Farm Bureau Minute

Farm Bureau Minute

by Mike White, President, New Mexico Farm & Livestock Bureau

A Plan for the Future

As an organization we’ve been very successful. We’ve grown our membership, grown leaders on the local and state level, and grown our presence in policy-making circles to the point that law-makers recognize what New Mexico Farm & Livestock Bureau stands for. The agriculture industry and the world we live in is changing and it always has been, but it is important that we recognize that change and develop ways to adapt. In recognition of that change and in order to continue growing, the State Board recently began the steps to create a 5-year strategic plan.

State staff were asked to review their departments and create a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis. This was compiled into one document and presented to the State Board at the September meeting.

The board reviewed it and came together at the Annual Meeting and outlined a strategic plan for the organization.  The board looked at the organization as a whole and completed a SWOT analysis.  Being able to recognize those strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats we are able to define areas where we can grow our strengths, improve on our weaknesses, seize opportunities and address the threats.

Our greatest strength and power is the grassroots membership and while we strive to achieve our goals set forth in the plan we can only be successful with a strong grassroots membership. The staff developed plan addresses every department including membership, regional activities, communications, financials and Ag in the Classroom. These departments that serve our membership will align their plan to that of the board’s and together we will be a very successful organization fighting to protect and promote agriculture throughout New Mexico.

I am excited about the plan and the direction we are going. Most farmers wouldn’t crank up the tractor without a plan for planting in mind or start off on a long-distance trip without a map, and this plan will keep us on track as we represent our members. As a membership organization we are held accountable by those who pay dues. It’s important that we codify our goals and work towards them. Many organizations fail because they lose sight of their mission. At 98 years old, we plan on sticking around for another successful century.

Thank you to the board members who are working so diligently on the plan and thank you to our members who have believed in our mission and show their support by renewing their membership year after year.