Cowboy Heroes

“Cowboy Night Before Christmas”

Onward came the cowboy, came from afar, curiously following the glow of a star.

Arrived at the livery, place for his horse. Bit of extra oats on a chilly night of course.

Told the stable man, hey, thanks for the light, lit the desert nicely – such a dark night.

The man just grinned and said with a nod, Sir, it was not me – I believe it was God!

Amongst the burros and sheep freshly shorn, cooed a little baby, not long ago born.

Parents huddled, three men gathered round, gazed lovingly – babe on the ground.

Cowboy was curious as men usually are; knew right then, the purpose of the star.

No doubt in his mind, he was on hand, to witness a birth – worlds only perfect man.

Babe stared at him, right into his soul, knew all about him, but how did he know?

Piercing blue eyes that seemed to speak, cowboy got a message – knees grew weak.

Horse rip-snorted, sat right up in bed, guess he’d been dreamin’, ‘twas all in his head.

Up with a start, realizing the dream; seemed so real, these things that he’d seen.

Voice came to him from deep within, said cowboy – past is gone, you are forgiven.

Trust your instincts inside, I put ‘em there, ‘member I’m with you, here, everywhere.

Tend your horses, cattle and fellow man, to do right by me, treat ‘em best as you can.

Pondered a while the message received; witnessed a miracle, was what he believed.

Message echoed in his head loud and clear, help your fellow man – both far and near.

Remember now, be kind to children, take care of your soul, you must make amends.

Cowboy resolved to do better, best he could; world surely needs, a bit more good.

Cowboy felt warm and fuzzy all over, like a wild horse herd, knee deep in clover.

Sat there a-rubbin’ grog from his eyes, looks to the window – saw another surprise.

Perched on the sill – a snow-white Dove, knows it has to be, a sign from above.

Cowboy just smiled, thought man what a night; Dove then nodded, took off in flight.

‘Twas no use a-trying to sleep after that, got up, got dressed, and stuffed on his hat.

Passed by the calendar – on the wall. December 25th – well doesn’t that beat all?

Enters the barn, time to throw feed; horse is sweaty, what’s wrong with the steed?

He’s been ridden, evidence clear showed; looks in the bin, oats have been throwed!

Cold winter chill, straight down the spine, knew he’d encountered something Divine!

Merry Christmas All! n