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Muchisimas Gracias, Cowbelles! — My year as 2010 New Mexico CowBelles’ President has come to an end. When it began I said, “Now I’ll have something worthwhile to write in my obituary in the New Mexico Stockman.”  Curt reminded me that I don’t get to write my own obituary. This year has taught me that there are a lot of things I don’t get to do on my own…

The important work New Mexico CowBelles do for the cattle industry is a group effort. It takes the input of all 774 of us. But that work blesses us with new friends and new memories that are ours to keep until whoever-it-is writes our obituaries.

I am thrilled to join the ranks of NMCB Past Presidents — although probably not as thrilled as Curt who is ready to take over the rather large block of my time that will be freed up. But guess what? My association with New Mexico CowBelles has armed me with a BQA, an MBA, contacts all over New Mexico and other states through American National CattleWomen — so I’m primed and ready to carry on the good fight. I bought a bumper sticker that says, “If God hadn’t intended for us to eat animals, he wouldn’t have made them out of meat.” That obviously did not come from the Holy Bible but Genesis 1:26 did.  Share it with everyone who sends $19/month to HSUS.

I recommend my experience as an NMCB state officer to every one of you. Go for it! You aren’t too old or too young to serve the New Mexico cattle industry as a New Mexico CowBelles’ officer, district representative or committee chair. I’ve travelled the state with both ends of the spectrum and have great respect for both.  I defy anyone to beat Owaissa through an airport in high heels, pulling a heavy suitcase in a perfectly pulled together outfit without breaking a sweat. I’m also amazed by the young mothers I’ve served with who have had the courage to send their kids to family for a few days so they could lend their creativity, expertise and energy to New Mexico CowBelles. We can all make a difference. We all have talents to share.   And we all have a duty to our industry to keep it viable for our children and grandchildren.

Ranching is a family affair that I am fortunate to have been involved in since I met Curt in alphabetical order in Horticulture 100 at NMSU. I’d like to thank him for putting up without me this year and thank my New Mexico CowBelle family for putting up with me. I’d like to wish Linda Lee, our incoming NMCB President, a productive year ahead and give Collegiate CattleWomen a little advice. If you want to have a happy life — take horticulture.

Carnivores Unite!

– Karen Kelling,
Past President, New Mexico CowBelles


Dec. 25 — Eat Prime Rib for Christmas Day

Jan. 18, 2011 — New Mexico Legislative Session Begins

Jan. 31 – Feb. 3 — ANCW Annual Convention, Denver

Feb. 2-5 — Cattle Industry Annual Convention, Denver



The Chuckwagon CowBelles met in November at Estancia with 20 members, two junior members, one adorable miniature member, and two guests present with President Toni Barrow presiding.  Laura Bittner, Valencia County Extension’s Home Economist, gave a talk on her work in the Women’s Recovery Academy in Los Lunas, a rehabilitation program for convicted felons. There was discussion about the December Christmas meeting at Margaret McKinley’s Belen home. It was decided to send care packages to Beck Baker’s Army platoon. In typical Chuckwagon graciousness, $170 of personal money was given to Babbi to cover the cost of shipping. Toni will bring a Chuckwagon note for all to sign. The goodies brought to the Christmas meeting will be boxed up and shipped out that very day, and receipts for postage will be presented at the January meeting. Toni called for sign-ups to help during the Estancia Christmas Fair on December 11, and also mentioned two officer positions in NMCB that are open.  Babbi Baker agreed to seek the Vice-President’s office during the annual meeting. There was discussion about the questionnaire in the Wrangler and about the 2011 District Workshops. Fita Witte will donate a door prize for the annual meeting. There was discussion about the $25 registration fee for the annual meeting breakfast. It was decided to pay Toni’s ANCW dues. Fita mentioned the Fort Bliss Beef Battalion on November 20, 2010 in El Paso, Texas. Toni announced the Region VI meeting in Albuquerque is set for April 27-29, 2011, and called for help with assembling goodie bags for the conference. Dues are due: $35 for local, and $75 with an ANCW membership. Please give miles and hours to Babbi. Toni called for program ideas for 2011. Toni took photos of some Chuckwagon “calves” for the contest during the annual meeting. We’ll see who wins . . . Meeting adjourned at 2:20 p.m.

Submitted by Babbi Baker

Lariat CowBelles had their membership meeting November with 15 members and five guests present. The 5 States Roundup budget was discussed as was a message from Karen Kelling, NMCB President in the New Mexico CowBelles Wrangler. Annual membership is up for renewal. The dues are $27 which covers local and state dues. The 2011 Vice President will be Shea Arnett and Secretary will be Georgia Kimsey. Lariat officers will be the hostesses for the Christmas Party. The meeting will be held on December 8, at the Rabbit Ears Café. There will be a $15 limit gift exchange. Kathryn Malcolm-Callis gave an informative program on the American National Cattle Women. ANCW was started in 1939 in Arizona. CowBelles was officially instituted in 1952. She discussed the structure of ANCW and CowBelles, industry partners, associated programs, dues, the Beef Cook-Off and the regional meetings. Owaissa Heimann presented information on the CowBelle locals and New Mexico regions. Owida Franz gave a presentation “Boning Up on Bone Health.”  She discussed osteoporosis, causes of bone loss, prevention, and risk factors. Handouts were distributed on articles from BEEF magazine, Leadership and Solutions from Your NCBA, and NCBA. Respectfully submitted, Marianne Rose Reporter, Lariat CowBelles

November Minutes of the Grant County Copper CowBelles’. The meeting was opened by President Kim Clark at noon. Kathy D. shared the program for the Eagle Court of Honor of Robert Pack, who adopted the highway sign project as his Eagle Scout project. She also recommended reading an article published in the NM Stockman noting the importance of farming and ranching as careers, without which there would be fewer other careers that are considered more important. Pat H. distributed copies of a survey from the NM CowBelle Wrangler and also recommended membership in the National Cattlewomen – $35. It was decided to renew the Associate Membership ($100) with ANCW to receive the newsletter. Kim received a request from the NMCB President to provide 150 gift bags for the Region VI ANCW meeting in April. It was decided to send 150 of new bumper stickers and order more. A request was received from Rosella Escobedo for beef to feed students in the Sewing Club at Harrison Schmidt during a sleepover on Dec. 10 and the group decided to send a $20 certificate for beef. Denim & Pearls Fundraiser was successful. Discussion regarding improvements for next year’s event included: establishing a clean-up committee; more minimum bids on auction items; all donations of food to be on disposable ware, and maybe catering the event. Bring more ideas to the July D & P planning meeting.  Guest Presentation: Andrea Sauer from the Grant County Food Policy Council. In an easy-to-understand manner, she explained the need for this council – establishing a 13-person advisory committee to make recommendations to the Grant County Commissioners regarding ranching and agriculture – to address land use protection, grants to bring back meat processing to this area and, in general, further the farming and ranching industry in the county. New slate of officers for the 2011 year were sworn in and installed: President, Pat Hunt 1st VP, Lori Nell Reed 2nd VP, Neline Dominguez Treasurer, Bev Medford Secretary and Newsletter Editor, Wanda McInnis Winner of the 2010 President’s Award was Judy Billings. Kim Clark was thanked by Lori Nell R. for her two-years of service as President. Reminder about Dues – members will be sent reminders about membership renewal by Judy B. December Social luncheon will be held Dec. 14 at Eat Your Heart Out. Menu will include Beef Wellington for $12. Meeting adjourned at 1:00 p.m. Submitted by Sally Raphael, outgoing Secretary.

Powderhorn CowBelles met north of Ft. Sumner in November. There were 14 members and one guest present. It was decided to withhold scholarship monies until after second semester had started and recipients were once again enrolled in college. It was decided that our Ole Fort Sumner Days would include a celebration for the New Mexico Centennial. Further plans will be made later. All members were encouraged to pay $35 in addition to the local $20 to cover the ANCW dues. The Beef Ambassador will visit our club in December. She will be available on Fridays after January to work in schools. She usually goes to the 3-4 grade classes. Sandy McKenna gave the report on the State Fair.    Because of rain the state police shut down the fair and all people had to leave by 6:00 p.m. Sandy McKenna has new booklets and questionnaires she acquired from the Beef Council which we will try to pass out to schools. Karen Kelling announced that the annual meeting for CowBelles will be held in Albuquerque on December 3 and 4.  The board meeting and general meeting will be held on Friday from 1:30 p.m. until 5:30 p.m. She urged all members to attend this and support Sandy McKenna for the President-Elect position. The breakfast meeting will be on Saturday, December 4 at 7:00 a.m. and it will include awards, installation of officers, and talks by Linda Lee, new CowBelle President, Lana Slaten, ANCW President and Kyra Grant, state beef ambassador. It was decided to give Karen Kelling $100 toward meat thermometers for gifts at the state convention. After lunch, Michael Kull, President of the Board of Directors of the New Mexico Boys and Girls Ranches gave us an informative talk and told us that CowBelles had helped to keep the Boys Ranch open in the early days of its history. Respectively Submitted, Carolyn Bedford

The Berrendo CowBelles held their October meeting with seven members present and President Betty Solt presiding. The collection of dues was addressed. Also the Nomination Committee offered the following slate for officers in 2011: President – Betty Solt, Vice President – Joyce Darrough, Secretary – Genora Canon, Treasurer – Carmen Barbe. Fay Harral handed out bumper stickers given to her by the AQ Alpha-Omega Printing, Inc. of Roswell, NM that read: “Support American Ranchers — Ask for BORN USA RAISED Beef. This company makes the stickers and hands them out free. After some discussion it was agreed for the Local to give one of the bumper stickers to each of our Associate Members along with their certificate as a gift and to make the AQ Alpha-Omega Printing a free Associate Membership.  Genora Canon gave a report on the 5-States meeting held in Clayton, NM. The annual Christmas Party will be at Chews West on Dec., 11, 2010. It will be a noon meeting and husbands are encouraged to come. There will be an ornament exchange. The NMCB Annual meeting will be in Albuquerque December 2-5, 2010. It was decided to allow Joyce Darrough to buy Christmas plants as door prizes. Submitted by Genora Canon.

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