Facebook page promoting shooting cows on “public” land.

There’s a Facebook page now promoting shooting cows on “public” land. It’s been reported by thousands but Facebook replies every time saying it doesn’t violate community standards… even thought the page is promotion felony criminal actions!

The group page is “Public Lands Hunt Club.”    https://www.facebook.com/Shootwelfareranchers/

Unfortunately according to the link to the page (see above), they are not just promoting killing cattle, but ranchers as well. The page has 248 likes presently and has been shared way too many times. Please don’t feel the need to share the page.

The page has targeted New Mexico rancher Adrian Sewell in particular, but is also attacking others. There are reports of arrests in Oregon for cow killing since the page has been put up. Attached the picture as well as the document they posted.  They claim open season on livestock on public lands and claim to have already killed 23 as of yesterday.

The page lists a link to www.shootblmblmcows.com . That link doesn’t take you anywhere right now, but redirects you to ww2.shootblmcows.com and some apparently unrelated links.

There are several things that YOU can do NOW:

  • If you are a Facebook user, please report the page, noting that is promoting the criminal acts of shooting people and animals, as well as animal cruelty
  • Alert your local law enforcement of the threat to you, your family, your animals and your livelihood
  • Alert your neighbors and friends of the threat and the need to remain on alert
  • Contact your local media and ask if they will help spread the word about the danger in your community
  • If you believe you have lost cattle to this campaign, immediately contact local law enforcement, your New Mexico Livestock Board inspector, your local game warden and the federal or state land management agency(s) you deal with.
  • Document any dead cattle and / or any other signs of damage or destruction on your ranch. Remember that in the past fences have been cut, water tanks drained, bolts removed from windmill or water towers and more. There is actually a whole book on Monkey Wrenching livestock production instructing on how to best harm ranchers.

And the thing you shouldn’t do:

  • Don’t confront anyone engaging in cow killing or suspicious activity on your property, leases or allotments.

Please share this message as you see fit.

Should you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the New Mexico Cattle Growers’ Association, 505.247.0584, nmcga@nmagriculture.org.

Be safe out there!!!