had asked to be part of the installation and this made the ceremony a little more special. This year’s installation was centered around a very creative “charm cake” which helped to bring the installation of officers full circle. I would like to thank the Crown CowBelles for being the host for our annual meeting this year as well. Beverly Butler brought the Red Book packets with updated information. These packets were created for all locals, state officers and committee chairs. Beverly has the sign-in sheet to show who picked up packets, if you were not there to receive yours.

The NMCB Senior Ambassador, Annie Marie Holcolm, and Junior Ambassador, Sage Mijares, along with Shelly Porter, Beef Ambassador Chair, presented their program at our breakfast meeting. The election of officers was held and the installation was very nicely done by the BorderBelles. The festive table colors helped us to think about the coming of Christmas in just a few weeks . . . whether we are ready or not.

I would like to thank the New Mexico Cattle Growers’ Association for always including the New Mexico CowBelles in their annual and mid-summer meetings. This group supports us during the year monetarily and always makes us feel welcome. Having a chance to put information into the New Mexico Stockman is another nice thing for NMCB. Caren does a bang up job with the magazine and when needed, she gives me a gentle reminder.

Although this is only December 2011, we are looking at events in the near future: Ag Fest being held at the Sweeney Building again, the Legislative Rotunda Feed, American National Cattle Women’s annual meeting, held in conjunction with the Cattle Industry Annual Meeting in Nashville, and then there is the 2012 NMCB Workshop Tour, to name a few. It will be another busy year and NMCB’s will continue to promote and educate people about BEEF.

Blessings to all of you, our Soldiers & their families From the Otero Mesa,

– Linda Lee, New Mexico CowBelle Past-President

The Otero CowBelles met November 3 at the Pizza Patio in Alamogordo. Twenty members and two guests, Drenda Messer and Courtney Hewes, were in attendance. Courtney Hewes paid her dues and became the 56th member of Otero CowBelles. President Debi Rupe gave an update on the Region VI meeting to be held in Hawaii, citing the fact that rates and taxes would probably be increasing after the first of the year so if anyone plans to attend, make arrangements before then. President Rupe was a guest on a talk/information radio segment and presented the listening audience with many pertinent facts on the nutritional value of Beef in today’s diet. She gave filled “Beef” bags to the staff at Station KRSY and they were pleased that she had been thoughtful enough to bring the information. Madalyn Lee announced that the CowBelles had been invited to have a float in the Veteran’s Day parade on Nov. 12. This is just another way to tell our service men and women how much they and their efforts are appreciated both past and present. The 2012 Otero CowBelles were installed by Yvonne Oliver, Debi Rupe, president, Pat Jones, 1st VP, Nancy Cookson, 2nd VP Barbara Wagner, Sec. and Estelle Bond, Treasurer. The Otero CowBelles are looking forward to participating in the many health fairs in 2012 to spread their message out to over 3,000 people. Submitted Barbara Wagoner

With 14 members and two guests present, Lariat CowBelles met November 9 at the Rabbit Ears Café. The 5 States meeting budget was discussed. Correspondence was received – Thank yous from Marianne Rose for nominating her as CowBelle of the Year; Marcetta Mulcock for 5 States; Tanner Monroe for the donation toward the cost of Youth Ranch Management Camp; the Robertson and Shugait families for memorial to the Pat Nowlin Scholarship Fund in Pauline Robertson’s name; and Myra Newkirk for the Lariat CowBelle scholarship. A card of condolence was sent to Verleen Aitchley’s family. Two memorials to the Pat Nowlin Scholarship Fund will be made in the names of Marguerite Poling and Verleen Aitchley. The NMCB officer nominations for 2012 were discussed. Lariat CowBelles elected Owaissa Heimann as President and Candra Acuna as Treasurer. CowBelle sale items will be available at a booth at the Christmas Bazaar in Clayton at the Civic Center on November 19 and 20. Owaissa Heimann gave a presentation on the history and activities of NMCB, Lariat CowBelles, and ANCW. Kathryn Malcolm-Callis spoke about ANCW, the Beef Cook-Off, and Kids, Kows and More. Sharon King spoke about 5 States, the Cook Once, Dine Twice program, and Mini-Beef Showmanship at the Union County Fair. Paiton Owensby of Folsom 4-H was the winner of this year’s Mini Beef Showmanship. Brianna Kimsey spoke on NMSU’s NM Youth Ranch Management Camp which she attended this year. There were lectures and hand-on sessions. The Sessions concerned marketing, management, government, conservation, wildlife management, budgeting, buying and selling cattle, and breeding and genetics for high altitude. An interesting slide presentation accompanied her talk. The Christmas Party will be on December 7, 2011, at 11 a.m. at the Rabbit Ears Café. There will be a gift exchange with gift price between $10 – 15. Respectfully submitted, Marianne Rose, Reporter

The Chuckwagon CowBelles met on November 8 at Babbi Baker’s house with 19 members, one junior member and five guests present. Guests, Art Swenka, George Forrest, Rick Inanucci and Nancy DeSantis were introduced. Brian Greene also attended the meeting. It was decided to have a meeting in March of 2012. Toni reminded all regarding dues, mileage and hours. It was decided to pay $100 to remain an associate member of ANCW. Toni announced the annual meeting of New Mexico CowBelles on December 2 at the Marriott Pyramid Hotel. The group is praying for Karen Tanner and for Pat Lambert. Toni then turned the meeting over to Rick Iannucci and Nancy DeSantis who run Horses for Heroes near Santa Fe. Rick started off by saying that the CowBelle Creed is very much in step with what the Horses for Heroes program is doing. He said they invite combat wounded veterans to join up with their 12 stage program that takes them through a real learning process. The veterans study about horses and cattle and how to do ranch work with and around these animals. Specifically, this process deals with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and ranch work greatly helps with this kind of war stress. Hands-on tasks with horses and cattle give these war veterans confidence they need in order to re-build communicative skill sets. In the progression of dealing with typical ranch chores and tasks, the heroes develop a bond with each other that then allows each to open up and talk about their war wounds. There are also licensed social workers on site who are there to help with counseling if needed. Horses for Heroes guarantee that their crews are ready to work cattle in a calm and quiet manner. They are taught Cowboy ethics and the Western way of life. Currently, Horses for Heroes would like to build a bunkhouse so that they don’t have to limit their programs to summer months. They are partnered with the Military of the Purple Heart and its Warrior/Mentor program, but their funding comes solely in the form of donations. They receive no government grants. They have based their program on Isaiah 6:8; “And I heard the voice of the Lord saying, ‘whom shall I send, and who will go for us?’ Then I said, ‘Here am I! Send me.’” Their program is the only one of its kind in the nation. Their next fund-raiser will be on December 9, 2011 at the Santa Fe Hilton beginning at 6:00 p.m. Rick closed by requesting prayer for their warriors and for him and Nancy as they continue this work. Toni reconvened the meeting. Minutes were read and approved. The Treasurer’s report was given and accepted. Toni mentioned the proposed by-laws changes. She also read an article about the pipeline that is planned to be installed through the Sand Hills of Nebraska. The ranchers over there will suffer a great deal if the pipeline is built. Marilyn Mignery said it will go straight through her home town. There was discussion about Christmas. It was decided to take up Horses for Heroes as a project. It was decided to donate $100 to send a wounded combat veteran to the Horses for Heroes Cowboy Christmas event in December and to support the program through an ongoing “kitty” of donations that will be payable to them every six months. This “kitty” will last one year and then be re-evaluated. It was also decided to make a $100 donation to Horses for Heroes and that this be in lieu of bringing Christmas ornaments to the December meeting. It was decided to place the $25.04 that is currently in the Beef Jerky for the troops account into the “kitty” for Horses for Heroes. The next meeting will be on December 13, 2011 at Toni Barrow’s home in Belen. See ya’ll there! Submitted by Babbi Baker

Minutes of the Grant County Copper CowBelles Meeting October 11, 2011 President Pat Hunt called the meeting to order at 1200. Arley Howard introduced her guest, Victoria Chick (Dowd). It was decided to accept the September 13 minutes as printed in the October newsletter and the treasurer’s report was accepted as presented. Pat Hunt introduced a guest, Mike Lindsey, who is the branch president of First Savings Bank in Silver City. Pat Hunt met Mike at the County fair, where he expressed an interest to meet the Copper Cowbelles. Mike Lindsey has been involved in the cattle business his whole life; he is the fifth generation of a ranching family. Both his mother and grandmother were involved in the ChuckWagon CowBelle group. His mom, Kay Lindsey, was state president in 1996. A thank you note was received from the New Mexico Bred and Raised Steer show for donation. Bev Medford sent a thank you card with 2 tickets for Denim and Pearls to Robin Geirhart for the donation of the Shoofly print and frame[; which Robin graciously returned as she cannot attend the event. The group received the prize money ($50) for the winning bumper sticker and thanked Cowbelles who helped at the State Fair. Pat Hunt met Misti McAuley, wife of Clay McAuley of the Farm Bureau in Silver City. She is interested in helping the Cowbelles and may become a member. Aubrey Allen was congratulated for her receipt of the Pat Nowlin scholarship. Kathy Davis gave a report on the County Fair where total of $318.50 worth of cookbooks, license plates, t-shirts, and denim & pearls tickets were sold. Kathy learned it is best to cook the roast beef 2 hours prior to giving it away which the Food Basket donated three gorgeous roasts for. Kathy will send a thank you note and two tickets for Denim & Pearls to the butcher for being so nice and helpful. Linda Pecotte volunteered to donate 2 tickets to the butcher. Denim and Pearls preparations were discussed. Past President’s Luncheon: Invitations have been sent out and few have responded. RVSP and pay by Oct. 22. Make check out to Copper Cowbelles. Summer Kirch announced that she and eight ladies she works with have put together a team to run a half marathon the first weekend of November to benefit the Susan B. Komen fund. The fund raises money for research in the race for a cure for Breast Cancer and other cancers affecting women. Summer’s team needs to raise $1000 just to participate. It was decided to make a donation of $100. Joan Woodward mentioned that the rule has been that the Copper Cowbelles do not donate money to causes not associated with ranching or agriculture. It was decided to amend the bylaws in terms of donations to give money outside of the beef industry. District III Meeting: need a Chairbelle. Pat Hunt suggested that we check out the Tyrone Community Center as a place to hold the meeting, and have it catered. Nominations will be presented at the November meeting. Bobbie Neal Little will send a sympathy card to Nancy Jackson’s family on behalf of the Copper Cowbelles. Names were drawn for the door prizes. Submitted by Wanda MacInnis, Secretary

Mesilla Valley CowBelles met November 15, 2011 with eight members and two juniors present; President Gretchen Lindsay presiding. The group welcomed back Candy Cox as a rejoined member and her Granddaughter Katy Fagan as a new member. On the agenda were dues are due, Officers to remain the same, Christmas Party and necessary annual reports mailed out. The All American Beef Battalion was discussed. Mr. Bill Broadie has fed the troops by providing steak dinners for those Soldiers and their families either deploying to or coming from deployment. They are currently in need of monetary help as for they are feeding more Soldiers than the cash/donations coming in. Several members of the group have gone to Ft. Bliss to help on these occasions and have found it to be an awesome effort and so appreciated by those who America appreciate! The group decided to pursue a proposal to NMCB as well as other grant opportunities to help in this endeavor. The Christmas Party will be at Wittes during the week after Christmas with a gift exchange with gift price between $10 – 15. Submitted by Janet Witte

New Mexico CowBelles: Thank you to all who have submitted their news to “Jingle Jangle.” Please send minutes and/or newsletters to:
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