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Category: NMCGA President’s Letter

As I write this, I have spent the day hauling water. Not in water trouble, with thirsty cattle standing there bawling for a drink, but just trying to stay ahead. We had a great start here in our country but the last 30 or 40 days have been hot and dry.

I know many of you are in a position of not having had that first rain. I pray better days are ahead for us all. I would like to encourage you with a saying from my friend Chris Beard, the new men’s basketball coach at Texas Tech: ”Tough times pass, tough people last.”… Read the rest


The wind is blowing and spring works are in full swing. It is good that some things are normal because most everything else is upside down.

The first quarter of the year is always busy with Legislature and basketball season. Thankfully this was a 30-day Session. The New Mexico Cattle Growers’ Association (NMCGA) went to Santa Fe with four bills we needed to pass. That is an unheard of task, especially in 30 days. The ag group pulled together to get one passed and signed by the Governor.… Read the rest


First, I want to thank my peers for having the confidence to choose me as President-elect of NMCGA. I consider this to be an honor and will do my level best to exceed your expectations of me.

As President-elect, I was sentenced to 30 days in Santa Fe for the legislative session and with good behavior, I get to do 60 days next year!

The main focus of the Legislature this year is the constitutional mandate for a balanced budget in a time of declining revenues.… Read the rest


We have just endured one of the worst storms in our memory.  Most I have talked to have said that they have seen more snow, colder temperatures, and higher winds, but never had they seen them all join together in one 36-hour storm. I know some suffered worse losses than others, and I pray we will all be able to withstand the damage and return to normal operations sooner rather than later.

If any of you have suffered substantial livestock losses, be sure to check in at your local FSA office and ask about their Livestock Indemnity Program (LIP).… Read the rest


by Pat Boone, NMCGA

PresidentI hope everyone had a great Christmas, and got to spend precious time with family and friends. We sure did here at our place. So thankful for all our blessings, and look forward to a new year filled with the same.

Our 2015 Joint Stockmen’s was a good one. We had informative programs, interesting speakers, and our silent auction and Cowboy Christmas were lots of fun! If you missed it, be sure and try to attend in 2016.… Read the rest


Before I sat down to write this article I had decided to put forth the issues of the day as I normally do. But as I started to put pen to paper I realized that the Joint Stockmen’s Convention, the largest annual gathering of agricultural interests in New Mexico, from December 3-6, would provide more than enough timely and relevant information to give everyone input overload. As such, my final article is going to take a different path.… Read the rest


The Mexican gray wolf made the news once again last month when the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS) sent a letter to New Mexico Department of Game and Fish Director Alexa Sandoval. The letter, signed by FWS Director Dan Ashe, states that the denial of their request for renewal of a permit to release additional wolves into New Mexico prevents them from carrying out their responsibilities under the Endangered Species Act.Read the rest