Jeanne Charter, Shepherd, Montana

Jeanne Charter
Shepherd, Montana

The worm finally seems to be turning, as beef is beginning to receive renewed and well-deserved respect as a superb, nutrient-rich, health-giving food. Recent attention has focused on its conjugated linoleic fatty acid (CLA) content which serves as a valuable metabolic regulator: CLA moderates insulin levels, which in turn reduces problems with obesity and the risk of diabetes and heart disease; CLA also blocks tumor growth. Interestingly, CLA content is reported to be highest in grass-fed beef.

Beef supplies many other valuable fat factors as well. Among them are the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K which aid in mineral uptake and protein utilization needed to build good teeth and bone structure and healthy immune systems in our children.

Beef´s complete protein, rich enzyme and mineral content, and its natural fat factors are important as well to adults and the elderly, as we also require high quality food in order to repair and rebuild diseased and damaged body organs and functions from the cellular level on up.

Beef´s chief competitors — the cheap oil/margarine industry, the “junk” carbohydrate processors, the synthetic vitamin and supplement manufacturers — have been waging an untrue and unfair propaganda war against beef and its natural fat for many years. The truth is finally beginning to come out: the real human health culprits are heavily refined and processed sugars and starches and heat-extracted vegetable oils.

Unrestricted use of beef, including its natural fat, is increasingly recommended as an important part of almost any successful corrective and preventative diet aimed at improving the average American´s health and well-being. In other words: the only thing better for you than being a vegetarian is eating one!

–Jeanne Charter, Shepherd, Montana