Charles Brashears, Cuervo, New Mexico

Charles Brashears
Cuervo, New Mexico

I am just a plain ordinary American citizen, certainly not endowded with excessive useless, education. But I certainly do not have my head stuck in the ground like an ostrich!!

First, regarding gun control and the position the National Rifle Association has taken to stand up for the rightsof law abiding citizens. The right to bear and carry arms for their protection.

Americans, please consider the following facts:

Do you really think the police can control the criminal element, if the criminals are aware that only and only the police can carry guns? And do you really think that criminals win not be able to aquire guns? Are youu really that naive, or is it called stupidity?

Please consider the fact that we are surrounded be countries, who are only too willing to supply the needs of the criminal element, and WHY? Simple, there is enormous profits to be made in gun smuggling. The same as the profits made every day by the smuggling of drugs, and the now outlawed automatic rifles.

Then think how happy other countries, like China, would be to see unarmed Americans, their´s for the taking.

If that is not enough, take a look at what is happening in Yugoslavia to an unarmed people. I would think that, what is happening there to day is enough to wake you up. Do you really want something like this to happen to you, your sons, daughters, brother,and sisters? Murder, rape, maiming, germicide, I don!t think so!

True, it is horrible, the senseless slaughter of innocents by derranged people. Why is this happening? Because America has lost it´s hold on the values our forefathers installed in this great nation of ours. They certainly didn!t win our freedom from the British, by pointing a finger and saying “BOOM”. No it was done by their belief, courage, and by their shedding of blood, sweat, and tears.

Another thing, my brother, and sister Americans. If you succeed in having guns outlawed, how are you going to get the sharp, deadly knives outlawed? These can be made by any one having access to a piece of tempered steel. A knife may not go “boom”, but the victim will be just as dead as if he or she had been shot by a cannon. Just how many of you have seen anyone die from knife wounds. It is not a pretty sight …

Perhaps, You are wondering why I have a right to defend the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution of the Country that I love. I is very simple,, On February 2,1945, my baby brother gave his life in the retaking of Manila, and in the protection of this great country of ours.

It is really disgusting to me to hear peoploe that I feel should exhibit superior intelligence, stoop to and accept, false concepts.

–Charles Brashears, Cuervo, New Mexico