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Category: On the Edge of Common Sense

by Baxter Black

Jim said he had the best two-strand bob wire fence in the country! The ranchers who bordered him got together and fixed his fence. Now his pasture is gettin’ thin and he’s only got half as many cows! That didn’t please Jim’s banker. So he reduced his line of credit and told him to sell part of his herd to make a payment. Jim explained that he’d planned on doin’ that very thing but the cows he had earmarked to sell disappeared when the neighbors fixed his fence!Read the rest


by Baxter Black

As radical Islamic terrorists continue their penetration of the Unites States and mentally deranged psychos attack unsuspecting pedestrians, our country seeks solutions. Conservative Constitutional fundamentalists stand by the law and support arming everyone! Whereas progressive liberals insist on disarming everyday citizens and depend on government to protect everyone! Yet compromise is hard to find.Read the rest


Once upon a time there was a beautiful little valley called Pleasant Valley. Pristine streams ran down from wooded hillsides. Wild game was abundant. Fish flourished. The peasants tilled their farms and irrigated them with mountain water. The livestock grazed the grassy meadows. It was a contented community, though lacking in material wealth.

Word of the scenic beauty of Pleasant Valley spread. People came to admire it.… Read the rest


by Baxter Black

A funny thing happened at the rodeo. I saw the power of prayer.

The National Finals Rodeo (NFR) last December in Las Vegas came at the end of a tumultuous year of savage terrorism around the world and in our own front yard. The news media has been awash with violence. The deliverers of the death and chaos claim that their God, Mohammad, and their ‘bible’ the Quran, commands Muslims to “kill the infidels” and thus are justified in doing it.… Read the rest


by Baxter Black

John B and I were discussing how hard it must be for an auctioneer to say somethin’ good about everything that walks through a sale barn ring. For the novice, we offer the following explanations for these rather ambiguous descriptions.

“AIN’T SHE THE MAMA KIND!” (If you ain’t got a good sortin’ alley or a horse and a long rope, you better not try and get close to her calf!)

“THESE STEERS WILL GROW IN THE NIGHT!” (You’ve never seen a pen of chronic bloaters?)Read the rest



Care2 gathered more than 1,800 signatures! To the dismay of animal rights activists and vegan martyrs, her “luxury lifestyle” brand of clothing has added a $250 pair of Brazilian shoes.

I would guess Ellen is a pretty tough cookie. She has promoted herself as a vegan and animal rights advocate. Now she’s offended them. It’s common whenever the extremist’s lobbyists get their claws into susceptible, famous prey like Ellen, they cling like kudzu.Read the rest


My first was named Maggie. A Standard bred. I was in the 3rd grade. Father gave me an old cavalry saddle, split down the middle, light enough I could lift it. It was so uncomfortable I rode bareback. I went to a one-room schoolhouse with six grades. I was the only kid in the 3rd grade! Our house was on one side of the horse pasture and the schoolhouse was on the other. I rode Maggie to school and walked home.
When we moved from Texas to New Mexico, my new horse was named Buck.… Read the rest