Cowboy Heroes

“Team Ropers Lament”

Well I know some like to golf, while others play pool
And some play baseball – why they know every rule
A good many watch sports, downtown at the bar
Where they see a large oval, with fast racecars
But me – I’m a cowboy and I like to rope
It’s an addiction you see – it’s kinda like dope
With a truck, a trailer and a brand new saddle
A dog, a horse – and some Corriente cattle
I’ve a mechanical steer – it goes round and round
I rope ‘em all week, in preparation for town
Where I’ll enter up, as much as they will allow
Head or heel, no matter – just let me rope a cow
So it’s enter three times and then ya draw nine more
Twelve chances at glory – I believe now I’ll score
But just in case it’s a no – I have all the tricks
The excuses I spew and never miss a lick
‘Twas the header or heeler, my horse’s fault today
Odds were against me, so I did not win the pay
But every so often – the stars they will align
And I win the big prize – and get to call it mine
Will it happen today, the Good Lord only knows
Better sooner than later, cause wife’s buyin’ clothes
From the parking lot vendor, just right over there
While I’m a-ropin’ she shops – says it’s only fair
Now my pockets are empty and better win money
Rope smart and rope fast then buy new shoes for Honey
Seems like today that I’ve been paired up quite well
But I’ve seen that before and time will only tell
First one ran, second ducked, third he was a breeze
My fourth partner turned out – seems he’d lost his keys
Next I ran number five – six – seven and then eight
Things did not go as planned, it really wasn’t that great
Missed loop here, barrier there and then a darn leg
Last one now in the first round and Lord I hate to beg
But another good one, would be a lot more fun
To start the next round – with couple good runs
So we draw a good steer and rope him real quick
And the clock, she stops – on six and just a tick
Well a go-round check puts me at even again
Takes some pressure off so I can relax and win
But it’s short round now and the pressure is here
Need to focus on roping – not chokin’ nor fear
Now in the box – horses and cattle stand ready
Grip my rope real tight to get my hand steady
The rest of the roping – it’s really just a blur
Two more nice runs with our good ones, that much I’m sure
They announce I won first place and second today
The wife’s still a-shopping, while I unsaddle the bay
I won a buckle for first – high point was a saddle
The dream of every man, who ropes speckled cattle
Speaking of dreams . . . the alarm is now a-singin’
Roll over in bed and realize, I was just dreamin’
The wife looks at me with a big smile on her face
Says you must-a won – you’s jumpin’ all over the place
Said honey let’s go cause there’s no time to waste
Let’s load up the trailer for I must go make haste
Got a good feeling today, it’s my turn to win
If you go shoppin’ – well that wouldn’t be a sin
But at the rodeo, things did not go as planned
Roped so bad, seems good runs had just been banned
So with my head hung low, I return to the truck
Feeling real sad because I’m plumb run outta luck
But Honey shows up – with a look of satisfaction
‘Stead of shoppin’ today she’d played the Calcutta action
Explained it to me cause my face musta been blank
Bet on another you see – now we’ve plenty of bank
Now let me tell you what I’ve really learned ‘bout ropin’
Better a gamblin’ wife, than try to win the open!