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Category: Price Reporting

Ban On Packer Ownership Included In Farm Bill
Grassley amendment to ban packer ownership of livestock included in Farm Bill

A longstanding priority of Senator Chuck Grassley’s has passed the Senate Agriculture Committee and was included in the farm bill that will now be debated by the full Senate. Grassley’s amendment makes it unlawful for a packer to own or feed livestock intended for slaughter.

The Packer Ban excludes single pack entities and packers that are too small to participate in the Mandatory Price Reporting program.… Read the rest


UNESCO Biosphere Reserves Are Hostile

Biosphere Reserve designations are a long-term threat to private property rights and rural communities, explained Carol LaGrasse, testifying before the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Forests and Public Lands Management in Washington, D.C., on May 26.

The 47 Biosphere Reserves in the U.S. have been designated through the U.S. Department of State and the Paris-based United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, without knowledge or scrutiny of local or state government, or Congress´ The American Land Sovereignty Protection Act (S.510) sponsored by Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell (R, Col.),

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An Open Letter to the U.S. Senate Ag Committee

To be acceptable, federal price reporting legislation on captive supply cattle slaughter contracts ought to be modeled on the South Dakota law´s provisions which specfically address the need for timely knowlege of slaughter inventory under packer control. The following wording is adapted directly from the SD Law´s language and serves the purpose:

“A packer shall, at the end of each day, during which livestock are purchased or contracted, provide to the US Department of Agriculture, agriculture market service livestock market news branch, all prices paid for livestock and the number of head both contracted for and direct purchased that day.

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