Jingle Jangle

Happy New Year,  New Mexico CowBelles

This is the start of a new year on the calendar and I hope all of you had a wonderful, blessed Christmas with your friends and family.

As I sit here writing this letter for the New Mexico Stockman magazine, I am thinking of all the women who have done this in past years. Wow! The New Mexico CowBelles have continued to share their passion for agriculture through beef promotion and education for the past 55 years.

Mrs. Pat Nowlin, our first New Mexico CowBelle President, with the help of her secretary, Mrs. Reuben Evans and the many others who supported the idea of CowBelles around New Mexico, and all of you continuing to support agriculture each and every day, make this possible.

Many locals are working on ways to keep and increase their membership. Some are trying different days and times for their meetings and some even have a family dinner which is followed by a local meeting while their family has a chance to visit. You are very creative women and food always is a wining idea when CowBelles have anything to do with it. Just ask others who have had a chance to be around a CowBelle gathering which involved food. Always a big hit!

I hope that each of you will have a chance to go to meetings which involve agriculture and our livelihoods. We all need to be active even if it isn’t what you prefer to do. This is something my dad said many, many years ago and it still holds true. We all need to join in however we can. Be a voice, read articles, write letters, talk with others who don’t really have the true facts about what we do to support this country. We raise healthy, safe, delicious food that we are proud of producing on our family owned businesses.

Less than 1 percent of the United States population is involved in agriculture and our food feeds people here and abroad. What an amazing fact to share when you’re telling your story to others.

Keep up the good work in all you do. I am thankful for this year’s team of NMCB officers:

Beverly Butler, president elect; Babbi Baker, vice president; Sharon King, secretary; and Lyn Greene, treasurer. We are your officers and we are here to be of help if you need us.

I am open to you calling or writing me anytime to discuss any issue you have a question about and I do hope we will continue to communicate with each other in a way that is supportive and productive for our organization.

–  Linda Lee,
    New Mexico CowBelle President 2011


New Mexico CowBelles Workshop Tour

February 28, 2011 – Capitan / Corriente CowBelles

March 1, 2011 – Deming / Border Belles

March 1, 2011 – Executive Meeting in T or C in the evening

March 2, 2011 – T or C / Chamiza CowBelles

March 3, 2011 – Roy / Piñon CowBelles



Lariat CowBelles held their Christmas party on Wednesday, December 8, at the Rabbit Ears Café. There were 11 members present. The officers were hostesses. The We Care committee sent a card to the family of the late Marjorie McLaughlin. It was noted that two Lariat associate members have moved out of state. Potential programs for next year’s meetings were discussed. The 2011 officers were installed by Vice President Sharon King. They are: President Owaissa Heimann, Vice-President Shea Arnett, Secretary Georgia Kimsey, and Treasurer Candra Acuna. Luncheon was off the menu and desserts were provided by Lariat officers. There was a gift exchange. Respectfully submitted, Marianne Rose Reporter

The November 20, 2010 meeting of the Berrendo CowBelles was held at PoPo’s and there were six members present with President Betty Solt presiding. Correspondence: Two letters were read, one from the family of Joe Sims thanking us for the donation made in his name to the Boys and Girls Ranches. The second was the Call to Meeting from New Mexico CowBelles about the Annual Meeting in Albuquerque December 4 and 5, 2010. Genora Canon is planning to attend this meeting and take a door prize. President Betty Solt suggested that we do more community service projects. It was decided to donate $100 to the Roswell Community Kitchen. There was a discussion to donate personal hygiene items as well and this will be done in January or February. The Christmas meeting December 11, 2010 was discussed and it was decided to have the Roswell High School choir under the direction of Mary Gonzales entertain with Christmas songs. We will have installation of Officers and give our CowBelles of the Year award. Everyone is reminded to bring a Christmas ornament to exchange and husbands are welcome. Submitted by: Genora Canon

Grant County CowBelles met on Nov. 9, 2010, with President Kim Clark presiding. The coordinator for the Sign project shared the program for the Eagle Court of Honor of Robert Pack, who adopted the project as his Eagle Scout project. She recommended reading an article published in the NM Stockman noting the importance of farming and ranching as careers, without which there would be fewer other careers that are considered more important. Pat H. distributed copies of a survey from the Wrangler and also recommended membership in ANCW–$35. The group decided to renew $100 level ANCW Associate Membership and receive the newsletter. It was decided to send 150 bumper stickers for the 6th Region ANCW meeting in April and order more. It was also requested that to participate in a fundraiser by submitting 8×10 pics of ‘calves.’ If anyone is interested, talk to Kim. A request was received from Rosella Escobedo for beef to feed students in the Sewing Club at Harrison Schmidt during a sleepover on Dec. 10. It was decided to send a $20 certificate for beef. Treasurer, Judy Billings, passed out October’s Treasurer’s report plus the Denim & Pearls balance sheets from 2009 and 2010 for comparison. Audit Committee of Joan W., Bobbie N-L, L.J. and new Treasurer Bev Medford will meet at Aunt Judy’s Attic.

Denim & Pearls Fundraiser was successful. All considered, it was equally profitable to last year, despite added expenses. Thank you was extended to all participating individuals. Discussion concerning improvements for next year’s event included: establishing a clean-up committee; more minimum bids on auction items; all donations of food to be on disposable ware, and maybe catering the event. Bring more ideas to the July D & P planning meeting. Guest Presentation: Andrea Sauer from the Grant County Food Policy Council. In an easy-to-understand manner, she explained the need for this council – establishing a 13-person advisory committee (of which Judy B. is being considered as a member) to make recommendations to the Grant County Commissioners regarding ranching and agriculture – to address land use protection, grants to bring back meat processing to this area and, in general, further the farming and ranching industry in the county. New Business: New slate of officers for the 2011 year were sworn in and installed: President, Pat Hunt; 1st VP, Lori Nell Reed; 2nd VP, Neline Dominguez; Treasurer, Bev Medford; Secretary and Newsletter Editor, Wanda McInnis. Winner of the 2010 President’s Award was Judy Billings. Congratulations to Judy! Kim Clark was thanked by Lori Nell R. for her two-years of service as President. Old Business: Reminder about Dues – members will be sent reminders about membership renewal by Judy B. Volunteer time sheets will be sent to the President of the NMCB. December Social luncheon will be held Dec. 14 at Eat Your Heart Out. Menu will include Beef Wellington for $12. Respectfully submitted by Sally Raphael, outgoing Secretary

Powderhorn CowBelles met December 14 at the home of Beverly Carter for their annual Christmas party and meeting. There were 16 members and six guests present. Of the guests, three paid their dues and became members. They were Carol Thorpe, Katie Schade, and Dorie Tucker. Thank you notes were read from Los Amigos 4-H Club of Guadalupe County for the monies given them; from Karen Kelling, past state CowBelle President; and the family of Zela Cortese for the memorial. Club members had a booth at the Ft. Sumner Shop at Home Day. Food items and drinks were sold. Joan Key provided beef dip for sampling. Several members asked that the recipe be published in the local newspaper. Karen Kelling, Joan Key and Sandy McKenna all gave reports on the state CowBelle meeting. Joan reported that Wilma Powell, Myrl Good, Zela Cortese and Miriam Wertheim were all remembered in the memorial service. A representative of Pippin Ranch gave a program regarding the happenings at the ranch. The ranch is located at Clovis, NM and takes in boys and girls 17-21 years of age who need to learn life skills before living on their own. They housed about 15 boys and girls over the past year. Powderhorn CowBelles gave a donation to the ranch of $200 to be spent for beef. Members also gave gifts of money in addition to gifts of cookies or candies for the ranch residents. President Sandy Mckenna adjourned the meeting at 1:45 p.m. Carolyn Bedford, Secretary

The November meeting for the Frisco Cowbelles took place Nov. 15 and included eleven members. Jane and Margie gave us an update on the Heifer project and Operation Respect. Members were reminded that dues need to be paid and the purchase of four 6′ tables for use during the BBQ and Ranch Days was approved. New business started with the update for the Christmas Party. It will be held at the Alma Grill December 4. Members will receive tickets for door prizes, and the menu will feature beef of course! Other new business included discussion of a door prize for the annual Cowbelles meeting in Albuquerque, helping the Glenwood School and fixing the bull “El Fuego”. Officers were elected for 2011. President will be Jane Klumker, VP Kathleen Schuster, Secretary Debbie Laney, Treasurer Frankie Webb, Reporter Terri Tackman and Historian Donnah McKeen. Reported by Terri Tackman

The Chuckwagon Cowbelles met in Belen on December 14, 2010 with 19 members, four junior members and two guests present. Toni Barrow called the meeting to order at 11:15 a.m. There was discussion about programs for 2011. Toni called for more ideas. Jo Ann Sefton agreed to do a program on CowBelle history in April. Toni mentioned the Joint Stockmen’s meeting in early December. Carolyn Chance read the CowBelles’ Mission Statement. Toni also mentioned that the Corriente CowBelles have begun meeting on weekends and evenings in order to raise membership. There was discussion about this. Toni shared the poem that was given to Yvonne Smith’s family during the memorial service at the annual meeting. Chuckwagon won the volunteer hours award, and New Mexico CowBelles donated $25 to the Pat Nowlin Memorial Scholarship Fund in our name. There was discussion about various ways we have promoted beef lately. After adjournment at 12:15 p.m. we enjoyed a potluck lunch and festive fellowship! After lunch several members worked on assembling the goodies that the ladies brought to ship to the troops for Christmas. Six boxes were packed to be shipped to Abel Gastellem’s platoon in Afghanistan, to Jose Martinez’s platoon in Afghanistan and to Beck Baker’s platoon in Ft. Campbell, KY. Respectfully submitted by Babbi Baker

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